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It’s really quick, and I think this is Sergey at his absolute best.


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>"Moving Beyond Tokenization" Speenrun (WORLD RECORD) (02:42)

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>whether it's Chainlink or whatever else
>or whatever else

Ha, cheeky fuck.

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Academic conference, can’t endorse my own company, but I think the defi meme is
>just use Chainlink

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Damn that was quick. I wanna hear Sergey do battle rap.

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>be any smart contract of significant value
>have inputs from oracles
>inputs collude to game smart contract to their benefit
chainlink is shit

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Man seeing how confident and alpha he gets with these talks over the years is so comfy. he was basically a bumbling retard in the first talks back in 2017

he basically grew with chainlink

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Yeah this was fantastic
The quick speed was easy to follow but leaves no room for the listener getting bored

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too bad Chainlink didn't grow at all and still has 0 users KEK

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>Chainlink didn't grow at all
the cope lol

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>industrial revolutions done quick

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>come be comfy

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HOLY SHIT -This is Sergey talking freely about the problem and without a script. Can you imagine to have this guy as a boss? You litteraly need to have a pen and paper or record this motherfucker becaus of the sheer amount of detailed information he is compressing into his sentences. This is impressing me alot, he fucking knows what he is talking, thinking and doing with this chainlinks. This is like juggeling and playing 4d chess at the same time at a new lvl.

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