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BTC or ETH and why? Both are available on coinbase.

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ETH you’ll make more money
BTC you’ll lose less money

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If you think there will be an alt season, buy ETH. If not, buy BTC. I don't think an alt season is in store this year considering the halvening is happening, so buy BTC.

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Neither, the only coin to hold is BSV

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Wait what?

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What determines if there will be alt season?

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ETH is what you get when JavaScript bootcamp coders try to rewrite Bitcoin.

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actually the right answer
>in a bull market, ETH will moon more
>in a bear market, BTC will dump less

tl;dr BTC is safer & less volatile.

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My mid term bet is ETH. Why?
Fundamental reasons: ETH 2.0 is coming out this year, DeFi is rising. And technically ETH has bounced off from a strong support level and had a golden cross.

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listen all you need to know is the FACT that it's Bitcoin (BTC) and shitcoins. /biz/ literally exists to tell you otherwise and try to scam you out of your bitcoins. avoid this place.

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This is actually true.
That being said, read the Chainlink whitepaper. We're not just memeing.

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you guys sure aren't just memeing, you're scamming. nice !

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bitcoin has to go up really high relative to everything else, and then people will buy shitcoins based on their massive BTC gains and shill the worthless tokens to noobs on /biz/

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Actually tron will make better returns in the bullmarket. Marketcap much smaller. Does everything eth does except faster and better. And you got justin sun the king of marketing backing it. Hes even buying out all the crypto companies. Before you know it he buys out consensus and eth 1.0, then he merges it to tron like a chad

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actually tron is a fucking scam coin. KYS

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So you think 100% BTC is the way to go then? I see a mix of some people saying this and saying alts are scams, but then some alt fans are saying BTC is a scam because they say it's tech is outdated. It is hard for a brainlet to figure out which side is right.

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I get it man, it took me 2 years to really figure out why it's bitcoin and shitcoins. The journey is hard but once you breakthrough you'll start getting annoyed at all the scam coin shilling.

here are a few things to help.. in order for bitcoin to have value and differentiate itself from gold/fiat it needs to have the following properties

1) decentralized (large block sizes harm this)
2) immutable (if its not proof of work it means there is less to zero cost to change the ledger)
3) private (if it's a surveillance coin like LIBRA or XRP why not just use dollars?)

basically study bitcoin and figure out why that is valuable and really understand why before you even think about buying alt coins

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there is nothing outdated about bitcoin, it needs to be as stable as possible and let the high transactions per second happen on the second layer lightning network. 10 minute block times with the highest amount of hashrate are necessary at the base layer, anybody saying this is "outdated" is scamming you

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Thank you. You seem smart and know what you are talking about.

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If you fall for the marriage trap btc is a good hedge

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It doesn't do anything proprietary and ETH already has the functionality....

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You have to make these decisions for yourself, crypto is an incredibly tribal space. DYOR, DYOR, DYOR.
Case in point, this is what's called a BTC maximalist, and they're really retarded.
There is no L-BTC adoption, and nobody is building second layers on BTC.

BTC at it's core is just a ledger. It doesn't even make sense to use it as currency because it's so volatile. The crypto space has expanded in scope dramatically. Chainlink is solving the problem of Trust. Think about the implications of decentralized trusted data feeds, and the products you can build with them. SWIFT wants them for SmartBonds, Google wants them for their derivatives platform, etc.

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>ETH already has oracles
LMAO sure using centralized oracles went really well for bZx

I have to leave soon to do some IT work, I'll stay for another few minutes.

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So is ETH, so is Chainlink.
So is ETH, so is Chainlink
Being built on-chain with Aztec, and being built into Chainlink with SGX

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nailed it. for the most part, people still don't understand the implications of a decentralized, finite, purely monetary good.

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Google and SWIFT don't give a shit
>So is ETH, so is Chainlink

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>Google and SWIFT don't give a shit
LMAO imagine being this traumatized by 2017 shitcoin partnerships
Hey dipshit, nothing on chain was reversed. The DAO chain still exists as ETC, and it was forked to create ETH. This was only able to occur because of consensus, the exact same thing could happen to BTC.

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In the summer of 2017
> BTC was $2,500
> ETH was $350
> XRP was $0.30

In winter of 2013
> BTC was $1,000
> LTC was $50
> XRP was $0.06

Choose wisely

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>LMAO imagine being this traumatized by 2017 shitcoin partnerships
Blogs and dismissive comments on autistic live streams don't count as partnerships

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