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Reminder that 99% of you will sell long before you make it. Most of you will cash out 7 grand so you can buy that used ford focus you've been having your eye on. And if you're an extra special kind of stupid, you'll buy a brand new baseline BMW. For the few who get close to make it money, you'll cash out and spend it on "travel", drugs, and escorts just like any other normie. Only a tiny fraction of a percent is going to achieve true generational wealth; the Link Elite.

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Bad bait

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Highly doubtful there are at least 18 anons with over $200k in LINK rn who are delusional and not selling any time soon, I've been cataloging anons for some time now.

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oh ok

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How much do I have

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nice projection, literally none of that shit has any power over me, zero

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guess me too

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I've rigged myself with a self-destruction device that will kill me as soon as I sell my link.

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fuck you
fuck you too

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>t. New Jersey ear

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Is it okay if I am getting a lambo?

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Based reverse jigsaw

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why sell when you can stake?

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tfw cashing out at 30 for a mil even though i know its going to 1k
2017 burned me too hard. i almost made it, won't let it slip again

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i see a local pajeet... lemme guess- you think PNK is a good idea

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Similar situation

I made a deal with god that I won't be greedy. Will cash out my 20 btc at 2 mil even if I feel there's more run room.

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I don't think I want generational wealth anymore. I think we all need to go through the struggle and see how all we work for is to be the shitbags who we hate. Heh. I think I have enough to go on a rampage of drugs and sex before i drown in a bathtub in Singpore.

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I just want enough wealth to be a sugar daddy

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Cuz I can't wait fuckkng 5 to 10 years

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Same here. Once we start getting into double digits I’m pulling out enough to keep working but be able to quit at a moments notice and have a few years worth nest egg. The rest I’ll let ride for those few years and hopefully fully retire

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Linklet here, was talking with wife today. Considered cashing out to pay off house. I also explained staking to her. She wants to let it ride out as long as we can. We don't have much but better than none

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I am a linklet cuckold faggot and I have no choice but to wait for 10 years until I am 30 years old when LINK has hopefully finally hit $1000/token so I can cash out a wuarter of my stack for a million dollars. I wont settle for less. I also want to blow my brains out.

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If you truly are a linklet, don't bother with thinking about cashing out till 2022. You just got in or you're poor. Just wait it out.

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you are wrong about us sergay !

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At least 18 is your estimate? You're not very good at this. Go look up October 2017 threads.

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This is fucking dumb. Why cash out when you can stake your link, earn dividends and have your fucking cock sucked by hookers.

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You’ll be hanged in Singapore.

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>I've been cataloging anons for some time now.
You're not the only one doing that. It's a very bad idea to leak financial info over the internet, it's worse doing it here and for no reason.
If this project goes where we think it goes even owning a few thousand tokens, and having said so over the internet, could put you at grave risk years down the road.
Right now everything seems a joke pee pee poo poo but the day this thing goes into the triple digits you better begin watching your mouth and your back.

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i’m a linklet with 3k link here’s my plan

sell 4-500 when link is $300~

sell 1200 link at $1000

stake the the last 1200 or so

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How does posting stack size (and LARPing) on an anonymous forum cause someone to be stalked down? Unless you post your wallet it’s all just numbers on a screen...

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checked fren, 100k usd worth stack never selling

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My biggest long term fears are binance hitmen and biz lurkers desu. Glad to see other anons agree.

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i'm unironically never selling

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I'm basically half ur plan lol

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Anons what is the cheapest car I can possibly buy? Looking for a balance between buy price and insurance money.

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Elon musk has access to millions of fiat. How does he walk around?

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It super moons, some ridiculous number where you'd have to be a fool to HODL, you rush to sell but aren't in time because you have to disable your death device first.

How fucked would you be?

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My biggest worries are people working for the state.
They know how much I have due to my tax report.
What prevents one person who have access to this data to sell it or use it against me ?

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>drugs, and escorts just like any other normie
Why are you even in the game if you are not in it for this

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Warms my heart to know that you are dead man walking, bitcoin pyrimid scheme is over boomer, your shitcoin has no use in the new era

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The only anons who will truly make it are the ones who unequivocally embody the DR;NS mentality. Such iron fist anons will hodl through it all and once they steak their linkies it's basically free money for them and their lineage for eternity.

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post link

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nvm found it >>/biz/thread/3725843

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I gave myself mental illnesses on purpose so that I don't sell. Even if I wanted to sell, depression and anxiety would prevent me from doing so. Iron hands, brothers.