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It is literally time for you to make the effort in getting a wife

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but i don't wanna!

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Where can I find a woman that is interested in getting creampied by an autist?

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I’m getting married this summer and this is bad advice

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an asian woman? maybe in asia

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im 19 and im not mormon, so no

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But I've been married for 11 years.
OR HAVE I?!??!

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Take the polygamy pill and impregnate a dozen women.

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Lmfao absolutely disgusting.

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All women are stupid whores.

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how come theres two versions of this drawing

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What is up with that one average basic bitch with a hot n sexy body but a very basic average face to still want only chad, a man doesn't necessarily want stacy and is content with a plane jane. So, why are women so entitled?
OP girl has a very pretty face by the way unlike that mediocre one I'm talking about.

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its based on cmilk

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Jesus Christ. She actually looks like that

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Just horrible. I'd rather die alone than have to date an asain woman.

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Just kekd, yes she actually looks like that, a lot of them do. Open your fuckin eyes lads.

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it's effort just putting time in a girlfriend, marriage can fuck off

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Why would i do that when a woman destroys any chance for peace in a man's life

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>getting married in 2020
>getting married with massively bias against men divorce courts
>getting married when child custody cases almost always give the kids to the female

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33 boomer
not incel, but never been "a couple" since I was 25. Some sex here and and there, but no more girlfirends, because to much hassle from my point of view
most of my friends are mariied or on their way to marriage, same for kids.
when we hang out sober during the day, they have the conventionnal "best thing in your life, a companion to share everything with, anonette has a friend, I'm sure you'd like her, etc..."
whrn comes 1a.m, and it's just the lads, drunk, they all start gushing about how they wish they were signle, and miss their freedom, and that I don't know my luck
If you meet a woman you can't live without, by all means go ahead, but most people get with someone out of fear of being alone, and because social norms require it.
I'm not some bitter incel, I have nothing against women, I just miss celibacy way more when in a relationship than having a gf when single
>"You'll die alone"
maybe, but marrying is not an antidote. people who divorce after 20+ years of their couple being 90+% of their social life are even more alone, and not used to loneliness, which destroys them

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>in shape
>10k LINK

Still can't find a fuckin decent white broad. Might just say fuck it and settle for an asian or latina and not breed with them. Or move to middle America and find some chick who works at K-mar or some shit.

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Do roids, gym and get tatted. Get a fuck boi haircut. Now you are a swoll fkboi wanna be autist that can fuck 6/10s

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Rather not disrespect myself by getting down on one knee like a serf offering a gemstone sacrifice to appease my new master, then sign a legal contract and pay for the ceremony that grants the other person to keep half my stack that had nothing to do with them. No thanks you beta bucks faggot.

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