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I sold because a cartoon bear laughed at me.

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holding Link is a version of the mark of the beast

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nothin personal, cub

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I don't actually care if the girl is 18, because I'll never have sex again in my life

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i sold because an anon told me LINK would dump

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>tfw i was visting /biz/ on a daily basis when link was only a few cents and actually had few thousand to invest back then
>tfw i have 300 to invest now and 0 link and will never make it
I regret it so much but it's a needle in a haystack type of thing, i was sure it was just another shill thing.

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also lost.

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Most new ppl here still going through what you did. They will be back after that get burned

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Jesus Christ man I'm sorry. I was just like you except I'm not retarded enough to not take memes seriously.

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its fucking shit and a meme that will never deliver what they promise

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>I regret it so much but it's a needle in a haystack type of thing, i was sure it was just another shill thing.

When I first came to this board and heard about what it did and learned about Ethereum and what smartcontracts could do, I went all in. And subsequently ran into more articles and breadcrumbs reaffirming my decision multiple times a week.

It absolutely wasn't a need in a haystack type of thing. You weren't paying attention, you didn't understand the scope of the project, and you still haven't since you haven't dropped a dime on the project even now.

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you need to learn how to differentiate between organic enthusiasm and marketing/shilling. I still can't figure it out immediately, but i know how to break it down into the discarded pile and the maybe pile pretty easily. From the maybe's you start asking questions and if you get intelligent answers its time to DYOR. And if something continues to stoke both interest and extreme FUD its time to start looking at it really closely. The creation and propagation of new and funny memes based on a project (both pro and against) is unironically a great indicator that its a solid project. We are in an age of data-overload. There is too much junk information out there that occludes the truth. Learning how to parse through it is valuable not only in investment, but in what you choose to do with your life, who you trust to be in your life, and what your theory of how the world works is. That is the greatest advantage 4chan has over other forums. The shilling, spamming, shitposting, attempted market manipulation, all of it hones your ability to determine truth from falsehood. And that is the greatest edge you can have in the world today.

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I bought for the first time same day as Google tweet. I held up to $5 and then back down as the 700k team transfers happened. Still not selling. Am I still a nulinker or am I one of the cool kids yet?

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shill memes don't get meta

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PNK is here now. You have another chance.

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true, but there are legitimate bad actors on this site. A lot of them. And they want you to lose your money or take bad advice or kill yourself for the lulz. They have the ability to be indistinguishable from real posters because they are real posters.

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don't mistake idiocy for malice, there are a lot of emotionally immature people on this site due to the way the site works. As far as wanting you to lose money I think it's more like they want to make money and it's a zero sum game.

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lookin good and feelin good, my man

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100 link whale here, never selling!

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larp, no one has triple digit LINK here

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posting not people, being retarded is fun.

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>I bought for the first time same day as Google tweet.

You are the very embodiment of a nulinker. There's a difference between buying in because you believe there's a partnership with Google because one Google affiliate follows someone who follows Chainlink versus Google straight up announcing a partnership with Chainlink. This is what the Chainlink community did for 2 years, connecting the sheer amount ties for an incredible spiderweb Chainlink covers. But you did well to hold, I'll give you that. If I had the link to the compendium of all the ties Link had to the industry and big name companies, I'd post it for you, but alas, I only have memes and positive thoughts to share.

meme/fanart archive

bullish positive thoughts

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all you have to do is look at the history of this site and what has happened on it. All sorts of doxxing and malignant pranks. There are even people obsessed enough to set up discord channels to coordinate shilling campaigns on this and other boards. There are legitimately sick people on here, and even if its just a few like you seem to think, those few can have an outsized influence because of their obsession.

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>he hasn't figured out that schizo and autism and real memes are the exact sane power

no there is no misspelling there

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anon, sick people are everywhere. granted, most of the time they grow up or get better. the way communication on this website happens creates dissociative, antisocial behaviour and feeds mental illness but mostly because those people have no where else to go, they don't fit in anywhere else. wanting to make money isn't sick, it's a necessity. why do you think tech literate people from poor countries swarm this board? Don't take it personally, it's just darwinism.

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I did the exact same as that guy, bought the day of Coinbase listing. I knew about link from twitter but wasn't particularly into crypto. DCA'd down to 1.53 and back up.

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I don't think you understand my point. My point is that there ARE bad actors here, they DO have bad intentions, and they understand this board, this site, and the culture in general. I'm not having a moralistic discussion, i'm saying that this is one of the types of pitfalls you have to navigate in order to sift through the bullshit and get good information.

You seemed to be making the point that its not malice its idiocy or greed, and i just don't think the history of this site and what has occurred on it back up your argument.

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Jesus christ I thought this was a marine status report who the fuck would read your reply. Shut the fuck up and never sell

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can you prove that?

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