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excuse me b-b-but can you p-prease stop talking about link? I come to 4channel for proper discussion regarding business a-a-and finance. Plus to make it all worse, I didnt like these threads when link was 20 cents either!


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Sure, what do you want to talk about anon?

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nano and pie charts :(

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The proper way to fornicate with the secretary and not have HR called

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Sup bro. Thanks for contributing to the great content on this board.
This board does not even have to be a crypto board, yet 99% of threads are crypto related.
What you could do about that, you ask? Post some information that others might be interested in, e.g. what is your profession? Do you have any knowledge in a field that others do not have? Did you ever invest in something and won great experiences or perhaps wealth?

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I love pie anon. My favorite is pumpkin. What's yours?

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Thats wonderful! I like p-p-pecan
ha, look at us, were like a couple of t-t-turkeys, a-anon

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Okay never mind you piece of shit nigger

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e-excuse me, this is a pie thread

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I like a nice cherry pie anon :)

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Oh, that sounds j-just lovely!

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