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Will you still come to /biz/ once you've made it?

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I’m still here

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so fucking sexy

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>once you've made it

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Kill yourself coomer

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why would i ever leave?

without this board i would be nothing

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probably, but not as much

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>ywn seize that thot by the collar and forcibly tighten it until she asphyxiates.
feels bad bros

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keep em comin

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Millionaire reporting in

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Of course I will.

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if you stop coming in biz you'll NGMI

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welp this is the hottest shit i've ever seen

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There's always a next pump.

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Yes, I've made it once, but why not make it again?

>> No.17336382

Yea thats only thing I would want to do nowdays

>> No.17336410

> implying i will ever make it

>> No.17336411

Source please

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>redbull and monster
At least they only have one type of milk

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dabbing on all the pajeets and stinkies, oh you betcha

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Meme magic will allow me to quit wagecucking, pay off my house, and retire in my 30s. It would be ungrateful of me to abandon /biz/.

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Every time an anon makes it from here he never reaches out a helping hand to support struggling anons. It's sad we do this to ourselves as a community.

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Why is she in a gas station?

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where do you think the gas in the pump comes from? BRAP stands for Big Rump Anal Petrochemicals.

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woah that's like pee pee in vay vay

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I need to come here at least once a day for a year after XRP moons to post pictures of my bowel movements to remind you turdjockies how wrong you were.

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keep posting these thots OP. my dick is fucking diamonds

>> No.17336716

bullshit, happens all the fucking time

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i'll come here to brag but i'm never helping any of you racist incel fucks lmao

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It's the natural course of things for the market to implode and then explode again and repeat itself. Of course I'll still be here and invest in some shitcoins that will make me even more rich.

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Then you are apart of the problem. Why do you think (((they))) are doing so well? Because they help their own members with healthy loans. What do you think a barmitzah is for?

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look if you didn't buy LINK after assblaster handed you the opportunity then you can fuck off

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