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why are you larping with prices? it can't even hold $4.80, just wait til binance opens then it will go sub 4.50

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But anon, binance already is opened...

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>just wait til binance opens then it will go sub 4.50

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yeah just noticed, and it can't hold 4.80, it will be under 4.50 today mark my words

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>And on that day in February Anon locked himself into a future hell that he would never escape.

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I've only ever swung link once and I lost 30% of my stack that way, I'm still just holding but I'm also realistic

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Thank you for your confession here today Anon. You are forgiven, HOWEVER, spreading this obvious FUD is NOT forgiven and you must now REPENT FOR YOUR SIN!

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Don't worry.

$14.88 soon.

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dude its not fud, why the hell would it keep pumping like this? we seriously need a retrace to get a higher bottom, right now we're floating on clouds and when we fall we fall hard

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I'm gonna pick up about 100-200 more linkies when it dumps depending on if it gets down to $4 or not. We're overdue for a good justing where the pros collect

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every time linkies get smug like this anon it's the biggest sell signal you'll ever see, tomorrow will mark the official closing candle for a double top and we'll bleed to 3.8 or so. If you wanted to be optimistic you could say it's a really big cup and handle from the ATH but you still see a pullback before the next pump

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this shit can't even break its own ATH. fucking pathetic. you stinkies are deranged

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Your mama was deranged!!! When she let me drag deez nutz across her chin!!!

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Yeah I tried to swing my linkies during fireside. Everyone was saying it was going to dump. A very expensive but also very valuable lesson learned.

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