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who the FUCK thought having this guy lead the 4th industrial revolution was a good idea

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dick stroking, booger picking, armpit sniffing autist. and liken him to guys like bezos and gates. he's no visionary, he's a fucking freak who should be chained to a bed in the depths of an asylum somewhere so the rest of us don't have to breathe the same air as him

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Biggest penis in crypto.

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>projecting your fantasies this hard
its happening whether you like it or not

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>dick stroking
>booger picking
>armpit sniffing
VERY based
Yeah, I'm thinking he's /ourguy/. This is exactly the kind of autism that I would follow to the ends of the earth.

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he's literally on camera doing these things dude

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Vitalik is a fucking MAD MAN, the look is part of the whole mind game. Spend 10 minutes in a room with this guy and he will mentally dominate you. Anyone who has known him in person says its an unreal experience even being near him. Talk about charisma, people who watch this guy in person for just a few minutes are ready to take a bullet for him, I would kill for this man. ETH $10k EoY. Check 'em.

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pits are truly gods gift to SNIFFFFF

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Nothing wrong with any of this though, i still take his autism over simp bezos or cure ebola gates.

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skeleton man touch pee pee?

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probably /pol/

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Look at all the beta orbiters nodding continuosly as he speaks

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my ex got turned on by having her pits licked. but she also liked her buttcheeks kissed so idk... she was odd

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i love his cock

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Each one of those beta orbiters will be trillionaires in a few years.

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This is the right time to jump on the winning team, it's always alt season with Tachyon Protocol (IPX) & Link...

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Jesus FUCK I'm hard

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post ssn

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Just the cheeks? Gay. You gotta really get in there and tongue punch her asshole.

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I used some of my profit in crypto to diversify my portfolio, and increase my stack of Tachyon Protocol (IPX) a decentralized internet protocol that aims to create a Libre, Secure and Private Internet for you

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girls, is ur pussy gets wet when u look in vitaliks pictures like mine? hee is sooo hoot, his eth makes me cuum sooo hard

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no. stop shilling

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