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ETH if money skelly dies
LINK if sergey (pbuh) dies
BSV if faketoshi dies?

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eth and link continues, bsv dies since the only reason it exists right now is because some anons have daddy issues and if the daddy die so do they

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ETH and LINK are shitcoin scams
Craig is Satoshi, BSV is Bitcoin, and is the only legitimate blockchain; if you don't like it, stiff

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factually wrong nucoiner retard
bsv is complete and requires no more development, protocol set in stone
eth is a scam and needs 2.0 for scaling and staking scams
link is the same and will require constant upgrades as eth constantly changes and it's own node staking scam

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don't be mad homie, you're the nucoiner clinging to bsv because you missed buying btc early(I did too) but I got myself a nice stack linkies at 16 cents

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>bsv is complete and requires no more development, protocol set in stone

yeah BSV is perfect right now and can be used as the global currency with literally no more development for the rest of time.
fuck you faggots are insufferable.

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you'll be panic selling once it goes back down there
link needs eth to scale, so it can can be scaled
and that is just probably never gonna happen
BitCoin already scales

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Protocol war is over, original won.
No need for any more delay (even the simplest protocol manipulation is a huge delay in terms of adoption).
It's over Bitcoin is unfucked and won

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Have you seen anyone messing up with TCP/IP? BitCoin protocole is complete, and set in stone. Stiff!

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You fags are insufferable propagandists

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Bitcoin is unfucked? Nice, finally can sell BSV bags and buy the Bitcoin.

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