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bonjour ebat
i'm willing to export forrest berries from north-western russia to EU. I have big supply, need buyers, they better be in Finland, Lithuania or Latvia.

Anyone willing to share contacts with me? or at least, can you invite me to telegram enterpreneur groups?

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allright, to make this post more interesting, i'll show you mu diddies, if you guys share related tg groups with me

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*squeak* *squeak*

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want eat berry

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yep, i got a dead mouse in my topic already, but no diddies. wanna change that?

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you can eat them after i sell it to your local sellers.

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I work in one of the big distribution companies in Latvia. Email me your proposal: [email protected]


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>Grug invest in berry

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show diddies

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>Trying to export forest berries to Finland

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after anyone share relted tg groups

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yes, lots of blueberry

there are mushrooms too, so

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I think it would be quite difficult to sell blueberries or mushrooms here. Supply is so massive most of our berries and such are left to rot in forests.

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the thing is, they are already buying berries from russia. so i just think we can discusss the terms

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