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people abused layering to make thousands of gold
alterac valley ranking
warsong are now 90% premades
no arathi basin
no faction balancing
phase 2 killed population

I want private servers back

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Make sure you declared your WoW gold and transactions to the IRS

You are welcome

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Move on. Sorry, but nothing lasts.

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My guild is also fucking garbage. Bunch of turbo norman shitters, I really need to leave it but I don't want to restart in a new guild.

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he honestly thought the new actiblizzard wouldnt fuck WoW classic up somehow

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they killed it when they revealed their loyalty to china. cancelled my subscription on the spot.

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private servers did it better

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Even better, you get the real sweaty guilds load up an alt with gold and transfer them to low pop servers to buy up the entire Lotus market since its so cheap.

I had more fun getting to rank 11 than almost anything, even though it's the most degenerate thing I've ever done in my life.

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Classic was my first time playing wow

>tfw i took the meaningfull journey from 1 to 60 as an Orc warrior without knowing the optimal levelup ways

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Man. I stopped playing recently. Was a hard decision but feels good to step away

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what they need to do is give a massive flat buff to all npcs in alterac and add a scaling bonus flat buff for whichever faction that is on a losing streak
and by flat buff, i mean really fucking powerful flat buff. Actually make the mechanics in alterac useful and important

Blizzard fucked up from the start because they didnt anticipate its success

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Dont even know what any of that means
I've never played a video game

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me too, 3/8 gang

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Wow is a shit game anyway

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7min AV without pvp interaction 12h a day for several weeks? rather kill myself. went to rank 10 on lights hope northdale with casual arathi/ws, men I miss it.

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It’s been a total shit show since the launch. I want private servers back too fren. I shilled chainlink to a hunter on lights hope, I really hope he bought some because otherwise that will be his moment when he looks back and says “what if”
The entire game is filled with normies who talk about reddit taco Tuesday and craft beers now

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>wow shit game
go back to your league of chinks and trannywatch faggot

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we're not even that far

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>shilling link cancer on wow
if i found you out as a link shill i would personally faction change to the opposite side and specifically target and camp you until you delete your character or kill yourself

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how is that a bad idea retard? youre supposed to use strategic choke and positions and buff npcs as mechanics of av. If you threw in a fucking huge flat buff to ALL npcs and then a scaling bonus for npcs on the losing streak side, AV would be fixed and not be the garbage zerg it is now.

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horde or alliance? I regularly shitposted link memes in northdale world channel. only met one guy who knew about it he called his char "Chainlink" kek

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As did I. Never going back to a Blizz game ever.

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What a bunch of nerds lol

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The absolute state. Go back to retail virgin

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Lmao faggot won't even explain why he is rejecting my idea

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Imagine playing WoW as a fully grown adult male. The kids who played this shit game in middle and high school were social rejects, but maybe that was a good reason to play. Men need to get rid of that childish faggoty habit. I was doing tile at an older ladies house, and her fat fuck of a son was playing wow with his balding, 2 foot long hair skinny twerp friend on a gaymer jerkoff double computer station. This is the absolute state of white men. You fuckers bring shame on us.
>oh wow blizzard really fucked us
You fucking dumb faggots literally pay billions of dollars to leftist tranny gaming companies. Kys yourselves

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>not quitting ActiBlizz after they took over during BC/WOTLK
>the absolute state of ALL of Blizzards IP in current year
anyone who continued to play/support Blizzard after they started sucking Activisions dick deserves to be bent over.

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He was alliance on LH / elysium. Didn’t know much about crypto but I hope he ended up buying some.

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extremely fucking based

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i tried to make wow classic happen when it launched but quit at level 50. the playerbase is way worse than in 04. bunch of autistic zoomers who are too socially awkward to type and no cool boomers like the good old days

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I ironically just bought stock after the call of duty mobile release succes.
Should i sell?

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Kill yourself you unironic buffoon piece of shit
What the fuck do you do then all day, jackass? Throw a football with your buddies for the "white race"? LMAO

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Speak english you fucking klingon

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Blizzard always churns out shit. Their games are always unbalanced. They listen to whiners and make a gazillion changes to everything every patch. The abilities, skills, cooldowns, spells, etc never abide by any consistent ruleset as many are introduced without any real thought and balancing is always an oversight so they have to go back and nerf it all until their backend is nothing but spaghetti. They do as much as they can to destroy meta, but it ends up having reverse effect... can't have enemy factions talking to each other doh! Don't want anyone to get offended! Their interfaces are absolute dogshit. You spend more time stat crunching than anything, and farming for that one fucking item that will give you one tenth of a percent advantage. Not to mention you have to be in some faggy ass guild with a bunch of herbies that take it way too seriously.

The only way to beat WoW is to never play it.

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true, blizzard started as a fully jewish company and they created the perfect game to keep the white man out of reality.

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same. about 3 weeks ago for me.

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>t. baby's first mmo
Shut the fuck up retard.

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I quit about 5-6 months ago, feels good man. You'll stop thinking about it after the first month or two.

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Because it reeks of sub 100iq just like you. Sort yourself out mate you can’t fix being a brainlet but you can try to fix your virginous rage.
Hold a bit longer mate mobile gaming market is still expanding

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just think how depressing all the twitch fags lives are. they literally built there life around this game and it fucking sucked lol

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>non-answer response
nice projection pencil neck faggot loser
im not wrong. from a purely technical perspective it would make zerging sub-optimal, sort of like your brain

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No I sit in a sweaty leather chair with my semen grease caked into it from cooming , inbetween hours long sessions of roasting my dopamine receptors by relentlessly playing a microachievement goalpost-moving video game like it’s a second job. Fucking do anything else you retard.

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holy shit imagine orbiting your favorite streamer in wow every day

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Get good faggot, nobody is going to hand you wins

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Im not bitching about it, the entire endgame wow community is. Av is broken because of zerging, horde have 99% win ratio, and people bitch about the muh nostalgia factor being lost...


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fuck min/max'ers. had the comfiest time levelling/exploring at my own pace.

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Ha, no I'm not some bitch Alliance. Try 16-18 hours a day playing Horde getting as much world PvP as you can in between queve to stay competitive with the other rankers.

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Cancelled sub few weeks ago when they patched AV and WSG became unplayable because you're matched against premade every single time.
They're intentionally nuking this product, it's probably collateral damage in a trade war with China.

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This is your brain on onions

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>still using adhominems to dodge my simple, midwit, modest 105 IQ question

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> Business & Finance

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>every guild I joined had dead guild chat and its own Discord channel
I hate to admit it but everyone who said Classic wouldn't have the same magic was right

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So did i

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kill yourself
link will never make you any less ugly. You will always be a hideous disgusting brown hair brown eye shitskin abomination

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If you think classic is bad, look at warcraft 3. The population is 1/4 the size it was before reforged. Probably more than 50% of custom maps have stopped working properly over the past 2 years because of ‘updates’ for this shit. The list goes on but they completely soiled an 18 year old game.

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This. I'll always remember and cherish those early days but I have to admit it's never coming back.

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activision must be purged.
bobby "big kike" kotick in epstein's book

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Why would he buy the shittiest scam token on the market?

Anything is better than StainStink.

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All the goodwill was lost the moment they cucked to the CCP. Nothing of value lost. Blizzard is dead just like Bioware.

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Sorry to hear your not an aryan. Still, you had two years. I’ll be sure to ash only on the floor in restaurants from now on. Clean it up wageslave

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I swear I just left /v/. Did I get turned around?

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lmao it's a salty alliance
get good fgt
i bet you play a human female rogue

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My only complaint is the fucking premades in wsg. All blizz has to do is match premades against premades, instead of feeding alliance premades with insta queues horde pugs. Shits ridiculous. Who cares if niggas gotta wait longer for the queue. It will even things out.

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>Horde cuck crying about wsg


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Why won't anybody buy my undead warlock pre-bis for 300$ ?

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Pug 8/8 Master Race.
1 hour MC clears. Our pug is better than most guilds.

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Blizzard is now a bunch of chinks and trannies led by a jew ever since the release of Diablo III, all the oldfags left the studio since a decade at least.
There is no talent or innovation left, they just keep recycling 15 years old assets and artstyle otherwise they shit garbage like Overwatch.

If any of you were a bit self respecting and not a mega soÿ manchild you would not have given them any money, basically a bunch of redditors in denial.

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Reminder that the Jews at Activision (yes, literal kikes) ordered WoW Classic to be ruined.

It was a quick cash grab because the fans wouldn't stfu about it, now they are purposely not maintaining it.

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I've been saying tat Blizz was going downhill since StarCraft 2 and I saw how they split the campaign into 3 parts and made the story something for 14 year olds (or metzens self insert get back with his ex mental fanfiction).

I can't believe people are just now finally getting on level and realizing they're shit.

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also stopped a few weeks ago