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Why are you not in this beast, yet?

Approaching bullmarket, this thing almost promises a 10x on your money.

Only coin that is seriously adopted and in use, made for trillion dollar marketcaps, fast as fuck, institutional money and hedge funds ready to pump endless money into this...

Can explode overnight 3x anytime and you are priced out... so better grab a bag now fren

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locked and loaded

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Stand strong brother

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>tfw only 15k
How much longer do I have to accumulate sub .50?

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$20 EOY

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Put some spare cash into it last week, 620xrp locked and loaded

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10X? Better do more than that, I was told 100X and I won't accept anything less!

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Here we go brothers. 0.50$ by end of the week. 1.00$ by EOM.

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Dumped in $50 as a meme, better get me up to $500

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Expecting a green candle as big as my dick (very big) incoming tonight.

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Fuck yeah it just went up 0.0004!!! Wowee!

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why does your tax return come after 21 days?!

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Gates have just opened mate.

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Indeed a beast of an altcoin. Went all in during the dip LESGETIT

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