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I just found out my gf of 2 years has been cheating on me. I found Snapchat messages of her sending nudes to guys and telling them she doesn't have a bf.

Fuck biz, I try to be an alpha in most situations but I just feel crushed and broken

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I'm glad my pain is your pleasure

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go beat that whore up

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Just a whore, find a woman who isn't

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That sucks bro.
Don't be too sad though, it's good you found out now and not after wasting more time with her. Now you can find somebody better.

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Just dump her and move on

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Where's good places to look for non whore women?

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Alpha move would be to fuck her best friend, fren

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What's the best way to get rid of this pain right now. I know it's for the better for the long run but my brain can't process this currently.

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just dump her. be cold, even if it hurts. and never look back

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Are you the sex coupon Anon?

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>fell for the GF meme
At least you didn't fall for the marriage meme yet.

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go on a vacation. pick up a new hobby. explore new ground in music and literature. remember, you are the main character in your own life

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eh not really, I've been there bro. women are a waste of time, just laugh at this whole thing and move on.

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all women are ...
finish the sentence /biz/

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Woman are frankly overrated anon. Just fuck prostitutes and get a pet. A men need nothing more.

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I know that feel man my gf I lived with for 3 years broke up with me on my birthday a few months back. Just lift and orient yourself towards a higher purpose in life. Women are whores and all things end eventually. Everything will die.

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Amen to that

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Or her mom

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you mean ex-gf right anon? you DID break up with the unloyal no honor whore didnt you?

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Honestly you have to assume every girl is doing this regardless and now that you know fuck her. Basically keep her as a side piece. I did that with a cutie girl that was 5 years younger and carried on occasionally fuck sessions for like 5 years along w a bunch of other girls. Finally found the one and just got married. These previously girls keep knocking but they are post wall now while my Waifu is a beautiful korean girl that stay beautiful forever. And I have 50k link. All ends well for red pilll’d men.

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so glad I have true frens on a hobbit basket weaving forum

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pets are based

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>trust me fellow whites just marry an asian and waste your white seed oh and buy chainlink!
fucking kikes i swear to God you are parasites upon this Earth that MUST GO.

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A true alpha would not feel broken in such situation, he'd be laughing because he'd cheated that whore at least 3x more than what she did.

Take a flight somewhere bang some cocktail waitress and don't think about it.

But as I see your post, I think you're a beta for suffering over such a futile thing.

You learned in judgment, if you'd never discovered this you'd probably have kids with her. See this as blessing.


Alpha male

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Oh god a fucking loser trumpster. Nobody cares if you want to marry a white hor go ahead. They’ll hate your guts anyway

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No not sure what you are referring to.

A vacation might not be a bad idea. Thanks anon

What a bitch

Yes. I have blocked her off everywhere

The thing is I don't want to worry about fucking whores and shit. I just want one girl to fuck and then just put my time into my work and life. I feel like if you just go around wanting to fuck different whores life becomes vapid.

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She hasn’t really cheated yet just find another girl while you show no emotion to this one and just use her for sex and anything else

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Have to get an 18 year while she's impressionable and make her your whore.

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I came to realize that only a dog can give you undisputable love. No woman can give you that, ever. Can't wait to buy a house and get myself a loving doggo

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find other things to think about, another girl, books, a trip

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This, whenever you get into a relationship fuck another girl within the first week. That way if she ever cheats on you you're golden and did it first.

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we will always be here for you fren

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It's good that you found that out. Now enjoy being free.

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Marrying a poor immigrant woman isn't very cool.

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Thanks fren

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you may feel weak now, but this is just a step you needed to become alfa. You can't force yourself to adopt the "women are like expendable" -mindset. You have to witness them at their worst to truly stop caring. Once you stop caring, handling women becomes easy.

Process your feelings and you'll come out of this stronger.

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Buy link so that she will be crushed by the thought she could have been next to a billionaire in the coning years.

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When did I mention Trump?
>rent fucking free
Lol you shareblue kikes are such retards its unbelievable. Just fuck off this planet

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I have 30k LINK stack.

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Hey man just stopping by from reddit to say stay with her! Who cares if shes fucking other guys if youre the one who gets to cuddle her to sleep every night

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Post pics

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You literally are a loser aren’t you, living in your moms basement. Go vote for that loser trump again that bastard who turned his back on us and will make btc bleed to death now

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very nice anon that's alot of money. remember when she's working a waitress job and sucking dick for attention you'll be stacking gains and investing in tokens building a millionaires empire. Eventually she'll hear about it and all the money you have and try to come crawling back on all fours like the dog she is and you just ignore her and treat her like she doesnt exist.

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kill her

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Thanks fren that makes me feel better

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Boomer here, don’t Snapchat messages disappear? How is this possible?

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See >>17299688
There's more to it but that's the jist

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yikes, why she say you are crazy..

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Because I got that guys Snapchat before because It popped up one night when we were together so I added him and asked if there was anything up with the two of them because they had a 15 day snap streak. He blocked me and then I remembered she gave me her Snapchat password one day so I found it and looked and they were talking about how I messaged him. She always tried to paint me as the evil person.

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Lol alpha fags are cringe and annoying. You’re niggers thinking about your dick 24/7

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Based and pupperpilled

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Dump her, and don't make the same mistake when selecting your next partner. If you pick a roastie for a girlfriend, don't be surprised when her promiscuous tendencies continue while she is in a relationship. Once the first bond has been broken, a woman's ability to cohesive successive relationships is greatly diminished. Find yourself a virgin, anon.

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Dox jake here. We’ll handle the rest.

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>bitchs on a online basket weaving forum full of autistic retards instead of slapping that whore
thats not very alpha of you anon

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mexico/south america
forget western women

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>all things end eventually. Everything will die.

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break up with that whore immediately, don't be a cuck

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jesus what a toxic snake
you did the good move, leave her alone, fucking whore
paint her reputation black if you need to

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I always wished my girl cheated on me or accepted to have a threesome

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Act really excited one night and show her your blockfolio. Then just dump her and say you were just keeping her around while waiting on link and that you think you could do better now. Say something like thanks for all the great times and then block her on all contacts. It feels best if she thinks this is why and that you don't know about the cheating. When cheating she justifies it saying those guys are better than you. Going this route it's harder for her hamster to console her.

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quints for I've never bought any crypto but I browse biz cause you've got funny shills lel

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relationships are crutch for people who feel empty and miserable by themselves.
t. someone who had multiple girlfriends, and relationships that lasted 5+ yrs