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Ethereum will never be taken seriously, what is chainlink gonna do?

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Be the product that makes Ethereum not suck...

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Be available for literally any blockchain's smart contacts. Eth could be $5 and link could be $1000 at the same time. In fact, I expect something like this to occur.

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Decouple your mum from my asshole

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Ethereum is fundamentally flawed, so what's chainlink gonna do? Just wait for the inevitable death?

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Switch to BSV. Linkies and stiff marines can hold their noses and each other's STIFF HARD COCKS as they all make stupid money.

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ChAiNLiNk iS BLocKChAiN AgNoStiC

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You don't seem to understand. Ethereum will never be adopted, and if your project is ON it, it will neither.

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Funny that you think you're so smart, but you don't seem to understand even the basics.

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>missing the point of this post entirely
If the whole of chainlink is based on a flawed system, who’s to say it will actually see wide-spread adoption? That some large company with tons of resources and a deep talent pool won’t just look at crypto projects at the forefront, either poach some of its top talent or just hire people that can build a superior, faster and more secure platform with lower fees rather than stick with an inherently flawed system in a space dominated by autists who aren’t exactly the most financially savvy even if they are gifted when it comes to tech

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So op’s mother is giving it to you up the ass?

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>If the whole of chainlink is based on a flawed system, who’s to say it will actually see wide-spread adoption?
Wow, over 100 iq anon in a long time, cool. But basically, that's the sad truth which linkies are trying to escape.

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That platform is BSV..

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How is a decentralized platform secured? Answer this question and if your IQ is above 20 you will see it’s exactly why everything else you posed in your hypothetical will never work.

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Reminds me of when IOTA was the next big thing, even REQ was at one point being touted as a potential major player

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In any case what’s to stop my hypothetical platform from being decentralised? Are you aware that there already companies (e.g. JP Morgan) that have set up their own blockchain networks for large cross border payments? Do you honestly think normies and industry professionals would choose a bunch of literally whom (to them) autists over established companies or in the case of industry professionals their own colleagues/network?

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Why would chainlink give a shit about ethereum? Everything depends on chainlink

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Yes with her tongue.

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>what will be the creditability of my premined shittoken if nobody takes my infinite supply shitcoin seriously?

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The token price isn't.

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> Ethereum will never be taken seriously
> Ethereum is fundamentally flawed
> Ethereum will never be adopted
... why?

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What will staking do to the price of link?

What can I make staking 10k link?

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Everyone shares the same ledger of information. Having a bigger network means more resilience against attack, because there are fewer points of failure.

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Cardano will

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This post is cope. You haven’t been keeping up with chainlink development, every blockchain in existence public or private will bend the knee

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Omg he looks so cute. Is it normal for a straight man like me to want Sergey to fill my asshole up with his alpha cream? Don't get me wrong I'm attracted to women. And I've never seen a guy that I felt the urge to penetrate or get penetrated by, but Sergey is just really...I don't know...I seriously want him to penetrate my asshole and make me his little slut

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You don't get it, chainlink is blockchain agnostic. The work on smart contracts/automation will continue no matter what as long as society is still intact. The rise of the smart contract is literally already inevitable at this point. Whether the dominant system becomes ethereum or tezos or whatever makes no difference. Chainlink still solves the oracle problem for them better than anyone else.

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Token not required

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Token IS required...but it’s the shadowfork token that’s needed. Kek when will you linkers learn

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You don't get it to be telling the truth.

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remember marines, never underestimate the power of collective positive thought

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You should try it sometime big guy ya might learn something

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