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After months without seen a friend, he returned to my city and I've received a gift from him, a small plastic container of noopept, the lid was never opened and he said he bought that for me a few hours ago, when he went out I opened the lid and the internal seal was slightly violated.

Should I just take it or should I follow the law 40 from 48 laws of power ( Despise the free lunch. What is offered for free is dangerous), throw it away and pretend to him that I am taking it?

He's a great friend, but he knows all my dirty secrets.

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I'm paranoid like this too it sucks

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What the fuck is nopelt

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eat it you pussy

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Tell your friend that the seal is broken. Ask if they did that. No hard man. Especially if they are good friend and aren't going to cut your legs and arms off and let you burn from lava.

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but them in a blender with orange juice and fireball drink it all at once and gie your friend wedgies and swirlies until he tells you why he broke the seal

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I used to think like this until I learned how little I matter. Your friend wouldn't go through the trouble to poison you for the simple fact that you're a borderline worthless NEET.

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I hope you will take full responsibility when OP dies

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I like noopept

look up the dosage online and take that much every weekday with a choline source
you probably won't notice very much results off of a single dose...

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But what if someone in the store he bought it tampered with that just out of sheer motherfuckery?

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