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Looks like Roppongi crossing. Fuck I miss Japan. I want to die. Please kill me. All I want to do is just go back. I don't care if I have to wage cuck there for a living. I just want out of this dump.

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w-will my 1k link be worth the same one day?

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is that Andrew Yang?

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Yes, but you'll have sold by then, and you'll be a broke fag, just like you are now.

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Shibuya Crossing. I miss it with every fiber of me. Stationed there for 3 years and I want to go back every day.

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Japan are some of the most notorious closet racists and fake inauthentic homegenous lames. Go to Taipei instead and thank me. Girls are way hotter and cheap as fuck to live there. Used to teach English and got so much Asian pusss I had to constantly offer rainchecks

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The digits are absolutely insane atm, something big is upon us. I just posted 3 posts in a row with digits.

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Why? What is there, i mean it would be cool to visit but why do people love japan so much?

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Why is /biz/ so triggered by this man?

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He has everything /biz/ wants but will never get

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I have to hide my tattoos in Shibuya, or else police think I’m out of underworld...

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lmao you dont miss japan that badly if you cant even identify the shibuya crossing
none of them are clocking your skyrim tats, stop lying

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He's probably burning through it to keep her happy

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it's one guy, constantly posting this guy and his gf.
I have no idea who they are, but amount of salt OP is spilling every time, I think girl's jaw line is OP's crush. I bet we are dealing with a virgin.

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Shibuya Crossing... Home. Least that's what it was before I fucked it all up

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>they don’t have dual citizenship to the greatest countries on earth (USA/japan)
Honestly feel bad for all the weebs who want to live in japan, they’re forced to either marry a Japanese girl or slave away as a teacher making pennies. I can just go there after I make it and neet it up and hang with my family.

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bitcoin was a mistake.

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