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we’re pumping young men

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Im 38 kid

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link holders are fucking disgusting

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now this is the phrasing i like

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nothing personal kid

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I hope they’re legal for your sake

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Oh hell yeah

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real talk that fireside chat was shit, and all we got out of it was hearsay from a kid with a jewfro, sergey's autism was kinda cute tho

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did you be a good little Fren and sold the bottom to the whales?

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Send it

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we're going to break ATH once and for all and send this coin EASILY past $5. Like it's not even a question at this point. Imagine not having a LINK bag. you may aswell necc right now if you dont

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Dan Kochis told me verbatim “insurance and derivatives end of year.” I did my best to help the community but I’m honestly scared of you fucks so although I could go stream Ari’s talk in SF I’m going to stay home.
>t. jewfro

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respect, the stream was good and i appreciated it, unfortunately
>Dan Kochis told me verbatim “insurance and derivatives end of year.”
is/was still hearsay, and i would deeply appreciate it if you did it again, but understand your hesitance