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This is the most bullish fucking chart you will ever see in your life

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bagholder cope

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Bought at 1c faggot. I'll send a postcard from the Moon

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ah yes, the pump and dump pattern
truly bullish OP, heh

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This is UBT one week from now

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I don't even know if it's trolling, incredible stupidity or blatant shilling anymore

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i want to kill myself i bought at 6c and im still holding

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looks like an exit pump

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Dumb niggers itt

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Have you looked into Hash Graph, at all?

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Doesn't apply to PnD's.

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Yeah, PnD shitcoin, nothing to see here.

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Literally stay poor.

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Buy my bags, the thread.

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Yes anon, you're right, better go show Reddit how many sats your stacking, and make sure to tell Twitter how you're literally never selling. 4chan never knows best.

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that insider knowledge accumulation before the news makes me sick

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Why did you post this meme chart which looks absolutely nothing like your shitcoin chart? The mind of a streetshitter is indeed a mystery

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no its called a chinese pump and dump by based cz

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You literally quoted everyone in this thread.
Imagine trying so hard...

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I'm already exposed to HBAR through LINK.

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I see deutsche, I short. It's that easy anons

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Looks like what LINKs doing

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This isn't Chainlink.

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None of you will make it, I'm sorry

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When is the next pump scheduled and what it the catalyst to watch for? I only buy during a pump and sell before the dump.

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Watch for Tesla joining the council. Elon will kill buttcorn once and for all. Cap it.

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Post here with the info the day before the Big Announcements and I'll mimic your posts.

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By the time you hear about it, it will already be too late

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Not if I'm only chasing 40% pumps.
Leak here before pumps wit a "Rumor Alert" post or something.

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>the most obvious bagholder chart ever posted

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