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rank 11

who would have ever though after the sibos dump that we would end up as rank 11

just like i said during all the chainlink fud during sibos, link will end up as a top 3 coin this summer

we made it. we fucking made it

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We haven't made it until we're in the top three.

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Literally every single poster here

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$85k is not making it for me. We need to go to top 3 with current market caps for me to have about $700k which is about €620k which is comfy financial freedom in my country. €1.5m is making it. Holding 18700 linkies.

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>we made it. we fucking made it
sell first and pay your taxes buddy.

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This. We're just getting started.

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Imagine not having any income and not holding for years meaning you'll have to pay fuck all taxes.

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>who would have ever though after the sibos dump that we would end up as rank 11
Literally all of us

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Why does LINK never dump? It just continues to go up and up even when Bitcoin dumps. This proves it’s the only safe altcoin investment...the rest are shitcoins

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a year from now noone will even care about this shitcoin

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>Why does LINK never dump
It went from 4.50 to 1.50 last time around

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Oh nonono the cope hahahaha

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It will dump to at least 3 bucks, bitcoin is about to shit the bed

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in the first place*

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Links themes song

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You boys still don't fucking understand do you? This is chump change, this is nothing compared to what is coming.
There will come a day when peope will divide crypto into two groups


And that day is sooner than you think.