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now you understand

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today is lithuanian independence day

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I try to be short as possible:

>Ari Juels wrote Tetraktys novel back in 2009
>The plot is described as: "International Monetary Fund is startled by an oracular voice from his computer charging him with crimes against divine numerology and God but together"
>The book mentions number 216 multiple times (6x6x6)
>Mastermind behind Town Crier and the term "Oracles"
>Number 216 associated in the Bible for The Holy of Holies (Oracle) https://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_216.php
>It is described as "The Number 216 is the cube of 6 - the Number God used in the foundation of the Creation Holograph. It is the value of the Davir (Holie of Holies, called the Oracle in the verse above) which God designed as a physical cube of 20 x 20 x 20
>Chainlink is the physical (or virtual) cube
>Chainlink is the Abomination of Desolation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abomination_of_desolation
>Matthew 24:15-16 (So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.
>Chainlink acquires Town Crier (see pic related)
>Saturn, Set Satan, 666
>Every character in Hebrew is also a number
>Chainlink, adding the numbers in Hebrew is numbered 616 (Qoph, Yod, Shin, Vav, Resh) קישור

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Tetraktys is REAL


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>616 is the oldest number of the Beast found in the manuscripts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/616_(number)#The_Number_of_the_Beast
>The verse number of Revelation in which the Number of the Beast appears is numbered 13:18 — a most improbable coincidence in all chapters of Bible.
>616 and 666, when counted up, yield the chapter and verse of the central text of this prophecy. 6+1+6=13 (the chapter number) and, 6+6+6=18 (the verse number). This is an astonishing coincidence. It was not intentional on the part of the author probably who numbered the verses.
>At the original time of writing (96 AD), no chapters or verses were numbered. But in all modern versions of the bible, there are both the number 616 and 666 hidden in the verse number and chapter number. (6+1+6 = 13th chapter, 6+6+6 = 18th verse.)
>Chainlink ICO happened 3 days before this event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revelation_12_sign_prophecy
>The leader of Chainlink is called Nazarov = Nazarene = Jesus of Nazareth. Letter Tau (gematria value 400) is attributed to Cross on which Christ was crucified in Hebrew in multiple hermetic and qabalistic texts (look it up yourself)
>Ari Juels username on reddit is Juels 216 www.reddit.com/user/arij216
>216 (Number of Oracle in Hebrew) added to the number of Saturn, Tav (Cross) 400 yield up the number 616 (216+400)
>Ari Juels 216 (Oracle) + Sergey Nazarov 400 (The Cross and Savior) = 616 = Number of Chainlink in Hebrew
>Earliest known picture of Sergey feature the number 216

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i still do not understand

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jesus christ it's all true
Eric Holder killed Paul Walker because Israel has no right to exist

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why the fuck did I just realize this now, what the fuck

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you think we're making this shit up
the reason why we're all gonna make it is because this is a cult. we will be slaves but we will be rich

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well at least we will be rich

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I was at the ETHdenver hackaton yesterday. We all watched Sergey's enthusiastic speech, his charisma and charm. Naturally, I wanted to meet Sergey and talk to him, but when he exited the stage where the cameras couldn't see him, he suddenly disappeared in front of my eyes! I couldn't make sense of this until I noticed a huge projection array at the ceiling. Sergey was just a hologram, he wasn't actually on stage. Now it made all the sense that someone had to come upstage and plug the video cable into his computer. I saw some wires leading from the projectors behind a backstage door, so I decided to investigate. When I opened the door, and by Allah's word I am a man who is not scared of much, but that sight terrified me more than anything in the world. Inside the room, an extremely obese man sat on the floor, he must have weight at least 2000 pounds. He had no shirt on and his breasts were bigger than any pornstar you've seen. Next to that man were two people I recognized very much. Rory and Adelyn, who were standing on his right side, feeding this massive glucose monster big macs faster than chainlink announces partnerships. I don't think he was even hungry. On his left side, there was a full hospital team ready with defibrillators in case Sergey got another heart attack. There was a microphone hanging from the ceiling and a full visual artist team in the back, who were responsible for generating the fake Sergey hologram on stage. At one moment Sergey farted and I swear you could hear the vibrations in the air. Nobody even acknowledged it, just one person coughed akwardly. I could not believe my own eyes and immediately logged on to Binance and sold all my chainlink. I advise anyone to do the same. This is not okay.

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What kind of slaves? Labour slaves or consumer slaves? Because I'm totally fine with the latter.

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Just realized they probably have a hundred page document outlining my masturbation habits and shitposts

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so we will be agents of chaos?

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checked! sergey is lithuanian confirmed

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Schizo pls go

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What is their end goal? Yeh slaving humanity, ok, but for what purpose?

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Oh shit

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moon december?

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You are already here fren

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it's my waifus bday today hahahaha

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Holy shit, more sergey stories pls

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Ari Juels

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I was visiting San Francisco to see one of my friends. We went to a strip club, and while I was there I saw Sergey, surrounded by women. He was throwing tons of money at them, but not just bills. It was stacks upon stacks of $10,000, sealed up with white paper bands like he had just come straight from a bank.
I went up to him and congratulated him on the success of Chainlink as of late (this was about a month ago), and he started laughing. He took a hefty swig from a bottle of Dom Perignon and said, "Yeah? You think I care, stinky?"
Confused, I asked what he meant, and said that he had obviously put a lot of work into LINK and he should be proud.
"Fundamentally, I don't give two fucks about Chainlink, kid."
He was about to say something else but one of the strippers tapped him on the shoulder. Sergey pulled out from his pocket the biggest ziplock bag full of cocaine I've ever seen in my life. It looked like one of those gallon bags, almost bulging at the seams. The stripper ran off into a back room with it.
He then pulled out a Zippo lighter.
"You wanna know what I think about Chainlink?"
He snapped his fingers and a stripper handed him a bottle of Hennessy. He then pulled about 20 stacks of bills from a duffel bag, threw them on the floor, poured cognac all over them. He flicked his Zippo and dropped it onto the pile. Almost instantly the whole stack caught.
I stared at him, speechless.
"It's called a 'PUMP and DUMP,' kid."
He laughed as he watched the pile burn before losing interest and going into a back room with his entourage of strippers following carrying duffel bags full of what I assume was money and coke.

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That is a KFC wound.
My dad is a medic.

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Chainlink is going to explode. Ask yourself how could Forbes and so many others get it wrong. Jesus Loves Everyone

Swift + Chainlink (Page 11, SmartContract + Rise Technologies, SmartContract is who makes Chainlink):https://www.swift.com/sites/default/files/resources/swift_swiftatsibos_innovation_pioneering_inno_for_community_brochure.pdf

ISDA’s general interest in smart contracts: https://www.isda.org/2019/01/30/legal-guidelines-for-smart-derivatives-contracts-introduction/

ISDA + Openlaw (Attending an ISDA event on Nov 6th): https://www.isda.org/event/london/isda-technology-forum-2019-11-06/#anchor-agenda

Chainlink + Openlaw: https://twitter.com/openlawofficial/status/1177300013946417154?s=21

Chainlink + Google: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/building-hybrid-blockchain-cloud-applications-with-ethereum-and-google-cloud

Chainlink + Intel: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/new-confidential-computing-solutions-emerge-on-the-hyperledger-avalon-trusted-compute

Chainlink + Oracle(Software company): https://blogs.oracle.com/startup/every-startup-in-the-blockchain-with-oracle-cloud-and-chainlink

Chainlink + Amazon (Skip to 1:01:30): https://pages.kaleido.io/webinar-ondemand-kaleido-on-aws-thankyou?submissionGuid=68a3dd47-631c-4ad9-acf0-d54c52e1dc7c

Oracles: https://blog.chain.link/oracles-the-key-to-unlocking-smart-contracts/

Derivatives: https://blog.chain.link/solving-deep-seeded-trust-problems-in-derivatives-using-chainlink-enabled-smart-contracts/

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Notable content from Chainlink
Smart contracts: https://blog.chain.link/the-power-of-smart-contracts-what-they-are-and-how-they-can-revolutionize-the-future/

Oracles: https://blog.chain.link/oracles-the-key-to-unlocking-smart-contracts/

Derivatives: https://blog.chain.link/solving-deep-seeded-trust-problems-in-derivatives-using-chainlink-enabled-smart-contracts/


General Crypto + Business: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/se/Documents/risk/DI_2019-global-blockchain-survey.pdf


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Deadmau5, Satrn...

I'm shook

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>google's collective hive intelligence is sufficiently like ours in order to recognize the nigh unimaginably high eventual value of this fresh but promising new system, which is currently trading below 0.01% of this presumably inevitable price, and can be bought *now* for a very reasonable price instead of a few years later for a total cost of about a quarter of the entire world's money (plus or minus one-eighth);
>our gestalt decentralized hypergeist is similar enough to google's for (((their's))) to also comprehend that -- especially now, after certain pivotal points have been achieved, course maintained and the network opening up like a fucking rose blossom -- chainlink is as guaranteed of being *the* default, de jure & de facto oracle solution for fucking *everything* that needs oracles solved (derivatives market especially) because of the way which the project has progressed... google has carefully watched this and other projects, weighing odds intelligently, learning what fails and what succeeds; although it would have been premature to buy earlier, it's now such a sure thing in the eyes of any keyed in hivemind that that only an uninformed innocent or knowing idiot would not be buying at these prices right now;
>seriously: google has seen the project pass the 97.% probability percentile in global adoption, has watched any other pretenders, would-be contenders, and ersatz "competitors"
amount to no threat whatsoever to what chainlink is blossoming into, witnessed the fud blown to dust, the alternatives rust, and the fundamentals robust, just like i bust, fly must by trust plied gust whose gales blow sails on my moonbound yacht
>extemporaneous apropos freestyling aside, it's pretty fucking obvious that google sees what we see, which are guaranteed moon tickets to some, but to others, certificates of hegemonic dominion over the world and all nolinkers

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The 216th number is this sequence is 619220451666590135228675387863297874269396512. The sum of all the digits in that number add up to 216, as well. He notes that it is believed that the secret or hidden name of God contains 216 characters. There are many other fascinating relationships and sacred geometries, which are presented by Lucien Khan in more detail at the links below.


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Tetra-KYS faggot

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216: 619220451666590135228675387863297874269396512

And if you add up all the individual digits in that number it adds up to 216.

If you look at the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence you will find that the last digit in each number forms part of a pattern that repeats after every 60th number and this 60 number pattern repeats all the way into infinity.

Notice that after the first 60 numbers the last number starts to repeat. This 60 number pattern repeats all the way into infinity.

What I did is, I arranged those 60 digits in a circle (as seen in Diagram 1) and I found the results so amazing and revealing that they are simply Divine.

First you will see that the “ZERO’s” in the sequence align perfectly with the 4 cardinal points on a compass. And if you look at the number adjacent or directly opposite each number you will see that they add up to 10.

But there is so much more:

At this point I need to tell you why I am so fascinated by this 60 digit repeat pattern.

I have been working on a cosmological theory that states that the universe was not created in a singularity event as per the ‘Big Bang’ but rather that the universe is an eternal cycle of energy to mass and that this cycle repeats after every 60 billion years or rather after every 60 units of time.

The number 6 is crucial in my findings as 6 is the first whole entity in the physical universe. Every physical object must have 6 dimensions from its point of origin, being: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, BACKWARD & FORWARD.

We get to 60 because we are using base 10 mathematics so:

6 x 10 = 60

6 squared or 6 x 6 = 36

36 x 10 = 360

The physical universe manifests in all 360 degrees.

6 cubed or 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

There are incredible predictions related to the number 216.

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For example: It is believed that the secret or hidden name of God contains 216 characters.

Now, bearing my cosmological theory in mind you can see why I was so astounded to find this 60 digit repeat cycle hidden in the Fibonacci Sequence.

But this could simply be a random pattern of 60 numbers right? Yes, they could be. So I need to do more.

If 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 Which has divine connotations. What happens if I take 3 of those Fibonacci Circles and combine them as in Diagram 2.

These are not simply 60 random numbers repeating to all infinity. When 3 of these circles are aligned at the dead centre, as in Diagram 2, the circumference of the circles touch perfectly at their midpoints (Number 5 in the cycle) and I find that the 4 internal arcs add up to 360 and the 2 exterior arcs each add up to 180.

So now I have a 60 repeat cycle that produces the number 360 when aligned in this order.

Remember my theory says that the universe recycles every 60 units of time and manifests in all 360 degrees.

Look at the Clock Face (Image Below). The 5’s & Zero’s align perfectly with the 12 hours on a clock face.

Dear God how can I convey the PERFECTION of all of this to you?

Mathematics is showing us how perfect CREATION is. The face of a clock is divided into 12 hours that align perfectly with the 5’s and zero’s from the Fibonacci sequence. The same Sequence that produces the golden ratio.

It means the universe is a perfect creation and has deep structural programming. A single day can be sectioned up into 60 equal units (OR 2 x 12 HOURS) using the Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci Sequence is making a perfect Human Clock

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See my shadow changing
Stretching up and over me
Soften this old armor
Hoping I can clear the way by
Stepping through my shadow
Coming out the other side
Step into the shadow
Forty six and two are just ahead of me

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Nothing in the universe is random. Our Ancient Ancestors were guided into using units of 60 and 360 in our clocks and circles.
Time creates the universe.
24 || 42

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This fuckin thing has a show on TLC? The jews are doing a number on you.

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Checked. Thank god for the Lithuanian Independence Day pump

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>We get to 60 because we are using base 10 mathematics so:
>6 x 10 = 60
>6 squared or 6 x 6 = 36
>36 x 10 = 360
>The physical universe manifests in all 360 degrees.
>6 cubed or 6 x 6 x 6 = 216
>There are incredible predictions related to the number 216.

>that's the time constant
>that's why our seconds count 60 to a minute and why our minutes count 60 to an hour
it's the key
2*3*7 = 42
>7 days in a week
>7:00 minutes = 420 seconds
>420/7 = 60

>pic related
>from the Shining
>Kubrick (((knew))) subconsciously


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The Number 7

The Kabala teaches that God created the world with seven spiritual building blocks—His seven “emotional” attributes.

I only have 6.

But I knew that physicists counted 3 dimensions plus time as a 4th dimension.

I use the same 3 dimensions (XYZ) but I also have (-xyz) which brings me to the six dimensions mentioned above.

But I also know that time is the 7th dimension.

This number 7 is crucial.

So I aligned 7 of my Fibonacci Repeat Cycles as seen in Diagram 4 below.

These 7 circles form a famous pattern known as “The Seed Of Life” and it appears throughout the ancient world as well as in works by Leonardo Da Vinci.

When I calculate the points where the flower pattern intersect I get a perfect 60. Draw a circle anywhere inside that pattern and the corresponding numbers on the 12 points on the circumference adds up to 60.

This is no coincidence.

But there is so much more. When I superimpose the Star of David into the design the 6 inside points add up to 60.

The 6 outer points add up to 40. Together they give me a perfect 100. This is a perfect 100% or whole using the "base-ten harmonic"

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thanks anon gave me a good chuckle, makes me feel better about losing 1000 link swinging on leverage

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>>The leader of Chainlink is called Nazarov = Nazarene = Jesus of Nazareth. Letter Tau (gematria value 400) is attributed to Cross on which Christ was crucified in Hebrew in multiple hermetic and qabalistic texts (look it up yourself)

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same kind of slave you are right now

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What the fuck is up with the broken trans spirits?
Holy fuck this world is failing.

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>muh jewish magic
holy shit kys

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OH are you gonna worship a cube like muslims are ? Gonna walk around it and spew out gibberish like they do all day?


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This next part is nothing short of Divine and points to a history rich with mystery and hidden knowledge.

Metatron was a scribe of God and is said to have been sent to earth with a message of divine knowledge.

The diagram 5 (below) is a partial representation of Metatron’s Cube which is said to be a sacred diagram or divine geometry that contains all the secrets of the universe.

The totally amazing and unbelievable part is that when I create Metatron’s Cube using my 60 digit repeat cycle I get the Sacred Numbers 216 & 108 (Google these numbers).This is a very important number in many religions and was considered sacred by Plato as well as Fibonacci.

108 x 2 = 216.

The secret name of God is said to contain 216 characters.

The diameter of the moon is 2160 miles

The solar radius is approximately 432,450 miles (2160 x 2)

And the speed of light is 432 squared or 186 624 miles per second (approximately

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Are you actually bringing up masonic fiction into this?

Holy shit balls, cringe.

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>The diameter of the moon is 2160 miles

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Like low level low key masonic children book is whats being spewed out into this board.

Did you just hit level 3 and pretends to have figured it out?

Fucking lemmings screaming.

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> doesn’t realize this is all masonry

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now this is what i call fresh pasta

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All the levels below are pure fiction.
You are stuck there.

>> No.17277424

> he still doesn’t see
> he will cry soon
It’s okay the great news is you are here... so even if you miss the first moon, you are in the know before 99.9999% of the world

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dude you know very little about masonry



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What is this non sense?
Are you pretending again?


>> No.17277461


You gonna spew out more low level masonic shit that are out there for all the lemmings like you to read?

Have at it!

Time consuming shit for lemmings.

>> No.17277481


"not too far off from number 66"

Holy shit you lemmings are weak.

Wing it until you die I suppose.

>> No.17277493

You will see anon
This world is far more complicated than you’d imagine.

Lots of insane rich people believe in masonry.

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They believe you and including me will only play at the low levels.

>> No.17277544


KYS will not change your lemming talk at such low levels it's just there to consume your time.

>> No.17277577


Think for a moment..

"lots of insane rich people believe in masonry"

Lots of insane people also believe we will always play at the lowest levels , arguing about gibberish,
Pure fiction and propaganda.

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if you read these pages and dont think that something is fishy... you are asleep and dumbed down big time

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2/16 I understand now. The ultimate trap, I think this day will reman very important for Marines. God speed and remember, never swing

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It's rehashed numerology.

>> No.17277630

Well America is only 20 years old now, it's driven by fiction since 1999.

If you still want to play with the masons, they will still run it all down to the ground.

You are throwing the dice and continuing this cringe game since we all let the masons ruin us with fiction language.

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switch order with these two

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its ABC-123
just picking up on the patterns of the english language and the encoded math and time in it

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have at it. (your time)

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make sure you learn the ciphers anons.
Dont be a retard and dismiss this encoding of language called

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Has anyone here ready Tetraktys by Ari Juels yet? I'm buying it soon.

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i dont understand what you faggots are talking about and ive been all in link since 2017

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Sure it's real, like numerology.
But it's rehashed and thats it.
Look what happened back in 1999 when the American gov. had to vacate for 18 days.

What happened?

The masons are still running the show because people believe it so much. (fiction)

They will drag you further down.

Learn to speak and write correctly and safe guard your family and your own life.

All this rehashing is old news, pretty obsolete really but as people still believes in them and their ways of conducting, (caught up inside their timelines and usury) we are still fucked.

>> No.17278307
File: 52 KB, 557x354, Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 7.28.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All this rehashing is old news,

>> No.17278328


More old links about old stuff?
Must be swell being caught up in their obsolete "magic"


>> No.17278344

>More old links about old stuff?
this is all 2020 events homo

>> No.17278355


It's old stuff being rehashed for lemmings like you so you can "blog" about and feel "something"

>> No.17278364

Trump-Pence 2020 #74 Car @ Daytona 500, February 16 could tell us outcome of November 3 election

>> No.17278386

Not changing any timelines, still stuck inside fiction.

>> No.17278549

There are Masons caught up in usury, what does that tell you?

>> No.17278596

wow $4.34 ids habbening

>> No.17278618

$4.29 we couldn't have done it without you schizos

>> No.17278658


Everything still works with fiction.

>> No.17278684

from almost 49k sats back to 42k ouch

>> No.17278805

Eric holder lied and Paul walker died

>> No.17279496

>Unfortunately, your card ending in ********* has been removed from your account as we no longer support this type of card.
This can occur if digital currency laws change in your country, or if individual financial institutions change their rules.

You can attempt to purchase again using the same card or, if validation fails repeatedly, try a different payment method.

Absolute brainlet here, can somebody tell me what the fuck? I already paid with this card many times till today on exchange.

>> No.17279695

>Link prints new ATH on 2/16

I give up bros it’s officially clown world, we’re actually gonna make it

>> No.17279917


>> No.17280614
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>> No.17280652
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fuckin based. i'm down for that!

>> No.17280943

Yeah and Seattle was burned down on 3.11. I remember.

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