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Who else knows you hold link? Not a single person knows the only people I can share it with are you losers. When I start to cash out I'm not going to let any of my family know my proper wealth or how exactly I got it

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My 2 best friends know, but not how much. Some more friends know I hold significant crypto but not which. That's it.

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Only myself and you losers kek. But when I’m cashing out I’m not gonna keep it a secret what I did to make it. I’m probably gonna write a book about the journey and make a couple more millions.

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Just me and Teeka

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Can't wait to read about how you shit posted on biz, jacked off to hentai and played vidya games for 4 years

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I'm living off trading crypto for 1.5 year now after leaving my job.
Even my mom doesn't know, i still tell her that i'm working.

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i'd buy it

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How big. Is your stack

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Sounds like a good book
It'll probably come with hentai recommendations

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checked, >>17275118 and to you sir, we're not gonna write these books for each other but to rub it in the normies' faces. It's gonna be some Rich Dad, Poor Dad bullshit but with all the advice as like "I smoked weed and jacked off all day and by fucking around on obscure hentai forums I stumbled across the lost treasure of El Dorado"

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man of the people

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This isn't a good piece. Pic related is a much better one.

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I shared it with a few friends because I wanted to help them out. Most bought but now I think that was a mistake

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Oh, and I never ever talk about my cryptoassets. Never.

It probably was.

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gave my best friend 1000 LINK back at ~$0.50
gave my dad 5000 at $1.89
besides that, never sold a single link never will

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the scale of this is so unaesthetic, it's too big and clumsy. Did your technician trace the tattoo or wing it?
this scale is much better but the black outline makes it look childish. Your logo is also asymmetrical. It's too close to your palm for a wrist tattoo the aesthetic of scale is wrong (too much weight at the bottom of your arm)
both your logos are too thin
even if it's a simple design it still needs to be clean and aesthetic

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in 2017 me and my HS class mate put some money into crypto. We had money from a scam we did, but I made a bit more from it. Like I had $4k and he had about $2.5k I think. Anyway I told him I bought IOTA worth $1k at $0.4, he held Bitcoin, but then bought in at $0.7 about $500 worth once he saw how it started going up. Then at like $4 I started cashing out and moving to XRB and some other shitcoins, but he kept holding IOTA. Anyway by March 2018 I think he had sold his IOTA at a loss or maybe at a little profit. I had $8k worth of crypto or so. Most was LINK. Told him to check out Chainlink, that it's something else really. He knew about /biz/ as well, but he only browsed to see what shitcoins were shilled and later stopped I think. I got into /pol/ then /fit/, but mostly /biz/. Anyway he wasn't able to like grow his money or he wasn't focused idk. He got a gf at that time as well so I guess that was one of the main reasons. Anyway over some months he asked what I was holding, I told him LINK. Last time he asked me, LINK was at $2 in 2019 October. I don't think he has much money left. I think he spent most of it on his gf and other stuff and has like $700 left. It's kind of weird to think since we started at almost the same level, we shared everything of our plans, but now I have $86k in LINK and he has probably less than $2k cash. The money making scam schemes were nice though. Making money with a friend is one of the best feelings ever. All my other friends weren't as money driven as we were, but once he got his gf I think that drive started slowly fading. Still, good times.

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i like the old logo better the one with the writing looks more detailed and people will be able to tell what it is

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slit here - the thread

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i shilled my hs friend also some coins including iota. and he lost like 90% I did too but thats not the point. he wasnt that angry but after this I am not shilling anything to anyone anymore no friend family etc. Its just to much of a burden and risky in this market. i accumulated link under 1usd for example and could have told my father who has a lot of saving to buy in and he could have been worth 8 digits with link hitting double digits, but I didnt. couldnt bear the risk him loosing any of his money for some random reason

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This is not plebbit
Please KYS

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imagine being so emotionally invested kek. You know you're never gonna cash out right?

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>mark of the beast

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My friend who has a 10k+ stack and a LP share, and my other buddy who gas probably a sub 1k stack.
They're the only ones I talk to about my stack. Im going to continue my job and keep driving my pos 05 Eclipse to wageslavery after I make it to keep it low profile.

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I sometimes wonder why so many people on /biz/ are obsessed with “making it” and yet don’t have anyone to share their wealth with, it seems in more cases than not people haven’t even told their own families about their assets. As someone who grew up pretty wealthy, merely having money in the bank won’t make you happy when everything else in your life stays the same.t

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The old Chainlink logo is the only legitimate one.

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Nothing is gained going around telling everyone in my circle I have 100k link.

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Do you realise what serious wealth does to people? No one will ever treat you normally again

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Good, I hate humans

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Fuck normies

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That's why I'm also lifting.