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Earned a couple hundo I’m sitting on

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Accumulating my 10k stack still

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I sold all my link at $3.80 and went into bat. Will I make it?

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I wish this run had been delayed I was buying it cheap

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make it stack 100k btw absolute max price this can hit is $10 says the nerds on here

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Jesus fucking Christ... is there any community more fucking JUSTED than BATfags?? Holy shit you dumb assholes are going to continue to miss out on fucking everything

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Good to have both desu.

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What is a make it stack

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Accumulating this hard. When it finally pops the run is going to be massive. The growth metrics are insane. $4b acquisition for honey which only had 20m users. Brave has 13m and it's just getting started.

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Yes surely you'll make it with a cap greater than $200M with constant sell pressure until the buck stops. Surely.

BUY ARPA before main net you mongrels.

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Using Brave right now.. keep getting adds pop up but my balance is 0.. wtf is this a scam? When do you get payed out?

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Whats honey?

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Why would be acquired do anything to the token price ?

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How long do you have to view the popup ads to get BAT? I just started using Brave in only private browsing. I clicked 4 ads and read all of it BUT STILL 0.00 BAT WTF

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Same. Nothing but pop up ads on my phone. What's stopping me from just downloading an ad blocker?

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You get paid once a month.

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Honey is an affiliate shopping browser extension that was bought by PayPal and also advertises on brave. Its addressable market is orders of magnitudes smaller than brave and valued 10x more than brave despite only having about 30% more users.

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It takes a month to get your first rewards I think. I got like 4 bat in a month. Pretty gay but I'll take it

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why wouldn't you just turn off ads?

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This. He will get paid for the tab page ads as well as having a good adblocker and browser.

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I sadly own a lot of BAT and all it ever does is depress the shit out of me

at least I can use it to give to like 3 content creators I like that are actually verified

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Like they care about the .60 cents you gave them. That will sit in there untouched wallet forever. No one is going to use this shit token

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they’re verified with a linked wallet you dumb piece of shit. I’m not a poor fat donating 2 BAT like you. Kill yourself immediately.

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Then why did you sell all your link for it faggot? lmao fuck off with your fud.

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He's just a lying faggot don't listen to him. Read his posts above. Also, just hold onto your BAT bro.

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this is good for BAT.

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No shit. They thought it was a cool idea when it started but just like everything else in crypto shit gets old real fast. You think pewdiepie is going to bother remembering where he wrote down his password to sell the $5 total BAT he has when this garbage goes down to .01 cent.

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>but just like everything else in crypto shit gets old real fast.
Yeah that's why there's still a market for crypto than right? Fuck off back to your central bank controlled stocks fag.

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The big play here will be when you can pay for subscriptions online using BAT.
I currently donate about $3 a month to chess.com, that's enough for a premium membership two times over, I just don't have the option to pay for it that way.
If people could use BAT to pay for shit like Netflix, Chess.com, news sites, whatever, it would be an absolute game changer.

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That is exactly what they are working on. BAT is going to beat 99% of the the other tokens to the mainstream market including bitcoin. You will have BAT being the face with coins like eth and link working in the background.

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Kys faggot

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Defend yourself, fucking fud faggot.

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They cant defend themselves they just talk in circles and then regurgitate other fud talking points like spineless worms. Not sure why they dont waste their energy on litecoin threads. It's easier to get them to sell than iron hand batmen.

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>Yeah that's why there's still a market for crypto than right?
>Steem, Golem, OMG, Status, Waves, Populus, Verge, Kin, FunFair, PIVX, QASH, MaidSafe, Walton
And the hundreds of other shits that went nowhere. BAT is included to this list too you just are so far gone you cant see it
You think the faggots that used steemit.com and got $50 worth from users back then and now its worth $0.50 give a shit about it anymore?
You fags tout your millions of users when its just people using the brave browser. And the thousands of content creators are just people who signed up during the hype and dont give a flying fuck anymore. This token will slowly die out of use and be forgotten. This is a reddit tier coin for retards that dont understand token economics or what blockchain should be for in the first place.

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No. You fucked up. BAT might pump someday, but it won't do it as hard and as quickly as LINK. Prepare for at least 5 years of holding for 2x.

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Dumbass, Steemit is not associated with Brave, fag. You are so out of touch.
It's not just people using Brave browser, those that download the server enjoy the project. Yes we have millions, it's called an audience and now we have Amazon on board. You forgot to mention when I called you out on your fud for switching link to bat you fucking coward.

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But its got great features and its functional already. People are sleeping on this shit. How is eliminating the middleman not a demand i will never forgive the japanese

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reminder to bat holders. this is who you are investing with and who you are entrusting to shill and pump your bags for you.

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You're so unimaginative go back fag.

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Not an argument. Try again

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Don't forget you sold your bags and betrayed Link, faggot.
>I sold all my link at $3.80 and went into bat. Will I make it

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I worked over 6 years in the tech industry mainly at advertising companies. I’ve been on 4chan since 05 and also bought link at .30 cents.

I worked at Adobe Google and Facebook working with brands spending money On campaigns. It was soul sucking work but the pay is great.

BAT is one of the best projects left

The fud by this anon is genuinely retarded and he legit doesn’t know what he’s talking about

I’ve only posted a few times over the years but if you’re holding BAt you will make it.

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The thing that pains me about this token is how it does NOTHING not up or down just hovers in the middle. literally 3 years and this coin moves sidewards. that would piss me off more than it dropping in value because then at least i know that i made a mistake and can move on, but it not doing ANYTHING would agitate me so much

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Yea Im an executive at Google and we are in the works to buy Brave and implement the BAT network into every Chrome browser and google phone.

Your gonna make it Bat holders!

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Probably because it's a token you literally get for free for just shitposting. I'm pretty sure the people who withdraw on uphold convert it to another coin immediately once they get their monthly bats.

>> No.17273053

>I’ve been on 4chan since 05 and also bought link at .30 cents.
Sure you did
>I worked at Adobe Google and Facebook
See above
>BAT is one of the best projects left
It’s a literal camwhore token.

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I know I’m right and spoke the truth. Your only fud is that I’m lying llol

You didn’t even understand that advertising brands have to buy BAT to run their campaigns lmao

Saying that BAT is a camwhore token when it’s integrated with YouTube, twitch, twitter, reddit, vimeo, GitHub, and SoundCloud lol

Kill your self and go to bed you retarded faggot. And stay poor and angry

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Creators are still signing up and most of them signed up during the bear market when there was zero hype around brave/bat. Just the other day there was record growth of 2,700 publishers in a single day.

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bump guess the faggot fudder is retarded like i thought

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So much coping in this thread, meanwhile LINK almost hit 49k sats. At this rate it'll be a top 5 coin.
Enjoy holding your bags forever, chrome bagholders.

>> No.17274507

how many is needed anons? I only have 8500

>> No.17274538

at least 50k anon

>> No.17274643

>it’s integrated with YouTube, twitch, twitter, reddit, vimeo, GitHub, and SoundCloud lol
It is a one-way integration. BAT allows users of those platforms to verify themselves and receive funds. Youtube et al did not integrate with BAT.
Alphabet will immediately kill BAT/Brave as soon as it becomes big enough to worry about. Do you really think the world's richest companies are going to allow Brave to remove built-in YouTube ads and replace them with their own?

>> No.17274653

>2825 sats

>> No.17275004

I'm happy for you linkies, but you maybe have a 10-20x left. Consider cashing out when it's time and move into BAT so your 10x can do another 20x. Fighting BAT only hurts you because it destroys another good opportunity. When you start getting to the point where link only has 2-3x left it's better to just jump into a fresh 20x

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the only valid one that will pull its integration is YouTube
YouTube/Google has always been standoffish in the industry and prefer you to use their DSP
Im actually amazed YT hasn't started trying to block Brave.

But even if FANG pulls its support for Brave, there is still the whole other publisher world.
You'd be surprised how much other companies hate the current Online Advertising Duopoly (Google and Facebook)

BAT/BRAVE will easily be a $10B ecosystem/company which is a 25x from here with limited downside

You're acting like user adoption doesn't actually matter lol

if you actually deep dive Brave and BAT you'd be comfy

>> No.17275227

It just occurred to me that the link marines are spreading FUD about BAT on purpose. Lots of them own BAT and want more BAT, but they are trying to ride the link wave so they can accumulate BAT when it's time to move to the next coin. Pretty big brain play if you ask me.

>> No.17275460

Why the fuck did you sell link anon. What part of never selling do you not understand???

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