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>please welcome Sergey

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Johan at 5h

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>Am I plugging it into the right little thing here

TOP KEK, this is your god? Is this your god?

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42 you can right click on youtube videos to embed them at a certain time instead of anons having to find it themselves

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>CEO of company dealing with highly complex solidity code to be able to connect one of the most sophisticated and advanced decentralized networks to legacy financial institutions, possibly ushering in a new industrial revolution

>Takes 10 minutes to set up lab top to an aux cord

Yep, surely 1000eoy

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it should have the timestamp in already:

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Just because you can design an electrical system in a house doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to wire the whole thing. Specializations

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Wow you're right, my apologies.

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Damn Sergey is looking great!

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Software knowledge =/= hardware knowledge

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I love this man so much. I love you Sergey

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apply for the career positions:
I know I will

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Thank you op

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42 i havent seen any of your threads recently, can you go make a seperate thread and shitpost some random stuff i always enjoy reading it

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>make a seperate thread
why not this one

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Can you imagine if someone from /biz got the head of communications job?

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>Can you imagine if someone from /biz got the head of communications job?
crypto oracle was recently officially hired as a writer

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hey 42 i got this in my fortune cookie last night, how should i interpret it?

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I'm so proud of sergay. We went from seeing him stutter through entire presentations to being an absolute chad. Never too far from the phone because bizness is way too important to be bothered with some stupid neckbeard crypto conference.

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and it means
>no risk
>no reward

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> unironically link
> link will never be above 60c
> btc has a built in oracle anyway
> dom "peragnon"
If link really was a religion, you would be the patron saint of extra chromosomes, attention seeking behaviour and being priced out.

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so is ETH going to be the real crpto that takes over BTC as the common use coin?

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congratz C-O, hes my only source of twitter news

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>This job is location agnostic.
Even their jobs are decentralized. How based can one company get?

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basically hitler 2.0

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great speech.
>"That's exciting! I'm excited! And this excites me."
Same Sergey, same.

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