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new ath waiting room

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Yes I'm here, I'm waiting

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Praise Sergey

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Boom and just like that.

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sir, every hour is a new ATH now

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Price discovery mode

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I bought link at $4 and sold at $2 and now i am just watching on the sidelines

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not in fiats

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Fucking retard

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We’re still like at least 6 months away from singularity right

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How much will I want to kill myself with only a 1.7k stack?

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Should i buy or wait for $3m

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Buy now. You think eth people cried when they bought at $4. Link could be twice what eth is as a product. Don’t be dumb

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You should've bought in December or the beginning of January at the bottom. Any idiot saw that was the bottom. I doubt we go below 3.60 ever unless the whole market crashes

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Well i did buy 5 link at 0.3 each long time ago

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Jesus kys.

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HOLY SHIT ANON how much do you have now???!?!?

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24 usd

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You can clean the toilets on our yacht with that amount

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almost there

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I had a 2k stack for ages decided to get 5.5k link and 7ETH I'm currently 2x. I'm so fucking comfy rn

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4.48!!!! 4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!4.48!!!!


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Sorry but i just cant make myself buy this coin knowing how sergey is pumping it with his alt wallets that all originate from 1 big one, its just too dangerous. Like bomb token...

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>be me
>be retarded
>put my 50$ worth of ETH into an ETH-based wallet
>fall for /biz/ memes and convert it all to LINK
>it's now 300$ worth of LINK
>can't take it out because no ETH to pay for the fees

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cant you make another wallet and send eth to yourself?

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Welcome to new fiat ATH everyone!!
Thread's over.

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Yes but I really don't wanna buy ETH no matter how little tbqh

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Who cares? You're never supposed to going to sell anyway

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so what is the point of your post?

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We will all make it frens

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You retards actually believe that you will make it with link? The past week has been the most obvious artificial pump I have ever seen. Anyone with an ounce of sense will sell tjis scam token immediately. You think Sergays dumps were bad before? Guaranteed he's gonna offload so much link this time round, you retards will be lucky if it's worth more than a dollar.

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have sex

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Nice. Glad I got a spot before the crowds.

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Thinking of buying in, but need someone to refute this pasta for me first:

CHAINLINK CEO has no academic background, Linkedin has no University or nothing,
Youtube videos comments are disabled because they know they're talking shit.
Tokenomics unsustainable and totally vapourware.
Forbes article made by muh contributor
LINK Devs hold 70% of the supply
Circulating supply is 4% of the total which means you'll need at least a 25x to only break even long term.
No company address on the website, no professional info whatsoever.

There's literally nobody on the team that has the proper economic knowledge to even properly consider the idea that they've thought of.

They literally have N O T H I N G to show for, no code, no algorithms, just a few blog posts and screenshots of an app any 10 year old could create.

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Short it, easiest money to be made. Ever. FUcking scam, project is a scam, nothing to show for, the CEO is a con artist. A FAT FUCKING FRAUD. I can't believe I'm going to be so GODDAMNED RICH when this goes to zero, I'll be shorting this shit to the ground that's for sure. What a great entry for a fat short, I feel ecstatic

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Remember this comment in the upcoming months
>he didn't fucking sell at 4.5$

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It can't be refuted. It's true. All of it.

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>He shorted on the way up to $10

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just remember this moment friend

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4.50 when?

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This guy is right. If fireside goes well then we never see sub $4 link again. Buy some now and wait until after fireside if you are confused.

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>tfw my weekly $100 buy caught the literal bottom

Feels pretty good.

yeah I know I love wasting money and eating shit

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Future millionaire checking in.

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I have bonner

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Good god I’m excited for you guys

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