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Weak. BAT will have its time in the sun.

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these insane LINK pumps got me losing faith, brother. I think I'd be pretty rich right now if I had only bought LINK back when I started buying BAT.

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It is just not moon time bud. Relax, accumulate and wait.

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dubs but no brappers?

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you’re actually retarded, just accumulate

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>my shitcoin isn't mooning at the same time as another shitcoin.

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I own both Link and BAT as they are great choices. I think it's mostly fomo getting to you and plenty of anons are feeling it right now. Just stays focused on your investment goals and remember that we are just on the cusp of a bull run. You can still add to your portfolio as it's not too late. Also, when BAT starts climbing you'll see thread saying shit like, "Is 100 BAT enough to make it?" "100K BAT whale here." etc. But mostly, they'll get priced out. Tezos and Chainlink are a warning for getting priced out quick. Lastly, BAT will eventually stop giving out tokens and yeah we'll see it climb then. Good luck fren.

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he'll be here. Enjoy this in the meantime

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But BAT is just a simple utility token. Nothing at all like LINK's tokenomics.

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I own both as well, but just a small bag of LINK. When I see these insane LINK pumps it just makes me regret not buying at 20 cents, whereas I've been buying BAT in the 20-30 cents range for literally 2 years. Definitely FOMO. Thank you for the levelheaded advice.

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I would be a millionaire right now if I had invested in Chainlink instead of BAT but I'm still more comfortable holding it because of the distribution. LINK devs have dumped before and will do it again, BAT will keep growing no matter what.

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Now this is cope.

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Do we talk about BAT yet? ^^

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Yeah but I'm really trying hard not to kill myself so be nice

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Fair point. However, BAT has its strength in advertisement and the fact that Brandon Eich, the creator of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, is part of Brave Browser. He has to have an ace up his sleeve for the future. BAT will be the ultimate test of patience though. I personally think anons should take a step back and look at the long term rather than short term.

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It's not too late to buy Link. Anything under ten bucks is a steal in my opinion.

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Anon, you're clearly levelhead af. Can I ask what other projects you think highly of?
t. linklet and batlet

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when the normies come and flood coinbase, and they are looking at the cheapest coins and have to pick... they'll pick BAT because their streamer friend or youtube friend shilled it once, a year or so ago, and it kinda rings a bell. and its only 50 cents?! BUY.

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Yeah I love Brave but just reading the whitepaper again now, it does concern me that there isn't that extra "value" in the token layer that say LINK has in collateral.

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this is the exact same logic I saw used during december 2017. We're about to drop hard fellas, hold on to your butts

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Yeah I'm still buying both for now. LINK seems unstoppable so I'm even willing to buy ATHs. I've gone mad.

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Don't buy BAT. It's stated at the final pages of whitepaper that price of the token should stay stable. If you want to make it, avoid this trash. Whales hold majority of the tokens and in the recent interviews Brendan was mentioning how stable BAT is and how great it is. Fuckers made money and now they are even considering using other coins to fulfill BAT role. Terrible investment.

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no don't go down, chainlink

i had to take a shit. whenwas down. i can't sell now

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>He has to have an ace up his sleeve for the future.
The ace up his sleeve is that you already gave him your money

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You can't even lurk /r/batproject now. You have to login to your reddit account to do that. Major red flag when projects close their communities to open public like this.

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nice trips buy its still public just checked

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people actually buy this? I just collect them from brave for the fuck of it. its like collecting pogs or stamps.

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You have to go back

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No, he's still here.

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I might throw some of my 25x LINK gains into BAT, just have to wait and see.

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Personally I think there's only two dozen projects worth investing in at the moment. Depending on your budget I suggest only investing in three to five crypto projects. From any Blockfolio or Coingecko list we can create a hierarchy similar to a pyramid. To spare the nitty gritty details as I don't want to write a blog post I have a ranking of projects. When you read this categorization, don't worry about it's current rank as I've taken numerous variables into account to decide.
Standards: BTC, ETH, LINK

Tug of war: BCH, BSV, EOS, XMR, XLM

Darkhorses: XTZ, MCO

The Future: BAT, DASH


Stable Coins ( I don't really care about or count them really): Tether

Survivalists: CRO, DOGE

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>thousands of coins
>pick the one that is given away FOR FREE
>this means that it will surely go up many dollars because I and hundreds of thousands of users all over the world deserve to be paid $10 every time I click an ad

What in the fuck is wrong with you people

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Ride link out until BAT reaches normie fomo. That is what every BAT holder is trying to capitalize on. Millions of BAT retail buys on coinbase and uphold. I was hoping BAT would happen first so I could move it to link afterwards, but didnt expect link to pop off first. If I move to link now I might miss the huge BAT pump if it comes. Way more news coverage than xrp could even dream of. Basically a google,snapchat,twitter ipo.

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Should I convert the bat stack I bought with money to link and just accumulate bat through brave?

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No. Just hold.

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It's one of the few crypto projects that might see normie adoption. No sane person goes all in on it, but given it's fundamentals it's a solid pick for gains this year.

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>buy a token thats meant to be given away

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It won't be forever. It's a form of bait to get the masses salivating. But when it gets shut down, they'll come to buy.

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Still here but if it fails he still has your money, which he can keep. Nice little backup plan.

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>two dozen projects worth investing in at the moment.

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>>17252764 it's already getting extremely close to normie adoption. Honey is a browser extension with 20m users that was acquired for 4b. Brave is an entire browser with a growing product line and 13m users. They are getting closer to a tipping point, and if it happens it could be massive.

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This, but unironically

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>t's one of the few crypto projects that might see normie adoption
>millions of users will be given a coin worth many dollars every time they click an ad, multiple times a day, forever
>this is possible and realistic

What in the fuck is wrong with you people?

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faggot anons are falling all over themselves to buy LINK of which 30+

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Yes, 24 projects out of over 8,000. It makes sense. And after a year only a dozen or so will beneficial as the rest get pumped, you have no real argument. And no, Eich will stay with us.

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*as the rest get dumped
not pumped

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You've stated this twice but haven't accounted for the fact that this won't last forever. Once the token faucet ends the price will jump.

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>the majority of the world's population lives on less than 1 US dollar a day
>hundreds of millions of people in 3rd world countries do back breaking jobs each day for the equivalent of pennies
>It will be more profitable to set up a phone farm and browse 20 hours a day clicking ads and getting tokens and cashing them out so you can eat
>this will result in an insane selling pressure
>These utility tokens given away for free for clicking ads will somehow magically rise to be worth tens of dollars and resist the immediate selling pressure as soon as someone receives just 1 single bat

Maybe my question wasn't clear enough: WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

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You still haven't figured it out after 40+ BAT threads. BAT is divisible, and if one BAT was $80 i would get a fraction of a token. Not everyone is cashing out either. A lot of it stays in the loop while advertising dollars enter the loop. Not sure why you cant figure this out after 40 threads.

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>Not everyone is cashing out either.

You will be competing with hundreds of millions of people with phones for whom even .30 cents in USD is a lot of money and who are receiving the token FOR FREE and who are incentivized to immediately cash out so they can fucking eat. I am curious what your price target is? $1? $5? $10? if BAT hits $5 how many do you receive each time you click an ad? .05 cents worth? .25 cents? I have 130 BATs or 39 usd from simply browsing and clicking their shitty ads and I can't even be bothered to do the KYC bullshit so I can cash out, but what happens when you get millions of users who want to sell every last one once a month when they receive their rewards?

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E-commerce coming in Q2 retard

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>what happens when advertisers are market buying tens of billions of dollars of ads for the hundreds of millions of users.

This money isn't just coming from the sky dude.

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Google would have to gut its revenue machine and develop it's own new ad model. They would only take on this risk when it's too late, and by then it's too late.

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>muh network effect

Google is the biggest fucking network lmao

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>weak fud
>posts an image of a washed up, fat wigger boomer who couldn’t even keep his 3 inch dick up for a sex tape to revamp his dead career since 2004
>beside him is a literal 50 year old boomer that still can’t get over and cope with his mommy issues

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source please

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i agree i think bat is an interesting one because it actually has its own economy that will exist because of it however i am still unsure why this economy it has created will justify an increase in its price. To me it is totally possible that bat will be successful but still be the exact same price in 10+ years. it will be interesting to watch and i hope it works out for bat holders because that token has been in limbo for 3 years. Even if it went down and i was a bat holder i would be more ok with it because i would accept my loss and move on to find something better but just in that perpetual state of not doing anything would have me so agitated and tearing my hair out

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Looks like you didnt even finish "babbys intro to business course". Just lol if you think google would take what is already extremely profitable and dump it for an experimental business model. Shareholders would literally put a hit out on the google board of directors and sue the ones who lived. Literally the most reckless thing a company of their size could ever do.

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>i agree i think bat is an interesting one because it actually has its own economy that will exist because of it however i am still a faggot and can’t understand supply and demand,. To my faggot retarded brain it is totally possible that bat will be successful but still I’m a faggot so I must believe it will be the exact same price in 10+ years. it will be interesting to watch and i hope it works out for bat holders because I only invest in scams due to my retardation and need for instant gratification because of said retardation. Even if it went down and i was a bat holder i would be more ok with it because i Invest in ponzi scams regularly so I would accept my loss and move on to find something ever shittier because that’s just who I am. but just in that perpetual state of not doing anything would have me so agitated and tearing my hair out because I sold too early, like with link, and bought another shitcoin due to my pathological faggotry.


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You don't get the token for free - the advertiser has to buy them. Do you think marketers pay the same $$$ for clicks in India as they do in the US? Have you ever used adwords?

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I never saw the purpose or incentive of this token. To pick this over link is insane.

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Im actually really impressed with the team and their responsiveness. I believe that it will pump again when some bugs get fixed.

They seem really competent and caring and i say that as an earner

I know it has a lot of glitches but it feels like im getting to participate in some early early btc faucet

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Why would doubleclick or abecus or abc or whatever stop datamining?

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ETC will outlive ethereum
and I don't think ethereum is going anywhere

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>b-but the normies will buy it!!!1
>you just wait and see!
You are no better than vechinks or xrpkikes. See you at the end of the bullrun when this shitcoin still stays at 30 cents or worse.

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What is a pog? Millennial in da house

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Consider yourself lucky that you don't know it. You've got a bright future ahead if you. Good luck brother.

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Tachyon Protocol is pumping too, they will revolutionalize crypto,thank me later their astromonical success makes them a must have

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Xrp went to $4 off a cnbc article. Brave/BAT is probably going to get 100x more airtime.

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Thanks fren

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