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>tell family of chainstink early on
>they think you’re delusional
>bull starts cooming

What do?

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Stay delusional and hope it comes true.

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Same. Told them at 30 cents. They still think im an idiot but dont realize i now have 12k link. Fuck them.

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Dont tell them that you have any money if you do it will only create animosity.

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Dont tell ppl how much you have.

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My family are all TDS Democrats so Im literally turning into "The weird racist uncle with money so we don't want to ignore him"

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kek you should use this to your advantage, for entertainment if nothing else

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Imagine bragging about being a gay incel uncle

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this. it's literally never a good thing to tell people how much you have.

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Sorry but Im not interested in your gross hairy asshole

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Absolutely true.

Sam Hyde went on about this in one of his Hyde Wars.

Basically telling people all your good fortunes does you no good, people will start to resent you and use you, even your own family if those people are in an unhealthy state.

Basically go the stoic way, don't worry about those who did heed your advice and in the stoic calm when you make it, you'll be the one having the last laugh.

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I agree, and I don't even have that much.

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*Didn't heed your advice.

We're all gonna make it brahs.

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>Boomer father visiting my place in 2018
>Sees my Ledger lying around
>Asks me what it is
>Mumble something about it being fancy usb stick
>2 months later
>"Son you lied to me"
>"I looked it up on the internet, it is used to store that bit coin stuff isn't it?"

Then I told him about my LINK. Now he asked me couple weeks later "HEY I heard Bitcoin going up lately? How much you worth now"

He doesn't even remember that I own Chainlink, literally thinks I still have Bitcoin. He is still pretty based, apart asking basic questions "Can you cash out them as real money though?".

He avised me not to sell before I have to.

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Things that didnt happen. Go back to CT with your cringe larp

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Hard pass

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Black ribbon metal coins signify shes into double anal but it is bad luck

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Imagine meeting this girl on a beautiful spring day in 1945 Berlin

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>Dad puts his hand on my shoulder
>son, now that you're so successful you're the breadwinner.
>I should be calling you daddy..
>I start to feel uncomfortable as he moves closer but then he puts his arm around my neck and his cologne smells good.. it reminds me of home
>son I havent done this since Vietnam so bare with me for a minute while I get my bearings.. this is how your mother used reward me for doing a good job
>he unzips my jeans and gently pulls my penis out of my underwear
>his hands are warm and it feels good...

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>tell boomer dad about chainlink at $2.70/normiebase release
>he buys 3500 LINK
>wants to buy btc at $13
>tell him to buy at at sub 9k
>he buys 5 @ between 6-9k
>texts me about crypto news
>says hes gonna hodl for 5-10 yrs instead of swings

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>Basically telling people all your good fortunes does you no good, people will start to resent you and use you, even your own family if those people are in an unhealthy state.
Disappointing but true

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Yeah being a Soviet and meeting this girl :^) the things I would do.

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Kill yourself faggot

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too close to home for you huh. It was TOO REAL

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