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This is going to result in a devastating pandemic in East Asia, leading to a cascading collapse of the entire global banking system.

Hope you fags stocked up on gold silver and bitcoin. There’s not much time left, maybe a month max.

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I was gonna tell you the fuck off since the infection curve clearly started topping off, but then I checked the website...

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zoom out

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there's nowhere to zoom out to
this is from the moment ncov started trading
60000x gains in a month

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You fucking idiot, you actually believe the Chinese numbers??? They lie about EVERYTHING, and you believe them for some reason now? Yeah man only 1k dead that’s why they’ve imposed a military quarantine on the entire country, that’s why there are videos of chinks dropping dead in place and officers rounding up and killing people

Here’s the reality:


This is literally end game scenario for East Asia and the global economy. This virus is unbelievably virulent and not only attacks asian receptors but the immune system also. It spreads asymptomatically, it was engineered to be perfect.

The writing is on the wall retard. This is it.
HSBC will probably shut down and so will global supply chains. You’ve been pulled into a false sense of security by years of edgy roomers claiming the end isnigh, that when the reality is shoved right in front of your face you are incapable of accepting it’s true non-linear nature. It goes right through your skull

The MSM is covering this up for elites to sell their assets for physical ones. If you don’t start preparing now you will not survive.

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>missed buying gold in '02
>missed buying bitcorn in '09
>missed buying 2019 ncov in January 2020

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>This is going to result in a devastating pandemic in East Asia, leading to a cascading collapse of the entire global banking system.
>Hope you fags stocked up on gold silver and bitcoin. There’s not much time left, maybe a month max.
I agree with this. I'm all-in on Chainlink.

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>5 pics of chinks planking is proof of plague 2.0

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>trump released a bioweapon to kill asian males

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>muh supply chains

yes we'll have shortages of shit-grade chinese shit for like five months until americans start building machine part factories, which was already occurring because chinese manufacturers are shit-tier and expensive to boot.

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What about HSBC? Do you think deutsche bank can survive an HSBC default? Do you think Europe or the corporate debt market can survive a DB default?

Prepare now retards


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I already have as much as I can have in bitcoin but what you're predicting isn't based on facts
yes if all of east asia gets hospitalized we won't have a fun time, but with the current factual data presented, it's too early to assume that'll happen happen.

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Kek at this brainletism. It’s clear you have zero understanding of how the economy is structured, just shut the fuck up idiot

One day in the next year you’ll wake up and you literally won’t be able to withdraw money from the bank. You will remember my posts, start shaking, and piss yourself when it happens

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>Chinese numbers are factual

How retarded are you? Just fucking kill yourself idiot

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the chinese people are no more honest than their government, that's why I don't believe slant eyed "whistleblowers".

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>it will go up forever
This isn't 2017 newfag

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>Virus that kills asian men
>LINK moons

What kind of anon mastermind came up this situation?

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>He thinks China won't retaliate


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>>trump released a bioweapon to kill asian males

can he do one to sort out the blacks already?

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>The MSM is covering this up for elites to sell their assets for physical ones.
And there it is. Goldbugs are mentally ill.

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But then all the americans would die

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The more people that get infected, the richer you get. It's not to late to put on your MetaMask and put some $nCoV in your bug-out-bag.

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fingers crossed

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Probably exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if China unleashed everything it has on the west in a desperate effort to level the playing field

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Except that’s literally what’s happening. Why do you think markets are rallying to all time highs when the economy is entirely nuked?

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its called wuhan-400, the west will develop a vaccination whereas china will fail.

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Dead cat bounce.
Nothing burger.

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Delusional. Too expensive here still. They will go to Vietnam or Taiwan and India, or alternatively if all of Asia gets messed up by the virus they will go to fucking Eastern Europe or some shit

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If all Americans die, who will live in Europe and Canada?

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The elites are selling everything to buy gold and that causes stocks to go up

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nice “sources” you have there for this information
>in b4 hyperaggressive autistic response
you mouthbreathers are pathetic

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