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>Open business
>register business
>Take out business loan
>Put it into crypto
Anything wrong with this plan?

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>take out business loan
This is your problem, you won’t even get it if you apply

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Why not? Why is this capitalistic pig system so unfair? How does a neet get a loan?

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you have to prove that you're not a neet that will not put the money into crypto ie an npc

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What if after this bull run I have about 80k cash. Can I use that cash to leverage a larger loan? I want to start an icecream/raspados business

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enjoy multiple years of studying for securities licenses that would've been better spent trading for yourself or working a real job

oh, that or getting shanked in prison because you're a poorfag committing wire fraud

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maybe. it all depends on the terms of the contract with bank. for example, maybe they'll give you the money if you put your cash into their fund and not take it out for certain amount of time.

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I dont live in a shithole like you do. Our prisons are sophisticated and quite pleasent. I'll happily spend my 3 month sentence there. Now go suck of your President.

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How is crypto not one of the highest risk "investments" in the market right now. Banks will likely almost laugh you out of the office, I know I would.

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get a 1 year 0% apr credit card and ask for a balance transfer check

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