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Let's be fucking real here about retirement, how much is enough? I don't want anything fancy, I just want a middle class lifestyle, not overspend too much and just live comfy. For that I'd need the amount that a middle class person makes in a lifetime, right? How much is that? It's surely at most 1-2 million dollars. And now it's even different because having all that money at once is better because you don't have to take out loans and pay more and you can already earn dividends and interest on your stack. Are people serious when they say you need like 10 million to retire? You'd never make that money in your life.

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You can get a luxurious 2 bedroom condo in a big city of a third world country currently going through a growth economy for like 100k, with private gym, swimming pool, grocery delivery and maid services and will de facto become a top 5% male with a vastly increased sexual market value allowing you to exclusively date or marry similarly top upper class local females, well that's my plan anyway. You'd have to be a complete sucker to get +100k in crypto gains only to spend/invest them in western boomer housing and remain stuck in the middle class trap instead of taking advantage of the globalist charade and leveraging them into a far more favorable market. Outsource your housing, outsource your pussy. Fuck the boomers, I'm the boomer now.

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1 - 2 million will allow you to live a normal comfortable middle class existence for the rest of your life yes, without ever working again. But you cant ball out of control like a retard, for that you do need 10+ million.

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Retirement is a meme. You'll get bored and end up doing some form of work again.

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Pretty based advice if you want to NEET it up for the rest of your life. Only downside is being away from family/friends but you can just blow some of all the money you're saving on plane tickets to visit them as much as you feel like.

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based, i plan to do that in a majority white developing country like romania.

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Do you guys have wealth tax in your countries?
They tax you on the same wealth every year, god it seems suffocating.

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kek it's full of gypsies

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I guess but it will probably be something fun and not forced. Like writing stuff or literally just streaming to 3 viewers all day. Or I don't know, get into carpentry.

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Nah I don't think so, I believe once something like that hits that's a dead giveaway to leave the country. But it seems to be easy to just go around that by having your money in off shore accounts.

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Not my first choice but Romania seems pretty based.

As opposed to western Europe being full of Arabs and America being full of spics and niggers.

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they had TWO YEARS

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middle class lifestyle without working is probably going to cost around 70k per year without including shit like mortgages.

So whatever sum lets you spend that. If you wanna be a retard and just have cash then assuming u start at 30 and live till 85, thats 3.85mm.
adjusting for inflation you need a lot more.

If you just brainlessly put it into indexes and stuff like Dow J then if you put 1million into it, that would supposedly net you 7% per year on average over a long time giving you that 70k per year figure.

So lets say 1-3 million, depending on degree of retardedness

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>Are people serious when they say you need like 10 million to retire? You'd never make that money in your life.
Maybe you never would newfag, but many anons here made it off of 2017 and will make it even harder this year and next.

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Linkgentlemen, allow me to recommend Armenia and Georgia. Armenia is a little more rustic, both places are great. Money goes far, relatively stable and well structured capital cities, beautiful women with a sexy mix of russian and middle east features.

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2.5 mil in USA is the magic number.

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Work satisfaction is a bigger meme though. Everyone wears golden handcuffs to some degree.

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Who says retirement means you'll never do anything productive ever again?

Of course you'd not just be laying in your armchair like a senile 90-year old.

Retirement means financial freedom and it's not a fucking meme.

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ask any financial planner, they will explain the 3/6 rule (draw down 3% per year, earn 6% so the net is you break even and keep up with inflation).
this means the "make it" number is about 3-4m (ie. 80-100k per year post tax).

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>purposefully moving to a lower tier country
You’re statistically choosing to be the among the first to die in a world conflict or global disaster. Good on you

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>You’re statistically choosing to be the among the first to die in a world conflict or global disaster. Good on you

>implying you cant just use your wealth to get the fuck out of there.

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