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Boyos, we are fucking making it. 1 USD next stop

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I just read an article that they're going to introduce the ability for the foundation to delete accounts. Is this piece of shit even a cryptocurrency?

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it's more than a cryptocurrency. it's the bridge between the delusioned autonomy fantasies of btc/bsv fanatics and realistic real life structures (institutions, banks, world economy).

that's why it is the Chosen One

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>low effort fud
Do you even know how xrp works? You create accounts through an xrp deposit. Just go away and circle jerk on link and let the adults do the real investing kid.

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look at the XRPBTC pair
its shit

XRP is only going up because BTC is


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> $0.38 May 2017
> $0.30 Feb 2020
We're mooning boys!

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how much should I buy?

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I'm looking at it, and I see a break out of the years long falling wedge and immidiate test of 3kSats resi.
What do you see, fish?

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if it breaks .30 cents will this be the biggest green candle in crypto history?

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>concerned about short term price
You need to go back

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None. It’ll be back down to .23 when the bull run is over.

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bout fucking time men shiet

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the supply is silly, the team is all lames. no sale

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(You) are doing god's work anon

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Xrp is not going to pump for awhile guys

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It is an absolute joke that XRP is even in the top 3. Give me a reason it should be any higher than XLM which is a similar product? XRP should be 1/10 its current value.

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I could say that about almost anything in the markets

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XRP is deeply webbed into institutions and has like the biggest partnerships in crypto.
its the future

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XRP is going to $0.00

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Foundation can delete accounts, jed must be coping right now

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I have like 200 but I'm super poor at the minute and don't get paid till the end of the month. Not sure whether to just eat rice for the next 3 weeks and keep it or withdraw for shopping. Will I regret withdrawing it? Will it go up substantially or just a bit? It's only £45 but I have 0.30p in my bank account atm so I dunno what to do

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You will regret withdrawing.

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dont fucking do it. really. just hodl. we will go much higher but it need patience. 200XRP is only like 60 bucks.

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Don't wanna give high risk advice actually, but you could long your amount with leverage, giving you way higher rewards. You can ofc also lose your position, but you will find ways to get food, Im sure

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Ah okay. Thanks dudes x

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nah, i'm getting tired explaining over and over to brainless retards.

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20k sat ATH
you are never coming back bitch
see ya

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Evening Walter. Sell my ETFs and market buy XRP Ripple, that's it for the day, see you tomorrow.

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XRP is actually being used. Its use case has been displayed and confirmed. More and more companies and national banks are getting on board every week.

It's just a matter of time.

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