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My screen is of my trust wallet.

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FTM 1$ so 50K for you.

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I'm poor so 50k even after tax would be great. Good luck out there fren.

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>Imagine being poor and low IQ

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Rate my poorfolio. Also I have 7 more Litecoin on Coinbase

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Bump because apparently /biz/ is a fast board now

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You too, good pick. I am heavily in RLC and FTM. Was in bnb since 20 cents, link since 15 cents, raiblocks since 10 cents but I always fucked up and sold for like x5/x10 so not rich and lost it all anyway on shitcoins (well not total shitcoins, was AION mostly). 3 fucking years and I am barely in the green, in summer 2019 I reconsolidated everything in RLC/FTM/BTC. This time I wont sell early and the prediciton 1$ for FTM is realistic, not deluded numbers and not that hiqh its like 2bln mcap during bigger bullrun and that is nothing. I know nothing about UBT and RSR cause I never pick coins out of top200. The second page on CMC is the sweetspot here you could catch link,bnb,raiblocks etc..from 3rd page+ cmc usually shitcoins.

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1,020,000 FTM

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Ditch the RSR and FTM for ARPA and ALGO. Then you really biz squad.

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no dont ditch ftm jeesus, literally the only coin with biggest moonsot potential, what a fucking poor advice

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get more fantom. For god sake at minimum sell your fucking rsr at least.

Also strange question, but I work at a bar in ohio and I talked to your friend about crypto a few months ago, he sent you a text telling you to look into fantom and you said ftm and rsr were some of your largest holdings. Is this you, or just a crazy coincidence?

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Jewish scam coins. 1 soul = $1

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Jesus fucking christ this board is retarded.

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What the fuck

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Around 13k vidt

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ONE and BTT were a mistake iv lost 50% from those bloated ico shitcoins

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Just bought in guys, am i gonna mi

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>No Chromia

You will never make it.

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Also give me an estimate on my iq

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The Just portfolio.

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>The Peter Thiel coin is retarded


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>you could have had 1500 linkies
>instead you have these shitcoins
let this be a lesson to the rest of you