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Did anyone ever come forward with a full Link Anon archive? It's a relief we at least have the Harry Aggots collection, but it's far from complete.

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what are you talking about? like AB screenshots or meme archives?

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the youtube channel, Link Anon.

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I have that. Uploaded some of them but I am lazy

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Is that you, Harry anon? Please upload whatever you have, some of my favorites are still missing from the web. Or, if you email them to me I'll upload them.

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holy based

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What's the symbolism of Chainlink chest guys?

The picture behind is Delphi or Demeter

The pillars on the left and right are Boaz and Jachim

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There are still a lot of the more occult symbolic Link Anon videos missing, does anyone have them?

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I really liked this one
and all bizonnacci vids

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Those were the best

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stop talking about me faggots
i sent out a full archive to about 30 anons then took it down after a week

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>check inbox for days after you posted that thread
>now you tell me

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im taking it down again soon

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CU MEATER has a whole archive.

Splendors intolerable was the best one. Made me buy my stack when I saw that. I often wonder who Link Anon was, he reminded me alot of Nobodytm.

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someone upload this somewhere

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What exactly happened there?
Did he get doxxed?
I liked link anons videos
If they threatened him then me and my gang are coming for them
>our faces when

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make a mega account and import it. I'm currently downloading it at 5.7 mb/s
thanks for the link

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