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>leave /biz/ and fuding completely to better myself
>start using reddit to get in touch with normie world and normie mentality
>live in constant darkness with no joy or motivation to do anything, thinking about suicide every single day

fast forward 6 months

>see that your Link bags are on the rise
>decide to look at your Link-folder and make a quick visit to /biz/
>instantly gain my beautiful smile back
>everything seems brighter and I become more positive towards future

I'm not going back to that darkness, I don't want to fit in.

thank you for reading my blog.

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I want to start fitting in because I'm tired of being a fucking ugly sexless virgin loser. I hate my shit fucking life.

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>>start using reddit to get in touch with normie world and normie mentality
why would you do that anon... reddit is like the abyss from made in abyss

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Reddit does not get you in touch with the normie world. Far from it. For normie world, go to instagram. Reddit is for failed normies.

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don't talk about made in the abyss

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Part of being normal is working your ass off every single day and making less than you did sitting on your ass.

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why not?

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I'm uglu sexless virgin loser too. I wanted to change. But I started asking myself, why, why would I want to be something that I'm not? what do I gain from it? I want to just be myself now, I'm/biz/fit/ chad. I dont need approval from women or normies.

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having sex is disgusting and roasties are litteral soulless demons

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>I'm not going back to that darkness, I don't want to fit in.
congratulations you're more of a man than 90% of these boys
imagine tying your self esteem to (((fitting in)))
fitting in to this place means becoming a willing slave

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>>leave /biz/ and fuding completely to better myself
>leave /biz/ and fuding
>to better myself
ain't possible, mayne. the path of the normie is the path of mediocrity

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if you were happy with who you are you wouldn't be saying things like this

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you some kind of armchair psychologist?

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sex isn’t that great, esp not random hookups

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just fit in enough to meet your wife and start a family then you can turn it off again.

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>start using reddit to get in touch with normie world and normie mentality
Redditors are just barely above 4chan on the normie scale but oh boy are they not actual normies themselves.

It's just like "cool" nerds that go to brony raves and star wars conventions it's all skinny s oy face guys with fat girls who are into like wicca.

Like they barely have their autism under control the only difference is that they actually enjoy the company of other people

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Based Bladee poster.

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Low test detected

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>Went to reddit
>Thinks he is still welcome in /biz/
Go back, faggot

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Comfy thread, desu. I looked in the mirror and I'm ugly as fuck, but I'm enjoying the fireworks today and not giving a shit what anyone thinks

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4chan are intj/intp, logic driven introverts, ie autists
reddit are feelings driven introverts, ie faggots
normies are extroverts

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>why would I want to be something that I'm not?
because what you are isn't good enough

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That's because reddit lives in the constant artificial happiness/defiatism stage. 4chan on the other hand is suffering, depression, rage and anger - exactly the things that give a man meaning and purpose.

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literally just listen to all the RSD PUA guys a bunch, they are smart and and their shit works. Life is a game, human beings can be played like games. Get to diamond league irl.

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Buy an onahole. Now I don't need women.

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My favorite women advice guy is Blackdragon. He doesn't call himself as "pua" or anything like that but everything he writes is pure gold.

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Holy shit that’s a rare bladee, exquisite trips fren

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I tried fitting in for years and going to college and being a wage cuck. I can’t relate to Norman’s and sports ball trying to do so made me feel neurotic. I’m now a NEET with over a 6 figure net worth and more happy and successful than any normie wagies I know. I spend my days with my aide hustles, making art, lifting, meditating, reading and watching anime at times. 10x happier than when I was faking it to fit in.

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Reddit is pure fucking cancer.

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>start using reddit to get in touch with normie world and normie mentality
Reddit is not real life, and the internet does not reflect reality. The fact that you thought going to a certain site to get in touch with reality instead of going outside boggles my mind.

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Based and correctpilled.
There's a whole spectrum of retardation out there, folks.

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>4chan are intj/intp, logic driven introverts
Kek more like retards who let psuedoscience and anime imageboards dictate their worldview.

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I did that.

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am I wrong?

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>fat girls who are into like wicca
Fucking kek'd. Funny AF cause it's true.

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Bad news, you can become fit but you not gain social kills instantly; You will feel better about yourself which is nice I guess.

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Fuck off normie

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Get a life, loser.

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U hold Link. Ofc u are a faggot

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lol. there is no "feeling good enough". it will never feel like enough no matter who you are.

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>never feel like enough no matter
Based on what?