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I made a really bad trade right when XRPUSD on Bitmex opened and pretty much longed the top right before it dumped. So now I'm down a good amount of money and on top of that I'm paying insane funding every 8 hours.

Should I close, hodl or just try to scalp and average down my position? I'm in a bad spot.

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BTW, not panicking, and not in any danger of liquidation. I can wait, but I'm a victim of bad timing.

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Do yourself a favor and look at what happens when USD pairs are added to altcoins on Bitmex. I’ll give you a hint, they don’t go up. USD pairs are literally the end of these shitcoins, Arthur is the kingmaker and can destroy any alt he chooses this way. He is giving the market a way to convert shitcoins into Bitcoin with massive naked selling pressure.

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If you don’t get it, people are able to sell loads of shitcoins without ever having to buy them, this creates immense downward pressure on price.

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just hold its very likely to come back up

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or not

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>or not

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Gambling addicts always think they are the victim of circumstances. It is never their fault, because they are always in control. They only lose because (x) did (y) which was unexpected because (z).

Don't worry OP you will be fine. You know what you are doing.

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Pretty much did the same op. But I didn't really put a huge amount, it was just some leftover funds I had on binance that I threw in a random shitcoin. Won't hurt if you wait fren

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at least OP can actually make transactions and isn't completely paralyzed because his metamask queue is jammed up with a single pending transaction of $0.00 that never ends GOD DAMN IT

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you sir a a true inspiration for birth control

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I would trust your instincts with this one, bad timing sure, depending on how deep your are try and ride it out. I was expecting some bigger gains from XRP sooner tho it does tend to move slower than others.

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