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I sat in my cubicle for 10 hours and did literally nothing today. Was so bored that I read the 27 page FOMC meeting minutes for January.

How do I short my company if it's not publicly traded?

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>How do I short my company if it's not publicly traded?
invest in the competition that is publicly traded
then sabotage your workplace much as you can and slow the business down.

>spread gossip and rumors to the customers
>slow down work as much as you can
>sabotage computers (viruses, ddos, frying PC via USB)
>sabotage coworkers

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steal office supplies

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You could have spent that time reading philosophy or psychology

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WTF do you do!? I WISH! Im working my ass off in payroll accounting.

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Sorry, I don't enjoy reading fiction.

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>How do I short my company if it's not publicly traded?

Get 1 million dollars or 200k/year income, then you can get permission from the government to buy private company stock.

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>he thinks he’s smarter than plato, Pythagoras, Nietzsche or Carl Jung
enjoy your cubicle tomorrow wagie.

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Civil design consultant. Hydrology/hydraulics, project cost/benefit analysis, municipal/country capital reinvestment projects, land development, etc. I feel like I'm the only person in my office that does nothing. And then suddenly someone walks up to my desk and wants me to do something by COB when I spent 50% of my week with my thumb up my ass. Fuck if companies like this one can stay afloat for 50+ years, I'm just going to start my own one day and put this trash out of business.
They offer some kind of employee equity options ownership scheme based on annual profits, but it's not transparent at all like publicly traded companies, and I can't sell my puts on the secondary market.

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Steal as much as you can without getting caught

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I don't need to steal someone else's ideas to form my own agency and improve my life. People like you may need to but not me. I was literally scrolling through my phone all day on /biz/ and /pol/ and checking my investments while making $70 an hour. This is just a means to an end

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It's not about agency, it about understanding the universe on a higher level

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>he spent all day browsing 4chan instead of reading the works of some of the greatest minds to ever walk the planet
>could have been playing chess against the computer
>learning a different language
>any multitude of avenues of expanding your consciousness and you spent the whole day on 4chan checking your “investments”
Lmao I have more than you’re yearly salary invested in crypto and that’s not even half my net worth. Maybe that’s the reason you’re sitting in a cubicle staring at your Phone. If you’re so smart why is my net worth more than yours and I’m a NEET?

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We also deal with bond issues - on the order of magnitude of $10M to $100M. Maybe some kind of insider deal with a financial person doing bond swap meme bullshit?

I swear, you faggot are no better than /jp/ and /a/ shitheads. Living in your own self-induced ludic fallacy thinking your better than everyone and shunning reality because you have some sort of transcendental interpretation of a circle.

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Unbelievably based

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I got in on the ground level friend. I was there on the /g/ threads in 2011. I cracked blocks with a gaming GPU when BTC was trading under $100. I'm giving myself a purpose because it's inherent in human nature to exist with purpose.
You think NEET is some kind of paragon of existence, try it for a few more years. Purposeless existence will drive you insane, I can already see it from your deeply seeded sardonic and self-righteous replies. Know that you'll slowly be developing schizophrenic tendencies until you're nothing but a babbling madman that can't even talk to the person at the cash register.

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>purposeless existence
>sits in a cubicle staring at 4chan all day
Do you even hear yourself wagie? I know my purpose, I was hoping to spark your curiosity and maybe you would pick up the books and see that there’s more out there than your tiny small minded view. Guess it’s my old fag tendencies to troll and I was a little too sarcastic. Tomorrow you will wake up to a wage alarm, take a wage shit, have a wage shave, scarf down a wage meal, get in your wage mobile and sit in bumper to bumper traffic with all the other wagies to go earn a shit wage for some Jews. I’ll get up, meditate, make a tasty breakfast, draw for a few hours, go to the gym, do some reading, make some more tasty food and draw for a bit and settle the night with some anime and more meditation. I don’t think a routine like that could ever get old. Sorry again sometimes I can’t help but troll.

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I had a similar boring job. People could see my screen from the hall so I couldn't browse 4channel. I would just read the company terms of service all day.

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beating your meat doesn't qualify as meditation, being alone with your fucked up ego doesn't make you a monk

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You sound bitter and angry and also extremely ignorant

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what is your education background? how old are you?

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Based Diogenes and Nietzsche, they were the first true neets

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>being alone with your fucked up ego
This is all I have. How do I become a monk? Radical empathy?

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I was going to reply to this thread but I have to take a huge shit, brb

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Absolutely based

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Diogenes was the very first NEETChad

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Yea, he cared about no ones opinion, He truly was a chad. He would fit in perfectly here, But he would probably claim technology is too materialistic and wouldn't care to argue with autists.