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What's for breakfast /biz/? And while we're at it, what sort of extravagant banquet do you plan to partake in once you make it?

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A series of prime teen pussy

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*squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak*

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But that's illegal you fucking pedo

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>tfw aoc is philippines is 12

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Breakfast of fresh produced I grew myself no chemical laced big agra shit

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Domino's pizza for breakfast!
Domino's pizza whenever I want!!!
I can't do that as a poorfag wagie.

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