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Which stocks would you invest in if you had 6-7 figures after making it in crypto?

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unironcially buy a 2x or 3x leverage index fund after the next "pull back"

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>buying Faag stocks

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Silicon valley tech is a bubble that will dump hard during the incoming market crash. Buy the bottom of the crash, divy and spy.

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this. the chart just shows inorganic growth YoY. unsustainable, especially with revenues stalling.

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You wanna take your made it money and let it ride in the stock market? Are you fucking retarded?

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TSLA at next dump

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>being this big of a brainlet

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None. I would invest $5 million in real estate for risk-free passive rental income for the rest of my life.

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can you show data that supports this claim. real estate today is maxed out. taxes are at the highest theyve ever been. its illiquid. maintenance fee's. etc, etc. index funds have done 12% YoY with absolutely no fucking hassle.

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Weed stocks
3D printing stocks

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Not going to be a popular answer but, at this stage of the market cycle, I'd say something like VTV. Index funds are boring but they're basically guaranteed 8-9% YoY returns.

I was really high on Microsoft a couple of years ago but at this stage its stock has gotten pumped hard and I'd be too scared to recommend it.

I still think they're the hidden gem of the big tech stocks at this point (if there are any). A VERY diversified, robust, and mature company that happened to find a great CEO who wants to modernize the company. They've been on a big comeback from the Ballmer years.

If you really want to ride the lightning, pour your money into something like SSO. 2x leveraged fund that tracks the SP500. Should do big things over the next 10 years even if we hit a big pullback or two. A recession however could wipe out your funds momentarily.

I've decided I don't want to be the fag that invested lots of money into a leveraged fund for years of his life then watched it disappear in a crash so I'm mostly in boring stuff. SPY and VTV.

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Amazon they have a lot going on for them without much legal headaches.

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The average cap rate for residential real estate has always been around 5% and always will be. That means that with a $5 million investment, you would make a constant $250k/year that would rise with the rate of inflation.

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probably apple

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5m at 6% at the minimum in index funds beats 250k.

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This. I have my eyes on GGG (3d Graphene labs) developing a variety of alternative 3d printing materials including ones that have magnetic & conductive properties

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real estate WONT* see the same growth the next decade. i guarantee it.

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Any in particular? I only have 2.8k link and even if link reaches $1k, unless it has like 5-10% returns i figure I'm better off just buying a house, some rentals and investing the rest in some safe funds for comfy payout. I'm just completely unsure where to put my funds when i make a decent sum off crypto

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That's not guaranteed. When a recession happens you will lose money, but there will always be people renting, no matter how bad the economy gets. That's why it's a risk-free investment.

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It's not about the price of the actual asset, smoothbrain. It's about being able to extract money equal to 5% of its value infinitely every single year. The price of your property could never grow past the rate of inflation ever again and you will still be guaranteed a 6 figure income for the rest of your life.

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Just snapping up a bunch of properties to let them appreciate isn't an advisable strategy. A lot of areas get hit by sudden depreciation and houses have big upkeep and maintenance costs.

If you're talking about buying a bunch of actively rented properties that is another story. But then the biggest appeal of real estate is leverage, the OP would buy a ton of houses with 20-30% down, take advantage of the 3.75% interest rates on mortgages (absurd), and then see massive amounts of cash flow. But this would be a big enterprise and tough to get started without experience.

NOTHING beats the stock market for purely passive income. The market as a whole has experienced 7.5% YoY growth over the past 100 years on average, including the big crashes.

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>Oops looks like I bought the s&p 500 in 1965. Just 30 more years before I break even!

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> real estate
> risk free
Kek. Pro tip: if something yields a significantly higher return than the risk free rate then it's probably not "risk free".

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>log graph
>Durr hurr if you dump literally ALL of your money in at the WORST possible time it takes longer to recoup my investment

Educate yourself dumbfag


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But you can control 10-25M of property with 5M, so your actual return would be much higher. Also no taxes.

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the stock market is the best current measure of the economy. if the stock market tanks you best know the RE market is tanking just as hard. why? because real estate requires liquidity, if the stock market tanks its taking liquidity with it as well.

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In most countries you have to pay property taxes and taxes on rental incomes. How is that "no taxes"?
Also, you're just using high leverage. Yes, your expected return will be much higher, but so will your risk. You can buy a leveraged stock ETF or get a loan to invest in stocks too. You can easily own 10MM worth of stocks with 5MM.

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Idk if he's retarded but I'm pretty sure you are.

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If I had 5 million I'd buy 3 $400k homes in cash and rent them out to middle class families. The rest of the money would be a mix of stocks, CDs, gold, and crptyo.

Fuck bonds.

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Google and Facebook are overinflated trash.
Apple is on its way out.
I would only buy Amazon.

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Honestly, MSFT. But if I had to choose one by force, Amazon.

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I’m ignoring the phrasing of your question because I don’t understand why one would invest in stocks when they can invest in crypto, but if I were to invest in stocks I’d invest in stocks who have a hand in futuristic technologies such as crypto & AI. Microsoft, google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM. Also anyone developing necessary computer components for those technologies to work. AMD, NVDA, Intel, MU. That’s about it. Bet on the future.

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Next dump start putting it into 3x leveraged ETFs. Not all at once, but enough where if the dip lasts three months you'll have a significant position. Once it looks like its reversing take the rest and go all in on a long call tight vertical spread around previous peak. Once its hit cash out completely. Then wait for the market to go up or down. Which ever direction it goes in go all in on long dated OTM options. Once you're up into 7 figures cash out and completely and go 60/40 stocks bonds and live off a 4% withdraw rate.

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The only stocks I’m buying now are energy sector. Healthy dividend and they’ve been hammered hard while the tech sector is hitting peak euphoria. I’ll probably move my crypto make it stack into an S&P500 index because why risk it when I could live indefinitely off the 8-10% annualized return? I’ll never sell all my crypto, max move 50% of my portfolio to stocks.

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>link reaches 1k
Put down the crack pipe and get some fresh air

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Technology is literally the future and the upside is enourmous; we haven't even explored a percentage of the possibilities. How can people on 4chan be so fucking retarded?

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>gambling with your money after you've made it

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>incoming market crash
it will never crash thancs to repo

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