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I live in a major metro area and have a good job, but the cost of living and personal expenses pretty much limits me to saving $500 a month tops. At that rate I'll be able to put a down payment on a house, assuming no price hikes in like 20-years.

My main issue is affordability of homes. In order for me to have any chance of having my own place it's going to take a decent 30% drop in home prices, or more. Is there any hope for me?

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Gee I hope so. A one room apartment costs 150k in my city.
I don’t want to pay that much. It’s retarded

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a studio goes for around $200k within a 40-mile radius of where I live. I can't even commute half the day and still afford to buy a place.

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move out of the fucking city

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QT 2/3 has to happen first before home prices fall. But at that point, interest rates would spike, stocks would fall and everyone would be broke anyway, so you wouldn't be able to afford the house when it drops down to $100k (the best time to buy, when there are no buyers left).

If you believe in QE-Forever, well then, I have bad news for you bud.

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I live in a cheaper suburb. And even the more rural areas that are 40-50 miles out are barely more affordable than the ghetto parts. It baffles me that people making under 40k even exist in my area.

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Idk mate I just bought a 450k house putting 10% down. In my area anything under 500k is considered cheap and will get multiple competing offers. I got outbid on several other houses. I’m in the DC metro area this place is expensive AF. You just gotta live as frugally as possible. Home ownership is definitely worth it as the tax system is rigged to help owners and screw renters. Tax deductions are saving me $300 a month which brings my monthly housing cost down to what I was paying to rent a 1bd apartment with similar amenities.

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Move out of city, find a wife, or get paid more. Really your only 3 options. If you have good credit though you can get away with a 3% down payment. Yeah you’ll be paying more interest and higher monthly payment, but you’ll have your mortgage rate and payment locked in. I wouldn’t count on prices going down anytime soon. Real estate prices remained the same or went up in 4 of the last 5 recessions.

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I don't but I feel like everything about the housing market and where the prices are defy all logic and sense. The median cost of housing is easily twice what the median household income is, and that's pretty much across the board. Also, people carry the most debt they ever have, while also having to deal with costs on everything rising. You essentially have to resign to being underwater in debt or rich if you even want an average home.

Maybe that's my problem; I literally only carry 10k in debt for an auto loan. I have no credit card debt, no more student loan debt, or any other debt of any kind and that's how I like it. Sure, I'd take on a mortgage, but not if it means worrying about my car breaking down or me getting a hospital bill to bring it all crashing down.

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how much do you make annually though? Also, do you have a joint income?

With my income I could get qualified for a 400k mortgage, but my ability to afford one is a whole other story.

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2008 called and they'd like to have a word.

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Single and I make around 180k

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Job is in the city though.

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You literally make more than double what I do. If I was making even 120k a year I'd jump into a 400k mortgage since it will allow me the ability to pay my bills and have enough left over for emergencies, saving, investing or whatever. And for the record I'm at 70k a year.

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If I worked away from the city my wages would go down easily 10%, while the cost of living would do down even less, making it even harder for me to afford my own place.

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Leetcode and get into FAANG

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If you aren't making $200k+ then you aren't really taking advantage of city salaries. The way to do is make 2-400k/year in the city for 5-10 years then retire in a rural area. If you're not putting away 6 figures every year in savings in the city, you're doing it wrong.

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My advice is to avoid taking on debt single-handedly if you can. Bonus points if you live in a family where everyone has 100% trust in one another. What are the chances that the markets will crash in 30 years? Or what is the chance that you'll lose your job in 30 years? The only way to survive in this housing market is to buy as a collective, instead of as individual buyers, and to finish off debts as quickly as possible so you gain back 1/3rd of your income, wherever that may come from. Otherwise, it makes more sense to rent or to live with your parents if you're okay with this.

After QT1 failed and we entered repo, home prices were at a dip, but there is no knowing when repo will stop. It really is out of our control.

Also calculate the "Rent-Value" ratio, or RV-ratio before you buy in a specific area. Buying a home is a commitment of staying in the area long term.

Keep in mind, that in a period of 30 years, a wealthy neighborhood can turn into a slum in a span of 5 years. Gentrification is the biggest risk to a local housing market. Discrimination laws make it even worse for home owners, unless you can price all the undesirables out of the market.

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Yeah this. I don’t want to waste my youth renting in a cuckbox with roommates for 10 years tho. The main people who live this lifestyle without wanting to off themselves are Chads who can take advantage of the city bar/tinder scene to get laid easily. That’s the draw of the city. If you don’t have the looks to slay then the only way is to impress chicks is with money/success, which you can’t do cheaply so you will have the choice of live on your own in a luxury apartment and pay 5k rent and save nothing, or rent a place living with tons of weirdos as roommates and being a virgin for 10yrs until you can finally buy your house in the countryside.

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Thoughts on equity sharing?

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Why do you guys insist on living in metropolitan areas? It's crowded, everything is overpriced, it's full of brown people, fags and other globo homo spawns, you have to commute for hours and all of that for what? To buy more shitty videogames, electronics and eat chinese food?

I don't say you have to go full Varg but there are thousands of small city with a 50k-100k pop where you will be comfy.

I lived in the Paris era for 5 years, shittiest years of my life, in retrospective I lived like a rat. Moved to Bretagne, I sail during the weekend, run with the dog in beautiful forests every morning, swim in the ocean during summer, my neighbors are old people never making a noise. I'm almost more outside than when I was a kid.

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Sharing anything is cuckoldry

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Yeah money grows on trees in small cities doesn’t it?
Sorry but I have no plans on being an unfulfilled neet even if I had the money to chill out unemployed in a bumfuck city

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medium sized town master race

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What is so hard about moving to a mid-major midwestern or southern city, working in town, and commuting from a suburb like 15 minutes away? These places are prohibitively expensive because they're totally full

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I wanna do research with scientists that could even be nominated for a Nobel prize. You don’t get that unless your city has a size of a million people at least.

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I own a business with 3 employees in IT and launched a summer hustle two years ago which made its first profit this year

You already have a slave mindset lol, stay in your mouse utopia uppity nigger, you will always be miserable

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So you've arbitrarily limited your housing/living prospects off of this basis. That's on you lol. The rest of us see cost of living as a major factor in choosing to live in X location, and that's how a market rebalances itself. Areas like NYC, LA, or SF are just full retard at this point.

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>I own a business with 3 employees in IT and launched a summer hustle two years ago which made its first profit this year
Ok. I’m sure you’ll make more money in a 100k city than a 1 million city or 10 million city. I’m sure the guys with startups in Silicon Valley are retards.

>You already have a slave mindset lol, stay in your mouse utopia uppity nigger, you will always be miserable
Yes I’m probably always going to be running. I can’t stand living outside the city where nothing happens

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Yeah you’re shilling to move to a worse location where nothing ever happens and old people go to die, where none of the research happens, where none of the customers live.
It might work for a code monkey business because that’s remote

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wow, imagine being able to afford such cheap flats. here your looking at 300-600k for 550 > sqft 1bdr apt.

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There are at least 100 cities above 200,000 people in the United States and tons of them have a great balance of work/activity. You're just a myopic retard. These places represent a market opportunity. Someday there will be other mega-cities that arise from this pool and the early founders are going to be the ones who get mega-rich like the kikes in NYC.

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I live in a big city.
In one of the poorest fucking states in the nation.
Instead of making 90k straight out of school in expensive houston, I live here making 70k and living like a king.
Kids these days just want it all.

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OP the trick is: make city money in the suburbs.

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You still end up coming out ahead in expensive areas. “Saving money” by minimizing cost of living is a losing strategy because you are ultimately limited in wealth building by your lower salary. It’s better to focus on making more money, since there is no upper limit. You make 70k, that’s like 4k a month after taxes. Let’s say you live cheaply and get by on 1k a month, that leaves you with 3k to invest. If you lived in Silicon Valley making (by their standards) a paltry 200k a year, you will be making 11k a month after tax. Your living expenses might go up by 3x so a bare minimum lifestyle costs 3k a month there instead of 1k. This leaves you 8k a month to invest. You will get rich much faster in HCOL areas in this case. If you find a wife here who also make 6 figures, or if you get a raise, the difference is even larger.

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It’s not that easy to get in, is it?

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>Nobel prize
>whine on /biz/ about being poor

>Ok. I’m sure you’ll make more money in a 100k city than a 1 million city or 10 million city.
I worked at Lazard, met more upper class "rich" people that you will ever do in your lifetime. They were all miserable and stressed pasty bugmen.

>I’m sure the guys with startups in Silicon Valley are retards.
Lmao it's a fucking mirage.
The Silicon Valley is a shithole where a handful of big companies and VCs exploit the creativity and energy of naive young people up to the point they're burnt out. Don't believe me? Look at their turnover rate, their burnout rate or their failure rate.
There is a reason the media shills you Musk, Jobs or Zuckerberg all day everyday.

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lol what?

In what cities? San Fran and Manhattan? Senior tech positions in most cities don't even come close to 200k. I work for a fairly large company and our CIO and doesn't even make that much. Please point me to the countless teaching positions, retail jobs, and janitorial positions taking advantage of that sweet six figure income. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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Not convinced sorry boomer

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crystallized cope

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I live in a 300k city in the midwest and my boss (middle management) makes around 220k per year

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That would be 500k or more in a big city

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Oh no doubt.
Personally I don’t like big cities for other reasons, but there’s no question that overall earnings (even including CoL) are a lot higher in larger metro areas.

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Think about it again while you enjoy the fumes of diversity and avoid to make eye contact with the AIDS ridden hobos tomorrow morning bugmen

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I pay 700 a month in rent in my city, why would I ever buy?

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Any city with any sort of relevant tech hub like

>Atlanta, Raleigh, Dallas, Austin
>NYC, Philly, DC, Boston
>Seattle, SF, LA
>Chicago, Denver, SLC

You can make 200k pretty easily with 5 years experience and selling yourself. Most of my competent college friends (Raleigh) make that much. If you live in empty rural area where the primary business is resource extraction then you won't make anything.

>teaching and other easy jobs don't make much
Yeah, those jobs are so simple, the salary reflects that

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good goy

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You say it like it matters to me.
That’s the least of my concerns.
I stay because it’s a hub for what I want to do.

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lmao I can make way higher return on my capital than putting it in bonds or real estate

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Your landlord thanks you for paying his mortgage.

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This guy gets it. My boss is a svp and looks miserable. Its all a sham - even the atlantic admits this “meritocracy” is awful for elite urban bugmen.

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Move, I easily save more than half of my $3,000/month take home pay. What's the point of working if you're just spinning your wheels in some shithole.

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and I thank him for settling for lower returns so I can make higher returns and also for cleaning my toilet when I leave

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>I don't mind living like a cockroach in a shoebox
I understood that by now, don't worry

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I actually live with my parents and wanted my own place but ok.

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the jews have enslaved you. what do you think is happening? you're working and can't afford living expenses because there are so many jews filling your head with BBC cuck dreams and you aren't being responsible and fighting the jews.

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If you want affordable property you're going to have to lobster the jews back to israel and start demanding that businesses pay people more. The federal reserve is fucking everything up.

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Putting immigration to zero helps too

Maybe if we put a ban on foreign residential real estate purchases and throw up an unoccupied dwellings tax in cities as well (nz and canada do this)

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You could try job hopping. Real inflation is about 10% these days (chapwood index), so you need to be increasing your income by over 10% a year and saving 10% more every year in order to keep up with inflation, let alone housing prices which will likely be driven up even more by looser lending regulations over the next decade. The fed is rumored to want to reduce reserve requirements to 5% to pump the economy enough in the short term to get their president reelected, which will probably send housing prices up another 100% beyond inflation in the next decade.

Buy if you realize you will never be able to afford your own living quarters, then put it into stocks, bitcoin or gold because the last thing you want to do is be holding cash in the next decade.

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>and I thank him for settling for lower returns so I can make higher returns

You're paying for property he will or already owns. You can try to cope all you want, but he's the one winning here kiddo.

A house isn't an investment, it's a place to keep your stuff and keep you sheltered.

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Why not cash to buy the bottom?

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Thing is he probably is leveraged 10:1 with near free loans from a government owned, money loosing mortgage company. So even if you make 30% a year on stocks, he only had to get a 3% return to beat you out.

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It's understandable that you don't understand financial markets. Keeping buying your golds, guns, and GE, boombox

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Good thing I don't care about women. I want to save as much money as I can

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There will be no bottom in dollars. GDP growth was 2% last year, while real inflation was 10% (chapwood index). So we are currently in a major recession (almost 8% decline YoY) but its not reflected in asset prices due to historic, mass devaluation of the dollar combined with loosening lending regulations.

If you're waiting for the bottom, better be holding things with real scarcity like gold or bitcoin, or yes, real estate (where it is actually scarce).

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Big american costal cities are trash, soul sucking places stretching forever with nightmarish commutes and neurotic people.
Only place in Europe as bad are the Paris region and London.

I heard good things from a college friend in Texas however, good business opportunities and still relatively breathable.

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Toronto leaf here

Houses are all 1mil plus. Condos downtown 800k. Small town houses away are 500-600k. Salaries less than 60k there

Condos 40 min away 500k 1 bdr

Waiting to get enough courage to kms so I can stop wagecucking for no reason.

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For my area it's 5-6% ROI for rent plus whatever speculative capital gains or losses you incur in the 30 years during this expensive environment

>> No.17157858

and the ROI starts at around 1-2% and goes up to 12% after 30 years

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Any condos for 200k?

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Probably as soon as Jews are eradicated.

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Only if we start mass deporting foreign invaders.
Housing prices is a function of supply and demand. Importing tens of millions of foreigners will destroy every aspect of the life of the natives.

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Not within reasonable commute

>> No.17157929

What’s reasonable to you?
What about 1 hour 15 mins or so?

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oh look more cope

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Not available, condos at that distance are 400-500k starting. Currently 1 hour away, there’s no condos less than 300k and at that price you get old rusty broken shit

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I know math and computation is hard, sucks being born with shit genetics

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Houses don't cost more per se, it's just the $,€,£ are.worth less every year.

>> No.17158051

Jesus you lack some self awareness
If you had something even close to the ability to conduct Nobel-prize level research on any subject you probably wouldn't spend you time on a fucking Tanzanian chastity cage loving website

>> No.17158082

I’m not talking about doing that myself.
My advisor is on such a team that’s doing that.
I’m just trying to get as close to the glory as possible and you retards are telling me to go live with boomers where nothing ever happens. We have different priorities

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I'm not the one who thinks I'm gaming the system because I'm dumping $700/mo into some else's property.

Just go live out of van instead, so you can at least sell it and get some of your money back. Ask a third grader to help you out with the math there, Warren Jr.

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>TFW NEET and my rent is only 650 a month in one of the nicest parts of town
You need to move out of the cuck cities, I’ll buy a house wfter cashing out a few mill this bullrun. Until then I’m comfy in my apartment NEETing it up and not worrying about yard work, insurance, property taxes, and other housing bullshit.

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Subsidized housing. Also poor people live like 10 deep to a 3/2

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I live in Leafistan so if you are under 35 there is no way you will ever afford a house by selling your labor. Recent stats report that in Vancouver over 90% of young people who buy houses get help from their parents. If you aren't from a wealthy family it's fucking over for you. Thankfully I have American citizenship so I am leaving this third world country soon.

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leetcode makes me remember I have low IQ.
I've been writing software for 5 years, only making ~85k/year in canada, and I always fail interviews early on with those big companies that have starting salaries at $150k+

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do you realize when you mortgage you're dumping a multiple of that into the (((bank's))) income statement every month?

>> No.17158390


But as a renter you're still paying a mortgage to the banks, its just your landlord's mortgage. Your paying your landlord's taxes too, which are often times higher than owner occupied taxes.

>> No.17158452

yes, so in the short term there is no difference from your moralistic perspective

in the long term, it's just a ROC which is significantly lower than other markets right now

>> No.17158553


Yeah, "no difference" there except you're paying more for less. If you are arguing that the return on your down payment is less than you would get from stocks, remember that its typically a 5x leveraged investment assuming you put 20% down. So you only need to make 1/5th of the appreciating you would in the stock market to break even. That's not even taking into account equity you build, or profit you get from not having to pay your landlord's profit margin, the property manager's profit margin, etc.

When you buy you are essentially taking a 30 year bet against the dollar, which is near a guaranteed win. The government will destroy its currency before it lets housing prices decline.

>> No.17159291

that actually sounds like a good idea. we need to keep foreign corporations from owning land meant for natural citizens.

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Student loans crippling this generation. I feel like every 20 to 30 year old is stuck either living with their parents or wasting money renting shitty appartments with other people. They have 40+ k in student loans and they continue to work jobs that pay 13 dollars an hour, and amazon as the biggest employer. I'm glad I'm not in this boat, I so have 130k in loans but my degree was useful and make 95k a year. But so many of my friends and people on Facebook are just stuck. Is China gonna keep buying all the houses and turn this generation into non stop renters?

>> No.17159370

is this a projection of Mormons vs. Amish into the next 100 years? Are they going to take over? There is no way Amish are going to take over Detroit because they don't car.

>> No.17159464

Yup. They are the only white population thatd not dwindling. No PC culture not SJW bullshit. Better than Mexicans or blacks

>> No.17159515

>Student loans crippling this generation

You're spot on. I don't think the older generation realizes what a huge fucking problem this will be; that or they straight up don't care. They will mostly be dead by the time shit really hits the fan.

I think about people my age, late 20's. Lots of us won't be buying houses/cars/etc. for at least the next decade. Economy is going to cool off BIG time in the next decade; we won't be buying shit.

>> No.17159617

I don't think they do either. I see mostly my old school mates that did not go to college have families and houses and all the ones that did go to college are way worse off, and more people are being pushed into college like that is their only choice.

>> No.17159847

I think gen Z has a higher percentage of college attendance and loans than even millenials. They are jew'd even harder than any generation besides boomers IMO.

>> No.17160180


Where do you think your student debt payments go? They don't get shredded they go into someone else's income to be spent. You are just on the losing end of that income. You were dealt the commoner / peasant hand.

>> No.17160358

I sure hope. I live in the outskirt of a small German City and a not complete fungus infected rat hole that is next to some terrorists can be 600€(warm/with utilities) for about 50 square meters. Very sad. 10 years ago I could get the same for 300€ to 400€. A roomy 100qm place is always close to 1k€ or above. Houses really depends, but often they start at about 150 to 200k, even for fuck ugly shitty baby boomer huts. Building a house from scratch is often barely more expensive but sadly the new lots are all way to small and the councils enforce certain "aesthetics" etc.
It may get better when all the boomers are cold and foreign investment comes to a halt.

>> No.17160523

My GF was telling me her boss regrets not buying in Harlem 20+ years ago because the property value has gone from 250k to 2.4 MM. My generation doesn't stand a MF'ing chance at these opportunities.

>> No.17160615

How do you make a pic do that?

>> No.17160776

I have a zoomer friend who makes 25$/hr being an apprentice fixing/installing elevators and will make 90/hr by 24. Only went to school for a semester. Me, i dropped out of pharmacy school and have 50k of debt and only get paid 45k/yr at age 28. I have 10k$ on chainlink, i honestly dont see any other out besides crypto or getting involved in building a hemp/cannabis business (im an analytical chemist at a marijuana lab)

>> No.17160838

Most loans are federal. They have an interest of what 4 to 5 percent, that interest pays for just the people that work to process that shit. Then half are on a income based payment plan so they pay 50 dollars a month back to the government and that's it when they're monthly minimum is 250. They'll never pay it off, so after 20 years of those little payments, its dropped and the government just writes it off.

>> No.17160874

Yup many such cases, very sad. Why'd you drop pharmacy school? Medical programs are ones that in would actually go to school for.

>> No.17160950

The only reason it's possible that housing is as expensive as it is -- is due to central banks dumping money into markets to keep them afloat via Repo and QE. How is it possible that in less than 10 years the U.S. will have not only a population stagnation, but DECREASE for the first time in history. Yet younger generations only want to live in urban coffins. Houses being built beyond 2007 levels, but who will live in them?!

The level of implosion that's coming is beyond comprehension. The great collapse of the 2020's will be the largest ever, far beyond that of the great depression.

Only this time I believe it will become a deflationary event. Which will make commodities, Gold/Silver and Cryptocurrencies incredibly desirable. Think of all that hyper-inflated currency floating into those asset trances. You're talking gold/silver at 10's of times current rates, or cryptocurrency market caps in the 10+ trillions. People say Bitcoin can't go to a million dollars a coin, but why? Why does it matter what the hell price BTC is if it's being bough with a currency that has no actual base value. Just as in Monopoly, if you have enough time and paper, the prices of the property can go to infinitely large amounts. Just like what's happening today in the real world. Think I'm lying? Pull up any stock of any major U.S. corporation. For fuck sakes, Boeing can't even keep planes in the air and somehow their evaluation is a multiple of last year.

>> No.17161051

>Will housing ever become affordable again?

>> No.17161458

Work 12hours for 6days, save up atleast 2k~ per month save at an compound of 8% a year and when you have enough buy a house in an unknown town saving bunch of cash

>> No.17161487

Probably not in our lifetime. The city i work in is cheap but if I bought there I would have very few other opportunities. REEEEEEEEE

>> No.17161622


There are tons of opportunities like that. That 2.4m house could be 24m in a generation. Of course, different areas will have different gains. Back then 250k for a house probably felt expensive.

>> No.17161936

Don't live in a major city
Simple as

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Been to Paris and Brittany, super sad how bad France has been invaded. I hope your people save themselves.

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>I lived in the Paris era for 5 years, shittiest years of my life, in retrospective I lived like a rat. Moved to Bretagne, I sail during the weekend, run with the dog in beautiful forests every morning, swim in the ocean during summer, my neighbors are old people never making a noise. I'm almost more outside than when I was a kid.

Agreed on all points. I'm American and I lived in Paris and Normandy.

1) Paris is exceptionally beautiful but it would never be worth the money to live there permanently. The "every day life" would be insanely expensive and depressing. I lived with the mayor of Neuilly-sur-seine at the time and even he lived in a smaller apartment.
2) Normandy had beautiful scenery and felt authentically French. One euro went so much further there as well. Could easily take the train down to Paris for a day-trip or a weekend, no problem.

Living in a big city is almost never worth it. I understand how it's nice and convenient to be close to your job, but the bullshit of having to deal with tourists, foreigners, expenses, etc. straight up will ruin your life.

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>Real estate prices remained the same or went up in 4 of the last 5 recessions.

>> No.17162553

>>jUsT moVe OuT oF tHe CiTy AnD SpEnD 2 hOuRs cOmMuTiNg Or MaKe 20k wOrKiNg On A FaRm

>> No.17162570
File: 989 KB, 3244x2160, Passenger_Drone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think that the way the problem will be solved is by craft like these

this way people could live hundreds of kilometres from the city centre and still commute to work every day in a reasonable amount of time

>> No.17162651

Yeah then when we're old we can all reminisce about back when we could hear nothing but leaves rustling in the wind on a cool summer night. Or about how we could look up and actually see the stars accompanied by only the occasional faint beacon of an airplane at 30k feet.

Great fucking solution since it's not like trains exist or anything.

>> No.17162784

evidently people would rather pay more to live in car distance than pay less to live in train distance, since that's what's happening

also these things could move a lot faster than a conventional train, and they move "as the crow flies" and they don't require a massive infrastructure investment

>> No.17162873

Canada is not a real country

>> No.17162896

it's a g7 country, literally top 10 in relevance worldwide

>> No.17163021

We enjoyed about 40 years as a rich nation with a prosperous white middle-class but that's changing fast, we're quickly becoming the poorest G7 nation as we deplete our natural resources and as all of our wealth gets tied up in real estate. Our cities probably have the most overvalued real estate in the entire world at this point. Our stock market is stagnant and we have the weakest currency in the western world to boot. It will only get worse as we import hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. It's not a real country, it's a post-national meme nation with no future.

>> No.17163038

meant for >>17162896

>> No.17163050
File: 61 KB, 640x453, 8mu6w25q33841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no. take the van pill. it's the only way to get out of your parents basement.

>> No.17163065

>weakest currency in the western world

it's better than AUD

>It will only get worse as we import hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year

Why? it's not like you guys don't have the space for it? A new construction and infrastructure boom for new cities could revitalise your whole country?

>> No.17163096


>saving money

Lol pick one.

>> No.17163108

oh goody and a bunch of idiots will constantly be crashing into things and destroying things they cant afford to pay to fix. while awesome we'll have traffic in the sky its gonna be a shit show cuz most people dont deserve to drive a car let alone fly around in a gyrocopter thing

>> No.17163122

it's automated, flown by software, it has no controls inside

>> No.17163143

We have no plans for new cities despite the fact that we're importing more immigrants proportional to our population size than any other western nation. If you add up the size of our metro areas where almost everyone lives we're actually smaller than most EU countries, yet we're importing far more immigrants than they do.

>> No.17163145
File: 90 KB, 960x640, hover ferrari by stefano marchetti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In Tokyo you'd have to live very far away to be outside of train distance. California would benefit greatly from a similar train system but the state seems unable to build one.

Ever since I saw the Moller Skycar in a magazine I used to want personal VTOL aircraft to become common place. Now I just look at the numbers involved and and become disgusted at the thought of literally millions of drones swarming the sky overhead during rush hour. Oh, but not just rush hour; someone will be overhead looking down at least occasionally 24/7 unless you live way out in the boonies. These vehicles won't even be fun to fly since, like the ehang you posted, they will likely all be autopilot only. And what's the point of it all anyways? So the majority of jobs can remain condensed in the overcrowded cities while the rural areas continue to shrivel up and die? Why do all the actual high-paying tech jobs even need to be centrally located?

The good news is (for a very hefty price no doubt) you could probably buy a manual license and fly something a bit more fun. Hopefully it's worth it.

>> No.17163166

>If you add up the size of our metro areas where almost everyone lives we're actually smaller than most EU countries

but that's a simple matter of government policy? with the right carrots and sticks it could easily be achieved

>> No.17163205

>In Tokyo you'd have to live very far away to be outside of train distance

and yet tokyo real estate continues to be ridiculously unaffordable

>literally millions of drones swarming the sky overhead during rush hour

solvable problem, it's not like they'd all be landing in the same spot, and it's much better than millions of cars imo anyway

>Why do all the actual high-paying tech jobs even need to be centrally located?

as good as our telepresence tech is getting there's still no substitute to being actually physically next to your team members

>> No.17163219

oh thank god... the last thing I want is to be chilling on my rooftop balcony and some dumbshit drunk fuck flies into me cuz he's a shitter and shouldnt be in one of those things. glad he wont have a say in flying it

>> No.17163220


plus being physically near to suppliers, customers and competitors for in-person meetings is advantageous

>> No.17163223

The only a new city could successfully be built from scratch would be if a company like Amazon or Google builds it. If the government tries to build new cities they'll just turn into ghettos for immigrants with no good jobs.

>> No.17163235

but the government could incentivise or partner with those companies to contribute

>> No.17163320

Iktf. If I moved an hour out, I could afford it. It would be possible if I could work from home most of the week, but since I work out of the main office, my kike business overlords axed that to "promote collaboration between teams" but all that means to me is that sales knows where I sit and can bug me when I don't reply to them within 10 minutes.

Oy vey

>> No.17163456

based chemfag. I wanted to work in medicinal marijuana but ended up in construction chemicals instead. I ended up leaving the industry and now I work in finance. I'm still down by 15% of my ATH pay in chemistry but it's only been 2 years.

Get into finance anon, America doesn't want scientists, if they did they'd pay us, but they don't so fuck em. Help me take from (((them)))

>> No.17163507

Is it me or is this the first 4chan thread that I've seen comprised of real people.
Anyway, I'm sorry to say but we're all on the ass end of the asset bubble. I still think there is room to grow by the Mississippi river where I suspect there will be a manufacturing boom in the next 10 years as China weans off from export mercantilism and the US starts to devalue the dollar. This could accelerate if China starts to sell its debt, but I'm pretty sure by that point we can now finally enter the depression that we've delayed up to this point 12 years after the great financial crisis.

>> No.17163519

I also suspect that in this manufacturing decade we will see the power of 5G, so it's really a tech-manufacturing-robotics boom.

>> No.17163526

No, QE4eva you need to surf it with btc to own a house

>> No.17163553
File: 132 KB, 464x401, frog gross.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is it me or is this the first 4chan thread that I've seen comprised of real people.

Jesus, what a pathetic thing to type. You don't deserve a response, but when did you start browsing 4chan? Which boards have you browsed? Which boards did you lurk in 2007? What led you to 4chan?

I'm so sick of the fucking dipshits that started browing last year because they read the name 4chan in the media, or were linked here by Reddit. You stick out like a sore thumb and you'll never "get it".

Not going to acknowledge the substance of your post. You gave yourself away with that opening line. Just fuck off back to where you came from.

>> No.17163576

Ok bot.

>> No.17163596

2009 /b/tard here. We were all new at some point.

󠛡 ▲
▲󠛡 ▲

>> No.17163600
File: 21 KB, 600x600, back pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't answer any of my questions

Thanks for the (You), redditor.

>> No.17163624

we can have a serious conversation every once in a while. the bulk of it is still gonna be shitposting and shilling/fudding though.


>> No.17163632

I don't doubt that a good chunk of 4chan is infiltrated by bots masquerading as real people, as evidenced by the recent surge in LINK spam. Either that or I can't tell the difference between a bot and a pajeet.

Been here since 2011

>> No.17164581

>Why'd you drop pharmacy school?
Adderall made me a COOMER instead of studying. I'm a toxicologist now. I wanna either open up my own analytical lab for hemp/marijuana or sell my own infused cbd/thc jam, butter, cream, honey, lotion, balm, etc. I wanna grow currants which Americans need an introduction to and I love cooking/ extracting.

>> No.17165067

It has too, too may people arent buying.
Save money and wait for the dip

>> No.17165082

I am doing it REALLY WRONG then

>> No.17165109

Youre a retarded kid

>> No.17165123

The mormons would like to have a word with you.

>> No.17165407


>> No.17165682

>he thinks people need to buy
QE, son

>> No.17166475

Americans already know of and hate currants.

>> No.17166491


Get more income

>> No.17166636

Urbanization can't go on forever. Nobody likes a commute. Home office is the future.

>> No.17166681

Why do windows break when a house is left alone for a long time?

>> No.17166694

Get out of the city, you absolute morons.

>> No.17166733
File: 2.95 MB, 720x1280, 1577728306417.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being a city wagie lmao

>> No.17166751
File: 195 KB, 680x680, 1580262146849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is China gonna keep buying all the houses
China is literally dying rn, guy.

>> No.17166882
File: 96 KB, 642x361, 1575828123273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>live in french countryside making 40k net doing nothing but running an airbnb
>pay 600 a month in rent for a nice modern apartment
>can go chill at the airbnb property whenever its not booked
>cost of living so low only spend like 12k a year
Hows it feel wagies, knowing you have to live in / commute to a polluted, nigger infested shit hole where everything is 3x the price? My 40k for doing nothing in relative buying power is equivalent to your 90k worthing 45 hour weeks for Shekelberg & Schwartzgold

>> No.17166910

if all it takes is a 30% drop then you just need to buck up and save more

>> No.17166924

you do realize most humans live in cities. it is just how things are

>> No.17166945

europoor here, i did the calculation and spending the extra 10€ on gas per day to commute to work and back means that you spend 30 years before you hit the difference in initial costs just with gas. The plus is you have more sq feet, the downside is you lose time and money driving everyday

>> No.17166946

just take the train

>> No.17166960

actually its way less than 30 years. more like 15 years

>> No.17167295

real estate prices are in a big bubble and just like last time 2008 it will pop and house prices go down 30% - 50% depending on the area

just accumulate money and wait it out

>> No.17167828
File: 864 KB, 640x800, brapp55.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or real estate has just kept up with inflation i mean real inflation as measured by the chapwood index and there is no bubble. The real bubble is is the money being printed and it has to go somewhere

>> No.17167876

You could also use rent ad a write off. Home based business.

>> No.17167905

Cash going to a possible asset (your own rental property) vs paying somone else to live in their house (full loss cash flow unless used as tax write off).

>> No.17168111

Glass flows down very slowly over the years. This may lead to it breaking randomly from this constant movement, especially when it's thin.

>> No.17168569


>> No.17169472

This guy gets it. Lived in LA for 10 years and took a good job in Nashville, TN.

Nashville is way more fun with just as many hot chicks, if not more. Got season tickets for the Predators, and almost every time I go I meet new and cool people after the game at the bar. Live music is awesome, everywhere. Plow hot ass women regularly; WAY more than LA.

8 hour drive to Atlanta, New Orleans, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Charlotte and a little further to DC / Baltimore. Gas is practically free here.

Sold my postage stamp house in Huntington for a 1M and bought a FULLY upgraded 2,000 SF house in Nashville for $200k with a sweet ass pool to beat the heat. My commute is 15 mins TOPS.

So keep moving to SF, LA and NY telling yourself only the cool kids live there. We don't want any more fags like you in awesome cities under the radar. I'm Nashville till I die.

>> No.17169595

It's expensive due to central bank money creation, government intervention in housing, also zoning laws.

Abolish all of these

>> No.17169673

1: Non-citizens shall not own property
2: Close borders and begin deportations

There now housing is affordable but also the economy crashed with no survivors.

>> No.17169992

damn. sounds like heaven

>> No.17170294
File: 530 KB, 350x263, 1576103499571.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Real estate Chad here, imma drop some truth bombs on you so you can make money on RE.
>There are only two places that are always good for buying: the edge of development and newly gentrifying hoods
You see, it's a law of the universe that high IQ people (whites and higher order Asians) don't want to live around smelly brown people, especially progressive zoomie faggots. These people are always searching for affordability (edge development as far away from brownies as possible) or trendyness (redevelopment in hoods that chases away poor brownies). You just have to get there before the NPC's base survival functions overcome their progressive programing.
>t. Makes all my money leasing to zoomers and millenials in totally white neighborhoods

>> No.17170460

Let me tell you how you're going to make it.

Start working 80 hours a week. <25% goes to living expenses, 50% to savings, 25% to taxes. Good luck, you only need 3.5% down anyways if you do an FHA loan.

>> No.17170531

Yeah this is basically my strategy.

Criteria for investing is 9/10+ on Greatschools, favorable demographic trends (more Whites/Asians), development nearby, and rising population.

Now I can buy in some of these areas at 8-10% cap rates if the property needs some work.

>> No.17170563

South > North. The northern part of the USA, particularly Northeast and West, is dying. That's the bottom line. Blue states in particular.

You can't really build a life for yourself in a blue state. Plus fucking cold weather. Who wants to deal with that shit? Really? I'm gonna pay how much to rent an aprtment? $1,400 a month in NJ? Ridiculous. I pay half that amount here in Texas.

I recently moved to Texas (DFW) from NJ. Couldn't be happier. Warm weather, nice women, low taxes. Business is booming here. I actually have some freedom to do my thing.

>> No.17170585

Thats literally whats happening out here in Texas. Invest in north Texas properties, its a constant push out north. Look to north texas towns on the outskirts of DFW like Princeton.

>> No.17170648
File: 54 KB, 640x427, 1533819010815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, a non-brainlet with high agency!

>> No.17170688
File: 236 KB, 1920x938, stmarys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Catholics are also making a comeback in the midwest. From what I understand.


>> No.17171445


they get gibmedats. how do you think people like AOC live in new york city?

>> No.17171720
File: 43 KB, 627x533, Paradise Lost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I did the same thing. Made my nut in Miami which is desperate for white professionals that can deal with third world retards. Most whites only last 1-2 years because of the retardation and crowding.

Now in Tampa which is getting pozzed out too.