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BAT is going to moon hard in the next couple days. It's also going to be the biggest gainer this year.

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Nah, next year. A good token though.

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This shitcoin isn't going anywhere. It makes no sense for it to have a high price.

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No, and it won't.

Fucking kek


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It makes more sense than any other token. Advertisers are buying it. Only speculators are buying other tokens. The ad buys are already doubling each month. Brave/BAT is growing extremely fast. Its breaking into mainstream society.

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Could be OP. Made an equity loan of both BAT & LINK to double up on my stacks. Expecting great things from both and will hedge the gains against each other.

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Bat is literally given away.

It's worthless. You guys are investing in loyalty points.

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it's going to cap at $1

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>Get free bat
>tip yourself
>buy link

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>he doesnt know

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Checked and kekd

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I opened up a maker CDP with BAT. Pretty bullish that they consider it as collateral. Good sign of legitimacy. Just wait for the ad money to start flowing in and BAT goes through a liquidity squeeze with all the buy pressure.

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You laugh now

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Why would I buy BAT when I can get it for free

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Post BATmemes BATbros!

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>why take a car when I could just walk

Its economies of scale. Advertisers have to buy it so sell it back to them for way more than you paid for it.

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because you only get 5 or 10 dollars per month at best. if people are using it for non-speculative purposes like tipping and paywalls, they'll want/need more. and companies obviously need to buy a lot of it to do ad campaigns

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People dont realize just how fast 1.5B tokens are going to be diluted between millions of users who are spending and earning BAT enmasse.

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With every single ad, every single tip, the supply gets slightly more spread thin. Combine that with DeFi tools which will be accumulating the supply, outside of what the Brave devs expected/intended and we could see a ton of growth.

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how does that work? Is there a minimum amount to do it? or for it to be worthwhile in your opinion?

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I put like 80k BAT in mine at around $.16 and took out like a $5k loan or somewhere close to that. When the price of BAT goes up I just sell the BAT I borrowed to pay off the loan and pocket the rest. I think theres like a $40 minimum. It's worth it if you want to open a long position or you dont want to wait for a bank transfer to get more cash into the system.

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>Put down BAT/ETH (possibly others in the future) as collateral
>Use desired portion of your collateral to Print/Borrow DAI Stablecoin
>Make sure you dont overborrow or let your collateral fall in value so you get liquidated (the dapp makes it easy to follow how much a risk you're making)
>Keep in mind you pay APR% on what you borrow, so make an investment that will outgain the APR%
>Use DAI however you please, personally bought more BAT and locked that in as extra collateral.
To be worthwhile it depends on how you use it, and if your stack is worth the gas fees it could worth it. I went in with my BAT at around $0.19 and added abit more on at $0.23. Swapped all of the DAI for BAT as I can use the additional collateral plus I expect BAT to outgrow the APR% by a longshot.

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I think once I get home I'm going to mint some more DAI. Buy some more BAT and throw it on crypto.com for 8% interest. If I dont do it then I will get left behind when BAT pumps in the next day or two.

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This same fucking shill from before
Why do you glow so brightly

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You do know theres tons of people opening maker CDPs with BAT as collateral?

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>Using a centralised interest pool service
Have a rope ready for when they exit scam. Doubt they'll do so until they hit a peak of some kind but you're bound to get Bitconnected at some point. Compound/Aave have much more meager APR but they are multitudes safer.

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8% per year vs 60% per month on bitconnect. The two are not comparable, and I only have part of my stack earning interest.

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Explain why it would moon hard? Nothing is coming up until maybe feb 25th

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You raise a logical point of argument.
Jk, no you don't.

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It's not about news. Every coin is taking a turn pumping 20% on no news

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lmao thats your evidence? Fucking go back to plebbit fucking non white retard.

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>advertisers are buying it
That's exactly why it's not going anywhere, dumb brainlet.

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>advertisers are buying it
>actual progress towards adoption
>that's why it's not going anywhere
Anon, I...

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If you read the whitepaper, the intended purpose is for it to become stable. Advertisers won't buy in if it's unstable and can suddenly got up and down. Now many have bought in so it's not really profitable to trade - it's a safe choice now.

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82% gains for nothing would be nice

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BAT is also a cheap token that wikipedia and youtubers accept. Once normies see that this is the next google the fomo is going to be strong. A lot of them are going to be mad when they find out people are trying to shill them vaporware.

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I finally have 100k BAT. Take it from an older millenial. This thing will moon so hard and i probably will make an insane amount of money

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They buy a USD worth of BAT, the price is irrelevant on their end.

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You are going to make it lad. Brave is getting near a tipping point where it's going to gain mass media attention as the Robin hood of the internet. Truly a huge hype machine. This blows ripples CNBC segment out of the water.

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Price is not irrelevant. The amount of bat they purchase determines the reach of the advertisements. Advertisers would like their advert to reach as far as possible, hence lower bat price would be better for them.

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they don't purchase BAT. They pay X amount in fiat for a campaign. They never deal with BAT.

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>the next google
Decent bait

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Shows what you know.

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Shows what you know pal.

t.digital advertiser

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BAT will take forever to rise in value is my prediction, unless they find more marketing avenues than just brave browser

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in 2017/2018 it had a run up from 5 cents to just under a dollar,and that was with a shit distribution. As of now token distribution for BAT is a thing of beauty.

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>being the "biggest gainer" in any year, ever

top lel. The tokenomics and/or team are NOT letting this shit take off. My theory is that they're deathly afraid of SEC retaliation since BAT's ICO was such a disaster. Brave and Co. know that the second their token pumps, they will have SEC/other government all over their ass investigating into some pump and dump possibilities.

Unironically Brave/BAT's downfall is that they try to be TOO above the board, they are trying to be a legitimate company in a world of scams. SEC can't trace most of these scams or hold them accountable; it's too much work and costs too much time/money. Brave/BAT are pretty straightforward on the other hand.

BAT pumps and all of a sudden Brave is getting investigated for holding millions of its own token which it spawned out of thin air. They're scared shitless of getting fucked before Brave truly takes off, so they suppress the price through third parties. That's just the way it is. Who knows how long it will go on.

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Lost the Eth I was going to buy BAT with on football betting

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Probably one of the best distributions in crypto and it's only going to get better with the 12m+ users and growing. Once they launch paywalls and publisher ads BAT is going to become increasingly scarce.

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maybe in the future we'll be able to bet on sports with BAT, that would be based. Imagine if there was some simple, straightforward way to bet small amounts of BAT on games, maybe with chainlink oracles determining results. Shit would be insane.

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With the brave SDK you could create an app that allows you to spend BAT you earned in the browser from ads, running a VPN node, or other tasks in the browser on no loss lotteries, micro tasks, or betting platforms that use chain link oracles. BAT is like google/PayPal coming together under one gateway product to revolutionize how we use the internet.

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Imagine basing your hopes of rich neetdom on an advertising token that is on a browser that people specifically download to avoid ads. Kek. You BATards are the dumbest people in crypto.

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>Describes a high velocity shitcoin

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Exactly. I want to find some way to earn a minuscule secondary income via BAT (likely from YouTube, I like to draw/animate so I'll shill BAT on my youtube channel and hopefully earn donations there), then I want to eventually use my earnings on crypto betting platforms.

Goddamn chainlink oracles really open up some insane possibilities with betting - could streamline everything. "X happens -> Oracle pays out BAT to whoever bet on X happening." If only there were a way to bet without KYC too. I want decentralized streamlined betting, using cryptocurrency.

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>advertising token

You still havent figured it out. The only certainties in life are death,taxes,ads.

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When advertisers realize they are just paying to advertise to pajeet neets so they can collect their internet magic coins, this all crashes. You need people actually buying things from the ads. People who watch BAT ads are poor because they don't value their time.

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imagine not realizing what people will do for "free" money. People were selling their info to facebook for a cool $20.

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>paying to advertise to pajeet neets
objectively not true

>People who watch BAT ads are poor because they don't value their time
also not true, I have Brave rewards toggled on at work. In fact, you save time on Brave by turning off trackers, malware, and third party advertising. You're wrong on all counts

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So you actually think an advertising token that's given to people for free will be worth many riches for you one day? Are you retarded?

I guarantee you've never bought one thing from the ads you've clicked on to earn BAT. And no one else has either. It's just a poor person circle jerk. Guess what advertisers hate? Poor people who don't spend money.

There's too much friction getting dumb soccer mom's to start using Brave. You'll never get normie money into this. Just crypto neets.

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And this makes BAT worth anything how?

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Yeah, and the massive fraudulent current online advertising system does such a good job with click-through-rate converting to "actually buying things".

Stay in your lane you fucking retarded nigger.

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yes it will :)

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Guaranteed you've never bought a product from a BAT ad.

Out of all the things in the world, you retards think it's a good idea taking on something like Google ads. It's so far advanced beyond whatever Brave is doing it's not even comparable.

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Worst part is that this is all sensationalism and speculation. Nobody is going to want these BAT tips because they’re basically free. The only thing that gives it value now is boomers buying in and shills who don’t understand that this won’t work.wish it could too, just can’t I’m it’s current form.

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Market cap is way too fucking high. This will never 20x, and even if it does, you could probably be 1,000x by then with other shit. Buy UND before main net, retard.

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>Guess what advertisers hate? Poor people who don't spend money.

Why is it always low iq niggers that can't do even a fraction of research?

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>Guaranteed you've never bought a product from a BAT ad.

Wrong again. Bought something from Best Buy today because of Brave ads. Best Buy, walmart, and amazon are now advertising via Brave. Why is this so hard for you to believe? You're stuck in the past you fucking retard.

>you retards think it's a good idea taking on something like Google ads

you're so fucking stupid lol. The fraudulent current advertising system is BEGGING to be disassembled and improved. Everyone knows it's fucking rampant with fraud, overinflated numbers and it just straight up fucking doesn't work. That's not even a secret, people just haven't had alternatives since Google + Facebook duopoly took over online advertising.

Guess what? There's about to be a serious alternative, and it's objectively better

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fudders have no arguement LOL

thats how I know it will moon

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>He thinks Brave will change the entire internet advertising game

How does Brave solve this again just by introducing their shitcoin? All you BAT fan boys assume everyone online actually knows their privacy is being taken from them constantly (they don't know or care) for advertising purposes. This is BATs main value ad and 90% are too dumb to realize they even want that. They certainly don't need it.

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>many riches

Ok we need flags at this point. Jannies!

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Yea, even CompSci morons know this shit isn’t required and honestly boomers / normies dgaf either which is where the moneys at!

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the pajeet faggot ID KhxowYlP (brown ID, you know he's a stinky pajeet) has 7+ posts in a BAT thread, LMFAO. It's clearly some high school pajeet in Mumbai who thinks he's going to work at Google one day. Keep gunning for that 4.0+ GPA you little queer, so you can one day sell fraudulent online ads for Google. Stinky little brown ID street shitter

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is 10k enough :(

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I can almost guarantee you that 50%+ of the BAT FUDders are pajeets. Pajeets stand to lose the absolute most from BAT being a success due to Indians cornering the disgustingly fraudulent status quo of online advertising.

You change up the Google Facebook bullshit ads and pajeets will lose literal millions. They DEFINITELY do not want to see Brave nor BAT succeed.

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Funny because brave is a chrome fork

>> No.17152459

That FUD is funny because you're confusing Chrome with Chromium and you're probably too fucking dumb to know the difference.

Get the fuck out of here.

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They try, but nothing sticks. You can tell they are grasping at straws trying to find anything. Fortunately most people can tell if someone is being obviously disingenuous, and they do the complete opposite of what a liar is trying to get them to do.

Brave/BATs value add is multi faceted. It appeals to privacy centric users, it appeals to tech enthusiasts, it appeals to crypto investors, and it appeals to thrifty/resourceful people. It even appeals to people who are tired of google. This includes people who cited partisan issues or youtube demonitization and their supporters.

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>confusing Chrome with Chromium
They’re the same thing my little freetard.

>> No.17152495

wrong again fucko. god damn pajeets really don't do even a fraction of research do they?

>> No.17152498

Checked and based. I'm a man of christ so I'm not going to be as brutal as you, but you do make some good points.

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>They’re the same thing

literally kill yourself

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You’re still using google products

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na nigger, I'm using Brave

how are you not comprehending this right now? You need to do more research into this whole thing, you're fucking up.

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Lmao. Name one person begging for a new online advertising system you fucking room warm IQ retard. Literally no one cares.

>> No.17152577

>The U.S. is using austrian/German rocket tech to defeat the germans.

Yeah total cope dude.

>> No.17152578

>Brave/BATs value add is multi faceted

BATs value add is non existent
>advertisers deal in fiat, exchange service buys token
>publishers deal in fiat, exchange service sells token
>user siphons fuck all out of the value exchange. Also wants to sell the token, but has to go through BS aml/kyc to do so
>dumbass speculators on biz the only people retarded enough to willingly hold this turd of a token

The only winner here is the exchange service. You know, assuming BAT isn’t a complete failure. Though the tokenomics suggest it absolutely must fail

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Kek. Pajeets are Braves only users.

"Please sir, pay me $3 a month to waste hours online watching ads".

>> No.17152595

>thinks any other token is doing anything remotely different.

Top kek. Everyone deals in cash. Bitboomer coin and ethereum are no different. At least BAT has a reason to be purchased.

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You talk about utility and resulting price action. Forgetting that speculation will be rampant. Bat will hook users and regardless of the maths stating that the token should be worth xyz itll actually be worth abc because of speculation. People are dumb and the new market is far more dumb than the current pajeets scamming the white man here.

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Agreed. The speculation of it being the next google is what is going to drive it to a very high token price. I have already earned $140 using brave. When people start to find out their friends and family are earning real cash, they are going to drop chrome like a hot potato. The hype behind brave will be insane.

>> No.17152658

not only that but BAT will likely be many peoples first introduction to crypto. Something they can earn passively and use readily. They wont need to setup a coinbase account, link a bank account, transfer USD to coinbase, and purchase crypto with said USD. Just download a browser and go about their business.

>> No.17152668

>All crypto lacks a valid usecase
>BAT is a crypto
>therefore BAT has a valid usecase

>> No.17152687

Nice dump, batards. Getting worried?
Your shitcoin is going nowhere.

>> No.17152729

>I already have BAT and can buy things with it, and you are telling me I need to buy bitcoin to buy things? I have to set up all of these weird wallets too? I'm really confused. Are you sure you're not trying to scam me. It sounds like a scam.

I see this situation playing out everywhere. BAT for paywalls and ecommerce and it's easy to earn and will be easy to purchase with a credit card.

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>They're engaging in securities fraud to keep the SEC from investigating them for securities fraud

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This coin makes literally no sense to moon given that it can be divided up into multiple decimal points. It effectively multiplies the supply by 10000.

>> No.17153349

I hope this is bait. Please be bait. I dont want this to be the top of the bull run already.

>> No.17153641

explain otherwise :) Think about it.

>> No.17153676

I think it's very promising, its growth in popularity/number of downloads is insane

It just depends what happens next, if this is its final form, essentially just push notifications ads then the future will be underwhelming, but I hear they have a good team and you have to imagine going forward they will add a bunch more features. Who knows what it looks like in a few years time

>> No.17153765

I might be missing your point but are you suggesting that divisible sources of value (every fiat currency on the planet for example) are inherently incapable of rising in value because they can be broken down into cents, pennies, fractional shares etc? If so, you are genuinely one of the most retarded people I have ever interacted with, and I've helped out at a literal spastic school before

>> No.17153837


this actually makes a lot of sense if true. thanks for posting anon

>> No.17153895

unironically selling mine after reading this

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>BAT is going to moon hard in the next couple days.

would not be surprising a lot of stuff is gaining value right now and BAT isn't a total shitcoin

> It's also going to be the biggest gainer this year.


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Well fuck

>> No.17154158

If that were true then how can Tezos get away with it? How could any token get away with it?

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finnexus is based on DeFi tech supported by wanchain ecosystem they give back your money of token in USD after 3 month for exchange of token this is a risk free investment.