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information overload edition

List of popular brokers:
https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)

List of basic stock market terminology:
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed)

Risk management:
https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed)

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

List of hedge fund holdings:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:


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Friendly reminder: Crash incoming.

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Friendly reminder: BYND

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Very cool OP! TDA streams CNBC?
Subtitled TV and text-to-speech for articles while listening to comfy tunes?

Nice OC I like it.

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thanks, i've been practicing and if i concentrate i can can track both.
it's fun.

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could CMG hit 1200?

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I just realized that 20% of my portfolio is in KO and 20% is in MCD, kek.

Anyway, does anybody have any thoughts on the future valuation of SDGR? Their IPO was good and I see a good future for them, personally.

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My VXX, EDZ, and MRNA calls started pumping in the last hour of trading on Friday. I feel it Bobo bro. We're going to make off like bandits and laugh all the way to the bank.


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>if we repo forever the markets can't go down

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Not until May, you underage retard.

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>the repo is going to stop in may after they've been doing it for years to encourage the market crash

ok retard, back to >>>/trash/ with you

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holy shit those SStax where was this picture taken?

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I’ve been here since 2007. Go back to R*ddit.

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What Schrödinger, Inc is doing is the future of medicine. Imagine what Elon musk has promised with Tesla and SpaceX....except it's actually feasible.

Overhead and costs of operations are much lower than pharma companies who perform their work in the "wet lab" since the grunt work is performed through computer models and simulations. I was a bio STEM fag in college and worked as a research assistant in a biophysics/computational biology lab and saw how the sausage is made, so to speak. This IPO made me giddy like a girl. The future is here.

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Google says Bangledesh, apparently.
You're a brainlet if you want to fight the USG and be a bear rn. The market will definitely crash, just not this month.

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yeah i'm up on it bigtime.
finna catch this dip on monday for sure.

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This, but unironically. It’s not that the market can’t go down though, it’s that the dips will be bought.

Ergo, cash is trash.

What’s with the pixel dimension breakdown?

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SNSS gonna have another good week this week

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Check this video out. This is what we did in the lab. What SDGR is doing is essentially the same thing, but applied to drug discovery.

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I used my life savings betting on GALT. I went all in, even money for phone bill, car insurance, etc. I am crossing my fingers for the moon mission. I believe that God loves me and will make a miracle happen.

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I forgot the link


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>Sudden bad news
>GALT does a 60% dump

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>I believe that God loves me and will make a miracle happen.
Yes, God is willing to allow people being tortured to death and children with cancer but he won't allow you to lose money in the stock market. Shitty bait.

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Fuck I love trading bitcoin, it's so perfect. I wish at least futures would be a 24/7 market

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GALT is not the kind of stock I would stake a large amount of money on. Even the amount of shares I'm holding is probably more than I should.

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> FUD all over because of coronachan
> All my investments are based in US stocks and bonds
> US economy is only 7% dependent on global trade;. Half of that within NAFTA
> Comfy as fuck knowing China could fall into the abyss and my entire portfolio would drop at most 3-4%

Feels good guys being American.

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really hope it doesn't dump on monday with the rest of 'em, i'm trying to make a quick buck before hopping on the SDGR dip

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If this was shilled here before it pumped I missed it. Feels bad man.

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You sure this isn't just another Theranos-tier scam? VP is a black woman, too. Literally the worst combination to lead a successful business.

Sounds like vaporware, or do they have any actual production-stage discoveries from this magick alchemist software of theirs?

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feels good being american.
i'd tell you to try it but we're full

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Just don't bring up skydaddy nonsense here. No one cares that you're mentally ill and think that your investments are being protected by an invisible mysterious person. It doesn't mean anything.

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It's been available for two whole days, pajeet.

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based, this is how you /smg/

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capped, good luck bro.
i'll keep GALT on my watchlist

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>What’s with the pixel dimension breakdown?
maybe whoever made that tried to calculate the girl's age by assessing how tall she was?

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is that a "facemask-chan"?

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We use their Macromodel software in our lab for conformational analysis of small molecules. Does it's job, afaik...
However, it's all just of algorithms anyway, so I'd want hard results before I'd assign any value to it

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>You sure this isn't just another Theranos-tier scam?

In short, no. It's a software company and this particular field of biology has been decades in the making. Theranos was a poorly thought out literal meme a roastie.

>Sounds like vaporware, or do they have any actual production-stage discoveries from this magick alchemist software of theirs?

There have been a lot of drugs that have been developed with the aid of simulations/integrative structural biology computer modeling over the years. Most drugs today are developed in this way.


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Based autist. Have you found a comfy nest in a PhD program yet or are you still an undergrad?

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I wonder why they don't push for this shit at the trading desks at investment banks and hedge funds

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>Want to save my ONTX gains before the conference
>Also want to have the ONTX gains if it moons

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Highly doubt it. We're over the 200sma

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It's a marketing ploy. It's all it is.

>coloreds, gays, and trannies good
>our company good
>pls invest

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Bitcoin hit 10k again, 2 weekly candles over 11.5k and we're officially bullish for the first time since 2017. I know some people here have a few percentages of BTC in their portfolio so let's go

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Let's say I am reasonably certain that a certain country will suffer at the very least a severe economic recession, leading to global supply shortages on certain products.
How would I bet on this happening and make money off of it?

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I got like 35 hanging around in an electrum wallet. It's gonna be glorious. Gonna wait for this shit to go back to 20k then I'm gonna sell it all and buy SOXL

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good evening ONTX chads, what are we drinking

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the wall of normies sucked in during 2017 that are waiting to sell off before it ever reaches 20k just to break even is so tall it reaches space

>> No.17149420

you got a qrd on relevant upcoming events and news?

>> No.17149432

It is a marketing and PR ploy for sure, though maybe some dudes with daughters want them to have a better chance of making it to some shit.

Notice that Goldman Sachs went hard on funding female let startups and hiring more after the Apple card starting giving women shittier APR and they took a beating for it over Twitter.

That’s not a very reliable method for women who are visibly petite. Not sure why you picked this one to post instead of a thot without scribbles.

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>the wall of normies sucked in during 2017 that are waiting to sell off before it ever reaches 20k just to break even is so tall it reaches space
I can't imagine any scenario where they didn't sell in November 2018. It went down to like 3100 or something. I almost fell weak myself until I snapped out of it. Not to say that it won't be a struggle for this thing to go back to 2017 levels cuz it will. Actually I'd be happy to sell now since I have a pretty robust stonk market trading strategy my hopes aren't pinned on crypto anymore. Anything above 10k is gravy
I just want them to fill the trading desks with diversity. Any less edge for them is more for me

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I have a sinking feeling that my 3/2 SPY calls are going to be worthless. Someone better announce the cure to coronavirus tomorrow.

Ahahah better luck next time :(

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To make money off of the event itself
>Short sell public companies operating out of that country
>Short sell ETFs for that country
>Buy option contract puts for public companies operating out of that country
>Buy option contract puts on ETFs for that country
>Short sell that country's currency

To make money in the aftermath of the event
>Purchase and hold long public companies operating out of that country
>Purchase and hold long ETFs for that country
>Buy option contract calls for public companies operating out of that country
>>Buy option contract calls on ETFs for that country
>Buy and hold long that country's currency

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smokin weed and vaping, trying to think of something to watch.
what are you drinking?

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45 minutes to movie night! Tonite's feature is Die Hard 2 (1990), a 9/10 movie (maybe, I haven't seen it) just for our special rat
what are your strikes?

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You should have hedged with 3/2 Puts

>> No.17149511

lol 340*

might do Monday, trying to figure out if it is worth the cost or if it's a loss leader

>> No.17149514

Shoulda at least used a bull spread to hedge a little with premium

>> No.17149517

what on earth lmao, I'm still bulle but that's something else

>> No.17149527

I have it on good authority there will be a gap up tomorrow on quelled fears

>> No.17149528

oh that's a little less insane, still a lil spooky tho

>> No.17149531

Thanks for the tips anon
I'm going to try and become a trading vulture

>> No.17149552

Yeah. Fortunately I'm only about 400 in for a total of 4 contracts. 3/2 and 3/6

Thinking it's not too late to hedge my position.
If the market goes up Monday I will sell as soon as is reasonable.
If the market goes down I will buy puts as fast as my fat greasy fingers can smash my phone screen.

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Nice, I doubt we will do a double top though. If we actually push to 20k again we will probably break it.

There's gigantic market makers in bitcoin, if we enter a solid bull market and pushes 20k again I doubt the regular joes will push down price too much. Maybe a 20-30% correction at best, think about it.. it would be too obvious for bitcoin to do another crash at 20k, too many people would get into a short for the market makers liking

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4th year in total synthesis, kill me

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Of course lad. Being an opportunistic vulture is what it's all about. Cheers.

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how long until the "unable to ship at this time" warnings start coming in on AAPL?


>> No.17149660

I was also trying to find info on their supply chain without much luck. Report back if you find anything out.

>> No.17149673

thanks for letting us know, selling all my galt now.

>> No.17149675

>FIZZ has finally fizzled out

How did I miss that?

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You are a more noble man than I. I said "Fuck it all" and sold out completely. I eventually landed a comfy marketing job that's turned into a fulfilling career.

I still read papers on PLOS with my morning coffee though.

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Yes, the projected valuation makes no sense. But buy it anyways because it's a hyper-inflated bull market and everyone else will too. As an investor your job isn't to buy and sell based on a price that's reasonable, it's to anticipate and prepare for the price that the market demands.

We're talking about GILD. When remdesivir is proven an effective treatment for nCov-2019 that fucker will hit $85 a pop, if not more.

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Can I interest you in some Moderna, Inc?


>> No.17149722

I got red wine bro

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Based and peer reviewed.
It’s not a 9/10. Sorry ratty-Sensei and sunchan. Very few movies are st the tier of the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard.

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A shit load of coffee to stave off a massive hang over induced by last night's degenerate drinking binge with the lads.

>> No.17149766

is 22/2 too early for $100 GILD call?
I know this piece of shit is going to moon but I don't know when

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yeah i saw something earlier talking about an affected plant and what product it produced for apple but now i can't find it.
will dig back through

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>> No.17149788

Foxconn was going to reopen on Monday but the authorities stopped that from happening. They make iPhones

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We could watch CioChad’s new video. I’m only halfway through and it’s a burner.
Fugggg I really wanted to buy when they were on Cramer, and then when they jumped on corona news I thought I missed the move.

>> No.17149820

>trying to think of something to watch
I'm watching UFC live with /sp/. Free streams there too.

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File: 375 KB, 704x704, 1580456934839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17149825

Moderna has already inflated though. Gilead is still trading at a 5 - 10% premium from base price. You have a substantially lower risk if you buy GILD at this time compared to Moderna.

Gilead's going to be in the gutter for the coming years as far as real value goes. There's no big wins that are clearly around the corner for the company, but no big losses either. The current premium is just speculative based on the chance that remdesivir may be very effective against nCov. I wouldn't advise going long on it.

>> No.17149826

damn, first half of this year has some buzz


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How do I get a thicc but also cute japanese waifu?

>> No.17149875

Made good profit off way OTM Moderna and Gilead calls last week. Wish I had bought more. I only bought 2 GILD contracts and 1 Moderna contract. GILD returned 167% and Moderna something like 700%. I bought that as a joke though after reading a Motley Fool article on Monday, could have made real money off of it instead of just $320

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holy shit i didn't know this nigga almost died

>> No.17149886

four weeks in an ICU is no fucking joke, that is circling the drain type shit

>> No.17149896

David Foster Wallace said Die Hard 1 was a 10/10, that means the sequel could be 9/10
He has a really grandiose title for this one, Mr Ciovaggliano never exaggerates, what could it contain :O

>> No.17149944

I know! I was really irritated by it until I started watching. It’s a full half hour... and the first half is very based but retreads some ground for sure.

I didn’t finish last week’s coronavirus related video. But damn. My man is good.

I think I’m too much of a /lit/let to get DFW, but I’ve heard some interviews with him that are amazing. His fresh air interview was so relatable and apt.

I’m gonna stick with my sci-fi audiobooks for now.

>> No.17149948

What? Didn't it all start with his wife getting cancer or something? I understand getting depressed by it but jeez

>> No.17149987

Shit. Thanks for posting this.
I saw that his daughter posted an update but I was putting off watching it.

Time to clean my room.

He also has a history of depression and may have some immune disorders. Also, elimination diets like pure vegan or pure carnivore work really well for a long time because your body stores a lot of nutrients here and there. But they can bite you in the ass when you deplete those stores.

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File: 1.81 MB, 1090x1170, 1581212730446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unironically what will a gay president mean for the markets?

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Don't make me post a brainlet wojak, shitposterkun

>> No.17150058

Much better option policy wise than Bernie obviously, not as good an option as Drumpf when it comes to the markets.

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Movie night movie night! Get in here!
Tonight's feature is Die Hard 2 (1990) (9/10)

>> No.17150075

>pure vegan or pure carnivore
We learned about the "healthy food plate" shit when we were 5, come on Jordan

>> No.17150077

My dog passed away today and I really miss him. I thought I was going to handle this better but I'm a wreck right now.

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based dog blesses anon with digits from beyond the grave

>> No.17150111
File: 3.03 MB, 2230x1600, 1572488263010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it hurts like a bitch for about a week
after that it hurts a little less
rip dog :((

>> No.17150135

jesus christ what is this diarrhea music?

>> No.17150139

Time heals all wounds. Rest easy knowing that you’ll unironically meet him again on the Rainbow Bridge. If there is a God, it is assured that the most pure and loyal creatures on this planet will have a special place in the afterlife.

>> No.17150161
File: 382 KB, 1024x962, 1538743232056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually lost my oldest doggo almost 2 weeks ago aswell, had him for 14 fucking years. It will get better after a week or so. Prepare to cry late at night if you can't fall asleep fast, it will get better anon

>> No.17150186

If you’re dumb enough need to ask for help here, you’re ngmi. Why do you think that you can see doom on the horizon when you’re too retarded to know the basics of the market? Kill yourself.

>> No.17150223

Fucking based. Stocks will always soar unless the USA collapses, if it does, the world is already fucked anyhow.
You’re going to get rekt, stop browsing /pol/, it has been pozzed by autists and FBI agents trying to radicalize NEETs for 3 years now.

>> No.17150227
File: 201 KB, 824x537, serrano may bride.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll see him again, you met him once and thus always did

>> No.17150244
File: 374 KB, 932x1398, 2365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, idiot question here.

How does it work when you buy / sell stocks that have charts displayed with 15 mins of latency or more on a web exchange?
Are the bid / ask always up to date while only the chart has latency? That doesn't sound possible. So you basically just have to guess the price and hope it goes over?

>> No.17150248

China or are you a Canada-is-collapsing guy?

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this is bearish for my SOXL shares isn't it?

>> No.17150260

>bid / ask always up to date
Yes. Also switch brokers. If they're giving you delayed charts and asking for more money for real time they suck.

>> No.17150302

Genuinely sorry about your friend. Taking your love for him and use it to give another pup a good and comfy life is the best way you can honor him.

I’ve seen a lot of death professionally and I’m not particularly religious but I am certain that you two will meet again one day.

>> No.17150310

Of course they are up to date. But you're not suppose to use delayed charts for trading, delayed charts are for obvious reason only to be used for mid/long term investments where short-term price action doesn't matter

>> No.17150339

Hold SOXL people still need electronics thank me next January when you are up 130% and didn't lock in your loss by selling

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throwin back some white claws my man

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Keep drinking and pump my TMDX stocks. More cirrhosis = more $$$$.

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dont kid yourself anon. the entire province of chinks that make those computer things is sick with batflu. ditch it now and scoop it up later like me.

>> No.17150405

Armadillo aids won't make me sell SOXL
I sold AMZN last week and put it all in SOXL on the dip
Not going to look at it until next January

>> No.17150438

>Semiconductor Bull 3X Shares
Do you remember the lack of graphic cards in stores across the world and shit in late 2017/early 2018? Kek'd. Bitcoin going higher means massive miners will make more money mining it (also mining other shitcoins). Bitcoin miners literally drove AMD's earnings to new highs in early 2018, so I think you're safe

>> No.17150443
File: 161 KB, 680x350, biubiu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think it's going to need to get quite a bit worse for a crash to happen desu
muh QE, etc
that being said I still have a couple puts on china

>> No.17150469

What does the image mean?

>> No.17150504

SOXL is about to get btfo, China wont let the foxconn plants reopen


>> No.17150512

>SOXL is about to get btfo

>> No.17150554

>still shilling for people to hold when it is about to get dumped hard

straight delusion, enjoy the bags my sir

>> No.17150562
File: 6 KB, 433x87, 1564727840061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, sounds like a good dip buying opportunity to me since it's pretty much guaranteed to shoot straight back up once this whole coronachan thing blows over. Bitcoin is going to the moon and I have 3 dozen of those in an electrum wallet. Should the gods bless us and SOXL dip under 200 I'll drop the whole 350k into it. Probably double my money inside of 3 months not even including pic related

>> No.17150570

I read on /Biz/ it was because they allowed him to go off his bezos cold? IDK if that shit was real but thats what I read here.

>> No.17150611

You're a fucking retard if you think anyone should sell a loss on semiconductors right now. If this was some dying industry like brick and mortar book stores you might have a point.


>> No.17150630

save some btc anon. at least 10

>> No.17150654
File: 479 KB, 2446x1268, 1559319452464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think it's gonna break through to another bullrun? Cuz I'm seriously wanting to make the jump from crypto to SOXL at the golden moment and we're having a very interesting run of inverse gains/losses between crypto and stocks right now. I'm really trying to make it here

>> No.17150916

now, take me to the butcher shops, so to speak

>> No.17151197

Should I get a broker or use Robinhood ??

>> No.17151215

td ameritrade or schwab are good. no fee on shares.

>> No.17151224

What's so great about Nokia other than some Trump admin official's off-hand comment about nationalization?

>> No.17151236 [DELETED] 

LIVE Periscope of Diamond Princess


>> No.17151253

Are there any Chinese government-owned companies that you can buy stock in? Judging by their annual GDP growth it seems like the CCP really knows what they're doing long-term.

>> No.17151257

I thought they were all confined to their rooms... are they getting let off or something?

>tfw sold all my BTC but like .01

>> No.17151273

What drug do you think it is? I'm betting on barbituates

>> No.17151288

Here's a reminder to buy T.

>> No.17151303
File: 597 KB, 685x505, 22rr22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What was that just now?

>> No.17151305

Think about it really long-term. Capitalism the way it is now, with low IQ strata being fucked, isn't really sustainable. Eventually they will rise up and resort to violence. Isn't it better to follow in FDR's footsteps, give them the basic necessities for a decent life, take the short-term hit for long-term stability?

>> No.17151314
File: 452 KB, 753x1078, ppp points.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a... 7/10 on the rat scale -_-

>> No.17151327

IDK man but I'm buying 2/14 OTM UA puts Monday morning WML

>> No.17151333

No tradeable on RH

>> No.17151359
File: 284 KB, 1125x552, FCFD3CD8-844C-4E06-AF8A-508B40659D8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We could’ve watched some quality bull porn

>> No.17151422

Bernie Sanders will be the next US President using the same populist tactics as Trump, how can I make money from this foresight? Insurance companies will be fucked, pharmaceutical companies might get nationalized, Tesla will be government-majority owned with 1930's Soviet-style 5-year plans building eco-friendly factories in every state. Screencap this nigger faggots

>> No.17151444

I don't think it's easy to do, they tightly regulate which foreigners can directly purchase shares in SSE and SZSE, which I believe is where all of the government-owned companies are traded. I don't think there are any on the hong kong exchange.
I looked it up and there's a program called the "Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect program", which supposedly allows foreign investors who have access to the HK market to buy shares in SSE listed companies. I'm not sure which US brokers have access to the Hong Kong exchange though, or how this connect program even works.
Seems a bit complicated, might be better to just invest in an SSE index fund or something

>> No.17151450

Stop drinking and get help.

>> No.17151483

Bernie won't even get the nomination lmao

>> No.17151619

>Trump won't even get the nomination lmao

>> No.17151665

Retards with zero understanding of business, finance and politics don't belong to this board, especially the /smg/ thread.

>> No.17151809
File: 247 KB, 488x634, 1565494640278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bernie won't even get the nomination lmao
Primary results will dictate. I'm thinking dems might want to run the booty judge instead. In part because they still don't want an outsider, of sorts, like Bernie getting the nom, and partly because the booty judge could perhaps appeal a bit better to moderates.

In either case I think they're going to get blown out by Trump. 2016 Trump was a complete gamble candidate in the eyes of voters and still won. Now he has a demonstrated record of doing alright and not setting the country on fire, so I figure that goes heavily in his favor. The dems also made themselves look godawful with their muh russia and muh ukraine pointless witchhunts.

>> No.17151850

Bernie won't accomplish anything (if he even gets that far), he'll get roadblocked like Obama did on his second term, when Republican controlled the Senate and House nothing could get done. They would literally shut down the government to stop him. Obama wasn't even that radical compared to Bernie Sanders. The guy is notorious for being uncompromising and unable to work with people outside the party. Democrats know he will be a do-nothing president, that's why they are trying so hard to de-legitimize him. Just wait, you will see Obama rebuke Sanders' policies and attitude very soon.

>> No.17151859

think about all the cats that died today maybe it will make you feel beter. my dog will never die I don't want to think about it

>> No.17152154

bump bum tits tickle nipple bum tits

>> No.17152194

It takes a couple of days for newly listed/IPO'd stocks to go up on Robin Hood. It will most certainly become trade able in the coming week.

>> No.17152384
File: 1.45 MB, 1662x1518, Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 12.38.26 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you know?
Unchecked trips are a sin!

>> No.17152413

Chinese GDP is fake bullshit
The higher a pronvice reports its gdp to be, the higher the reward the party people get. Some areas will report +30% a year.

>> No.17152869
File: 1.58 MB, 2000x1922, 35d3f3a1d8a07eeef8641f8e4ce90194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where can I buy stocks as a citizen of Israel with low fees?

>> No.17152914

google says Interactive Brokers supports Israel, they're pretty decent. Apparently Tastyworks does too if you want a smoother options platform

>> No.17153024

>taking the bait

>> No.17153050
File: 9 KB, 349x193, big think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how often do jewish girls actually do this?
if i remember teenage girls accurately they would absolutely spring at any opportunity to get their picture taken and make them look like they care about something

>> No.17153197

not bait, I checked it out and they require a tax number. Never had a job so it's hard to find lol

>> No.17153251

in the US our tax number is the same as our social security number (assigned at birth lol)
I assume Israel has something similar?

I don't think that we have any Israeli posters in our threads, so you might be better off asking other people from Israel about what the best brokers are. Just about anyone from here can at best do a google search and feed you back the results :(

>> No.17153270

the (((financial market))) supports israel.
no shit, sherlock. Find me a broker that stands against them.

>> No.17153338

>Schrödinger, Inc is doing is the future of medicine
could you explain why?
Tesla is a big competitor... also has normie appealing

>> No.17153359

>US economy is only 7% dependent on global trade
so why are they down since virus?

>> No.17153402

>>if we repo forever the markets can't go down
well isn't that somehow true?

>> No.17153436

Who is going to tell him?

>> No.17153499

Investors are retards who overestimate US exposure to China. We are gonna pump after this corona shit is over.

>> No.17153516

Markets can't explode in a repo situation except under some great black swan pressure. It turns out a possible global pandemic does not qualify as a black swan in this environment. I am thinking this bull market has some swing left in her. Another couple years, excepting a global thermonuclear war. And even then, I am not sure the market would crash.

>> No.17153528

>there are people who actually believe is
Oh no! Some chinks have the flu! How will people conduct meetings without physically flying to China in 2020?!?!?

>> No.17153585

... I think the point is that the Chinks need to leave their homes and go to factories and make electronics and crap. If they don't do that, then a huge amount of the global economy just doesn't function, once the supply channels clear. Things in other countries won't be made or sold, because the parts from China aren't being made.

>> No.17153622

I hope you arent suggesting using conferencing systems because all of them suck so hard flying to a disaster region is more pleasent than going
>hello???? Can you hear me???
>we cannot hear u u mikro is off
>What did you just say? Sorry but the connection is bad?
for several hours.

>> No.17153652

What are the chances that SPX pumps on monday? I need at least a 1% rise from where we are now to recover from losses last week.

>> No.17153672

>Investors are retards


>who overestimate US exposure to China

false. The whole world depends on the manufacture and slave labor of the chinks. You lose those and price of the common househould item goes up 200%. Having said this, yes, the US is gonna pump in a couple of weeks/days once the fearmongering from the media stops.


>> No.17153705

a 1% pump on Monday seems very unlikely

>> No.17153753

there will always be chinks going to work in the factories, even if a third of their population drops dead. It's hysteria.
Yeah the markets will dump because people are having trouble hearing each other on skype

>> No.17153771
File: 46 KB, 288x358, question.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good ideas for monday?
Gonna keep a close watch on ONTX of course, and BABA. Any other stuff we should be looking at?

>> No.17153803

your mom

>> No.17153827

I already got in BABA at the latest dip during coronachan peak scare period. I suggest entering before wednesday (earning report), it's not going to go down much more before. Friday dipped a bit, I'd get in there if I were you.

OTOH, I'm keeping my eyes on nintendo and SOXX. Maybe add more to BABA if it dips below 2010 but I don't see that happening

>> No.17153832

Very likely 1% pump on Monday if not more

>> No.17153836

*below 210

>> No.17153840

what can do repo to USA economy?

>> No.17153843

Im already in for the earnings and actually intend to hold a longer time
On the other hand maybe I will sell after the report and wait for the China thing to die down.

>> No.17153851

TESLA price predictions in one month?

>> No.17153859

devalue its currency to never seen before levels?

I know what you mean, I was thinking of doing the same, but I'm gonna hold for a while. I also have a few other tech stocks that are china-based and they show a lot of improvement signs after the huge dip in late january, not selling until I get it all back, then I'll consider closing part of the trades to reduce exposure and invest on meme stonks a be happy forever after.

>> No.17153872

BABA is my only Chinese stock. For everything else I will stay out for now and get back into it once it stabilizes

>> No.17153881
File: 150 KB, 643x642, 1551868965202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got 20k from my dad , where should I invest? no options and penny stocks bros. Thinking of getting 10k MSFT but I don't know where should I put the other 10k.

>> No.17153896

10k short tesla with 10x leverage of course.

>> No.17153900

25% in MSFT
25% in Amazon
25% in LMT
And 25% into SPCE beause it will moon this spring

>> No.17153919

>Not sure why you picked this one to post instead of a thot without scribbles.
i wasn't the one posting the camwhore with pixel calculations, i just guessed why they were there

>> No.17153959


>> No.17153970

Unironically last chance to buy btc

>> No.17153972


>> No.17153983
File: 98 KB, 1141x929, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stock is flying
wow, such increase, much gain. almost caught up to the all time high less than a year ago.
i mean sure it has increased but wording it like that makes it sound like it's flying above the rest of the chart

>> No.17154008

Are you jewish? I am pretty sure you can just will a brokerage account into existence, and place orders with your mind.

>> No.17154037

>Who is going to tell him?
to tell him what? repo in april is an ever bullish for stocs

>> No.17154101 [DELETED] 


>> No.17154114


>> No.17154166

Dude the Democrats (most of whom have the same (((masters))) as the GOP) would be a major roadblock too.

>> No.17154199

Im up big on ADXS thanks whoever shilled it.

NIO has room to bleed but I plan to rebuy and I'd like to just hold it for a few years but It has so many shares outstanding can it ever really pump?

>> No.17154227

Got started doing up my taxes. So far I owe the Feds and State not a damn penny and I'm getting back a fat refund in line with what I got back last year. But I still gotta enter my brokerage data, which E-Trade won't have out there till the 15th. So far things are looking good. Refund's going right in the bank. The sad part, kinda, is that even if I get my new job and the 15% (maybe 17% if the Gov gets his way) is that that salary bump still won't push me into a higher tax bracket. Still be in the 12% one. Married couples filing jointly your income has to be over 80k combined. So both me and my wife would have to earn over 40k to get bumped into a higher tax bracket.

>> No.17154243

lads i need money and fast (im already margined up to my tits so more debt isn't an option). When is SOXL back in the green. when are the Shenzhen workers back in the factories????

>> No.17154329

>Could have bought adxs at 0.27

>> No.17154377


Consider having your employer take out less Federal Withholding from your paycheck if the refund you are getting is huge.

>> No.17154400

>getting back a fat refund
you gave the IRS an interest free loan, congrats.

>> No.17154512

Yup. The entire democratic elite will swarm out with stories and shit on Bernie that will paint him as Stalin himself as soon as it's obvious he will win the primary and the only reason Trump survived was because he's a republican. Bernie as a democrat will pretty much be forced to submission, because it's not like the democratic elite is prepared to handle a wildcard candidate.


>> No.17154519
File: 7 KB, 224x225, 1539979496919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or at least the chinese market. I want to fucking sell.

I know the coronavirus outbreak is devastating chinese manufacturing and shipping. The chinese government is outright recommending workers to not to return to work. I have both insider and outsider industry sources confirming that factories are in severe worker shortage and even whatever amount they produce is hardly gets shipped off the country and only at exorbitant rates.
Even if the virus outbreak won't become a global phenomenon (which is unlikely at this point given the newfound secretiveness of american authorities), the slump of chinese manufacturing still should have a knock-on effect on the world's economies. At the least price increases are on the horizon.

By all means, a recession is on the cusp. The writing has been on the wall for a while and american elections also tend to tank the markets until the uncertainty is over. The stock buyback tax incentives american companies are enjoying under the current government is becoming more and more blatantly used to prop up their stock values and as a result the economy as a whole recently. Yet despite all the scaremongering Brexit didn't even cause a minor crash among the weak hands. Something is not right. Brexit should've been a noticeable slump, because I know it affects multinational corporations a lot and most of them failed to prepare for the scenario.

It's one thing to know a recession is coming but it's another thing when the markets realize it and is time to pull out. It could easily take a whole quarter for the chinese supply issues to start having an effect.

So why are not selling? What makes you so bullish? I'm ready to pull the trigger and invest into real estate since I got some decent opportunities.

>> No.17154529

When would be the right point to buy some asian stocks? Kawasaki has fallen pretty good, Yaskawa is starting to fall. What do you think how further they will fall?

>> No.17154537
File: 42 KB, 680x450, 31F0BE99-DDF1-45BF-A61C-0DFC58692FE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SOXL is going down hard before it goes back up, I’m waiting for more news on Chinese factories re-opening before I buy back in.

>> No.17154544

What companies can I short that revolve around tourism in the U.S? The travel ban is speculated to lose the U.S 10bil in tourism

Skywest went down 10 points in a couple weeks, other airlines are hovering or have dipped.

>> No.17154568

>GALT is not the kind of stock I would stake a large amount of money

>> No.17154569

Will MSFT hit 200?

>> No.17154572

alright, I am digging the new copypasta. Thanks bobo.

>> No.17154576


>> No.17154628

all my capital is tied up in shit so far in the red selling would be retarded. How can i conjure up new money

>> No.17154637

I'd say it's a safe bet. Every division that isn't xbox did really well this quarter, but the gaming division rarely impacts their stocks outside the day of and after e3, which is ironically the best time to buy into any video game related company.

>> No.17154642

I don't like the japanese market. There is no room for growth.
I personally think it's impressive it can even stay as stagnant as it is given the aging population woes. If they were to suddenly accept literal millions of asian immigrant workers then I would bet on a bullish economy, but accepting immigrants is not something I wish for Japan.

If I were you I would thoroughly research the company I'm investing into like during a recession. But then it would be easier to look elsewhere unless you have insider connections.

>> No.17154650

I'm being serious here.

>> No.17154652

sell organs or sell sex

>> No.17154662

Sell plasma.

>> No.17154671

Japan needs to increase birthrates, but the current conservative government's policy vis-a-vis women (namely encouraging them to go to work), seems to be counter to this fundamental need. I agree there shouldn't be immigrants to japan, but what the fuck is abe thinking?

>> No.17154686

Don't fight the fed dude.

>> No.17154693

i have $3 AUD on a prepaid debit card what do i do with it.

>> No.17154718

buy a dingo

>> No.17154721

in reality there shouldn't be actual need to "increase birthrates", a population (and its economy) should be able to contract or expand depending on the available resources. The underlying issue is the colossal pressure from central banks to have an infinite grow to pay an infinite debt. That being said, Japan's culture is still stronk but I work in japanese related fields and know for a fact they're taking skilled and not-so skilled immigrants en masse. The first time I went to japan was like a million years ago (well around 17 years desu) and there were literally no immigrants to be seen, even in tokyo. Only token niggers playing the part at being from some US ghetto while clearly being from africa, and the number was VERY small. I went back last year and I was amazed. Granted, they still are the least cucked country on earth, but now there were many entry level jobs taken by filipinos and other SEAsians and the trend seems to be going up, sadly. Japan is still a ZOG, it's only their culture that's still resisting.

>> No.17154727

Japan is just a kike puppet just like every other nation that has been and is under the control of the US.

>> No.17154739

I don’t follow GALT or really any bioshit for that matter. SOXL is unequivocally a safer long term investment.

>> No.17154747

This is a tidy way to pick up some quick cash, kek.

>> No.17154775

>SOXL is unequivocally a safer long term investment
b-but why?

>> No.17154803
File: 48 KB, 500x500, 81c97a70fd9baeea958633fcef29c46f76bfcd1b642d4b35257fbaf8881506fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Face it,

>> No.17154810

You really think the need for semiconductors is ever going to decrease?

>> No.17154826

>but what the fuck is abe thinking?
*feminist thoughts*
*voter thoughts*

Tbh I don't see the solution for the japanese birthrate problem to be a political one. They would need to go pretty far, like literal Scandinavia-tier far with baby & pregnant friendly workplaces, paid mothership and other retarded laws to even hope to reach sustainable levels by policy alone. The state would need to take over the role of the father, which is insane. I believe the core issue is largely cultural.
Japan is overpopulated. There needs to be at least 30 million less japs, period. I firmly believe if japanese population would fall low enough the reproduction rate would increase, because there would be more resources to go around.
The problem is Japan, or any country for that matter, is part of a global world. Population is power. You need population to defend yourself from war, but you can't be competitive in an overpopulated world where both parents need to work themselves to the bone to support a single child.

Japan would need to accept the shrinking population, shrinking GDP and all the dangers these entail, while fending off western degeneracy and consumerism so after a few generations the population could increase again.

>> No.17154851

Because it's an uncertain crapshoot. I mean yeah they have a good molecule but their management fucked everything up. Too much risk there for me to make a huge bet on it.

>> No.17154878

>but now there were many entry level jobs taken by filipinos
lots of old folks means they need lots of nurses. Flips make some of the best nurses so there you have it.

>> No.17154886

I feel ya man. I dont understand how stocks could hit a new ATH after end corona virus news. In my mind the writing is on the wall for how this is going to damage large international supply chains. I dont know how this wont trigger a cascade of bad debt and zombie corps to just die

>> No.17154890

when is it safe to buy weed again

>> No.17154894
File: 149 KB, 600x367, Buy GILD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$GILD was here, nCoV is a loser!

>> No.17154901

it was never safe (unless shorting)

>> No.17154905


>> No.17154908

why do flips make the best nurses? are they worth dating/marrying, or at least pump&dumping? the corporation i work for does a lot of work with the flips and they travel here to work on projects for a couple of months out of the year, while some just live here in the US. they don't like the winters so they usually leave before things get too cold. some are pretty qt.

>> No.17154931

recreational weed is legal in my state LMAOOOO

but seriously though while i do believe weed will one day become legal on a federal level, it certainly won't be during Trump's presidency (he has enough shit to deal with, although i wouldn't be surprised if he legalized it as an afterthought because he's just that based and has already helped a lot with prison reform), so unless you're willing to hold for like a decade or so i don't think it's worth it. your only hope would be if the dems beat Trump and i think we're all well aware that this is pretty much impossible at this point with how much of a fuck up implosion of a political party they have become. maybe you could make some quick bucks if there are "rumors" that bernie would win or something, and play the hype before it comes crashing back down to reality, but that's about it.

>> No.17154933

>Im up big on ADXS
but it's flat since ever...

>> No.17154951
File: 1.10 MB, 1949x1654, 63302278_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with you.
Thankfully, those SEAsians are mostly just temp workers, which I think is fine.The nigs are a problem though, even in China. They are slowly starting to realize africans are bad news.

I constantly have the example of Jesse Livermore in my mind. He foresaw the recession and sold out, yet the recession didn't hit until like 6 months later and were dismayed over missing out 6 months of growth.
I can't see this case in any other way. The brewing chaos in the workshop of the world is too big to not to have an effect sometime in the future.

when ur baked and can't think straight

>> No.17154960
File: 148 KB, 1113x885, 1580986578843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do any of you day trade (vs. all this meme penny stock YOLO shit), and if so what if any kind of research do you do over the weekend to prepare for monday and potentially the rest of the week?

>> No.17154963

>why do flips make the best nurses?
I think because they are deeply religious, but that's just a guess.

>> No.17154989

That's wrong. scandinavia is wrong. Just make tax cuts for married couples and interest rate free loans to buy a house if you produce offspring, both benefits increasing the more children you have.

>Population is power. You need population to defend yourself from war,

what war? Do you think japan, who can't even name his own army as such after WWII is going into a conflict any time soon? The thing with population right now is only to have enough slaves to pay debt to the central banks that own the nations. end of. That's why the powers that be don't care if Japan remains japanese as long as they can import unskilled labour from the third world.

yeah, lovely. Less jobs for young unskilled japanese and also deterioriting social fabric through an increase in different minorities. Excellent idea man, you should work in the UN, you'd be right at home.

pump&dumping sure, marrying never.

no, I don't have the heart for it. I tried, but it drives me up the walls and that's the worse thing you can be doing while trading.

>> No.17155002

I usually swing trade.
Day trading never worked out for me.

>> No.17155012

>why do flips make the best nurses?
legacy of of when they were an American colony. interesting story actually.

many young japanese beating down the door to wipe old peoples asses? Didn't think so.

>> No.17155013

>deeply religious

so does that make them good gf/wife material or are they still whores like western women? im an engineer who stock trades so i can easily handle the money situation if i can just find someone who is loyal, caring, kind, and loving. who isn't going to just take advantage of me and take half my shit while fucking tyrone, know what i mean? i don't really know their culture tho, especially the ones who actually live mostly in the phillipines compared to the american ones.

>> No.17155065

my main plan currently that im working on this year is to program a bot to autotrade for me, just doing quick scalps over and over. should provide some extra income to fund my swing/position(DCA) trades or at least help cover any losses that may occur, with probably a smaller portion of the funds going into penny stocks looking like they're going to break out of $1.

i feel like the main problem with people trading based on indicators and such is that they're always looking for the big moves while getting fucked when a stock goes sideways, instead of just finding the highest probability signal to just get 1-2x the ATR and then GTFO and wait for the next signal. from my back and forwardtesting it seems entirely reasonable to pull off, the only problem is you gotta be watching the market all damn day so it seems to make the most sense to automate it. ideally you'd be running a TA system completely emotionlessly anyways, so automating it makes the most sense. it's just that most people can't code and aren't willing to put in the time to learn, despite how profitable it can be.

>> No.17155076

>many young japanese beating down the door to wipe old peoples asses? Didn't think so.

actually yes, there are. But if the market entry level pay goes extremely low due to an influx of people that will work almost for free, it can't be a sustainable effort for any japanese born person due to different expense level. This happens worldwide, not only in japan. Europe is full of such examples. It's not the people that's unwilling to work, they're unwilling to be low level slaves.

Anyway, I don't see flips taking care of the elder in japan. I can't see that happening. The japanese are extremely racist, specially the older people. A foreigner working retail at a 7-11 is not the same as a foreigner wiping oba-san's ass, believe me.

I'm not american so I can't tell for certain how fucked the situation is there, but there are good women in your own world/culture, you just have to look in the right places. Sharing your life with someone with completely different cultural values can be alienating. But whatever makes you happy.

>> No.17155082

I trend-trade and find day-trading a lot of work for scraps.
I guess if you do it for fun it's okay, but it's too mentally exhausting for the return. Might as well become a professional gambler, since its largely psychology and raw math anyways.

>Just make tax cuts for married couples and interest rate free loans to buy a house if you produce offspring, both benefits increasing the more children you have.
Different folks, different strokes. Here you can't really implement it to be effective, since there are gypsies and arabs abusing it. But yeah, these are a good start.
>what war?
Any kind of international conflict, really. Japan being castrated is no good, but it's lucky to be an island. Imagine Vietnam or any of SEA country suddenly losing 90% of its pops. China would eat them alive and colonize them through a combination of economic, political and military influence. Same happened with the baltic countries, being constant puppets of the big boys around.

>> No.17155123

the cultural problem is with western women and what PC culture has done to them. sure you can pump&dump them but i'd never marry one because of how fucked the culture and legal system are with that. for marriage/long-term relationships i feel like i'd be looking for someone who isn't affected by that culture and is more in tune with traditional gender roles. having a woman take half my shit is one of my biggest fears financially.

i already do it at work from time to time when i have free time to kill, but the idea is that you'd automate the scalping strategy. a computer never gets fatigued, never requests a raise, never complains, and performs perfectly and emotionlessly at all time. it's a machine. it's basically modern day slavery if you think about it, if you consider that potential it makes learning how to code a lot more appealing. automation in general is pretty sweet and i can also use the skills i gain to get work in the big data field. data analysis is pretty cool.

>> No.17155133

I do not really like trading based on indicators desu.
Of course you have to know the basics, like base support, when people take profits, possible breakout points, etc., but I usually fare the best picking companies that have good fundamentals and try to time it with news, earnings, hype and conferences.

Thats my schtick kinda

>> No.17155137

No room for growth? The era of advanced robots and AI is upon us and the needed human workforce will decline in coming years. Japan being the most technologically advanced country in the world will have an advantage with their force of top notch engineers with more, so the idea that Japan has to fill their country with welfare hunters is ridiculous and completely unnecessary. Also, let me just point out the fact that Europe's powerhouse (Germany) has taken in millions of africans, arabs, whatever and their economy haven't been stimulated at all by it. Meanwhile Japan is outperforming them with pretty much zero immigration in comparison throughout the years. So the idea that pumping your country with millions of uneducated morons will help the economy is retarded. The cost of actually having them in the country to begin with is probably more of a strain on the economy which seems to be the case if you, again.. look at Germany.
But like I said, the needed human workforce will decline in the next 10-20 years and the declining population won't be an issue for Japan. It will stabilize in a few generations and who knows, by then the government might have programs pumping out kids to cover the needed growth using artificial wombs... so there's no need to worry about Japan's birthrate. In my personal opinion, the push to take in immigrants is just a ploy to diversify the west as much as they can before the idea of "you need immigrants to stimulate shit" becomes useless and outdated.

People have to realize that we are advancing and things won't stay the same as it has for the past few decades. Might sound ridiculous but it's the truth, if only you knew how much of an impact computers and the internet had when it arrived for the masses... this kind of change will happen again and again and again.

>> No.17155190

>i only trade one index so no research needed

>> No.17155192


btw I'm not a "UN shill" just acknowledging reality.

>> No.17155194

that's why i use half of my money for auto trading and half for discretionary trading.

>> No.17155196

>Different folks, different strokes. Here you can't really implement it to be effective, since there are gypsies and arabs abusing it. But yeah, these are a good start.

absolutely, yeah. Japan has enough homogeneity yet to implement this, doing this in any other western country would be disastrous.

just as there are many men that are extremely fed up with PC, believe me, there are A LOT of women that are even more fed up with it. They just become background noise to this strident number of crazy thots. But they're out there.

who said the immigrants were there to stimulate growth? :^)

getting back on topic: I think there are already a lot of algos and bots that do day trading automatically but IIRC they don't really outperform humans in the long run.

>> No.17155206

point taken, then. This is depressing.

>> No.17155212
File: 577 KB, 1125x1666, 3609FD99-92BE-4BD5-8FC8-5699F9FCF4B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RDS.A $10 away from 20 year low. Market crash incoming?

>> No.17155361

My midwit take is that oil company valuations are so low due to the explosion of supply caused by the US unleashing it’s power and becoming an exporter.

Also, I think there’s some artificial downing caused by the all the environmentalists dominating the conversation. Take Bloomberg for example, proposing that all cars made in 2035 onwards beelectric and wanting to build a massive network of charging stations to adjoin our rest stops.

It only gets worse for oil from here.

>> No.17155399


>> No.17155450

Oh, automated trading? That's its own industry. On an individual level I can totally see it working out for you. But if you get too big, others will catch on and you can't compete with dedicated companies. There are also limits on the frequency of trades on most exchanges. I know it's a huge business and read how like this 2% of the financial sector is responsible for over 80% of trades, but I'm not too familiar with it. On an individual scale I think it's doable and I believe it's fairly common on forex (which is a scam and not a real stock market).

>> No.17155453

Anyone ever trade based on squeeze plays? Basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-f-aSOJLgc ?

It's an interesting high probability setup i've been really curious about for awhile but haven't really done the backtesting for. You basically set up a scanner for stocks that are in a squeeze and have all of the waves pointing the same way, and then scale out while riding the momentum up or down.

>> No.17155467
File: 396 KB, 1002x750, 75023485_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, well, I will start going all gung-ho about robutts when they actually start staffing elderly homes and the service industry, like it happened with computers as you say. Taking care of people is not simple, especially when they suffer from dementia. We haven't even started working out self-driving cars yet. I hope it works out for Japan, but the current best implementations are basically those godawful customer service chatbots and floor cleaners. Currently in your example we haven't moved past the supercomputing centres stage.
For me Japan is growing all right, but all the growth is taken away by the decrease of workers and consumers. The decreasing population counteracts the growth in automatization in a sort of equilibrium. Japanese economy is generally stagnating, focusing on cost-minimizing to combat the decreasing consumer base.

> Also, let me just point out the fact that Europe's powerhouse (Germany) has taken in millions of africans, arabs, whatever and their economy haven't been stimulated at all by it.
That's not so clear cut as you put it. I'm familiar with Germany and the numbers are fudged beyond belief but it's reasonable that some of those migrants got part-time jobs and had a positive effect on the overall GDP. Granted, per capita might be suffering, but what I personally found scary that they didn't outright tank the economy. Germany's growth was and is actually pretty good and the credit was and is given to immigration. Germany is not a good example, they are still the best performing economy of Europe, regardless of the immigrant dead weight.

>> No.17155469

How long till global crash?

>> No.17155496

StewieTrader is a generic TA trader on twitter but he focuses on highly shorted stocks. He's good I think. He eyed mnk.

>> No.17155509


>> No.17155512

>and who knows, by then the government might have programs pumping out kids to cover the needed growth using artificial wombs
Btw you are either watching too much Ergo Proxy or reading too much Brave New World. That's other end of insanity and I hope it won't become a commonplace solution.

>> No.17155525

Immigration throughout modern history is associated with increased gdp

>> No.17155585

>But if you get too big

i always find this hilarious. my only real goal in trading is to be able to make around $50k/year adjusted for inflation so i don't have to work a day job anymore. that's around $200/day or $1k/week if you're consistent. my goals are very realistic, it's pretty much the opposite of get rich quick. sure i can start thinking about making more after i achieve that goal, which i feel like would basically be applying the same algo but to multiple stocks instead of a single stock, but i don't ever really intend on trading more than 1000 shares at a time with it. i doubt the tutes give a fuck about that.

but yeah, from my testing it's perfectly doable. i use the ATR to determine risk and scaling out values, with an exit indicator which will get me out of a trade early before hitting my stop loss usually. take half off the table at 1x the ATR in profit, move stop loss up to break even and let the indicators tell you when to get out with the other half. you get to both scalp and ride trends basically.

>> No.17155615

They clearly didn't factor in human waste.

But in a way, that's always true. Those gypsy beggars in Paris are sure raising Romania's GDP.

If you manage to make it work reliably, write a book about it.

>> No.17155623

>not making at least 40k
How are people this poor

>> No.17155641

oh and im not doing HFT or anything like that. im basically just taking the sort of trading i'd be doing manually based on indicators, but automating it. if you didn't know how to program you could just do it manually the same way too, as long as your discipline and psychology were on point. it's all just a game of probabilities and large sample sizes anyways. you just need to be profitable in the long run. i mostly see it as a way to subsidize my manual trading that is more subjective with support/resistance, news catalysts (buy the rumor, sell the news), squeeze plays (which also might be automatable tbhwy) and other high probability setups.

that's the plan. maybe shop the system around to hedge funds, i heard some people do that sort of thing. that's getting way too far ahead of myself though, the trick is to have small achievable goals that keep increasing as you progress. as long as i don't have to work a day job anymore i win basically, anything i achieve beyond that is just gravy as far as im concerned.

>> No.17155647
File: 73 KB, 686x526, 1579793245547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-02-08/virus-outbreak-in-wuhan-may-soon-peak-with-more-than-5-infected?srnd=premium GET REKT BOBO

>> No.17155694

For most of modern history immigrants had a hard time immigrating as well as a hard life after immigration so usually only industrious people attempted the journey. Gypsies are a historical exception

>> No.17155699
File: 13 KB, 526x526, 1580964511659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

weekends were a mistake, gib market

>> No.17155711

this nCoV shit is basically why im only holding on to half of my AMD position and scaling out and buying back in over and over. gonna be a lot of volatility in the market as we go from panic to calm to panic to calm, just like with the trade war this past summer. market is gonna go down when there is escalation and go up when there is deescalation. want to hold on to some in case the calm remains sustainable, but also want to derisk myself by taking profits and buying back in via DCA with the other half.

>> No.17155718


>> No.17155752

Hey /biz/,

What's y'alls opinion on T? Think when 5g moves itll go up? I think it's good even if it flatlined with that dividend but wanted more opinions than seeking alpha

>> No.17155785

I need Tesla and Uber to both go down at least 1% on Monday or I will have to KMS. Wish me luck

>> No.17155791

>T? Think when 5g moves itll go up?
priced in. the 5g hype started like 18 months ago.

Nokia and Ericsson are better plays right now because no one was paying attention to them until this Huawei shit.

>> No.17155836

i wish people would learn to play the hype and sell before the event instead of trying to play an event. it didn't take long for me to learn the hard way how things get "priced in", my personally biggest example being SGMO. look at the daily chart some time and notice how it crashed during the trade war escalations, and then had this long rally which started around mid Oct. and kept going all the way to ASH. that move was the pricing in of expectations that ASH news would be good, and big. notice how it crashed right afterwards. it's a really important lesson to learn and you can make money on both sides of the hype, while avoiding the news event itself which you have no way of knowing whether it will be positive or negative. but you do have a way of knowing with a high probability that hype is driving a stock higher with expectations for some event, and then knowing with a high probability how people will react after the news arrives. let's just say im glad i sold on the morning of ASH just before it started to really tank (i saw that move up in the morning and really hoped it would keep going, so i gave it some room since i was in the profit already, but i wouldn't let it get much further below $12 again. still sad over that stock).

>> No.17155837

We need to send this post to Trump ASAP. Only then will the markets never close.

>> No.17155846
File: 39 KB, 600x450, 8732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oil is still used to make plastic and asphalt. and even if every person magically got an electric car in the next ten years there will probably be a need for fuel in big engines (think construction/dig sites) and it'll still be used in airplanes. not to mention space rockets, which will launch more and more often.

i don't think oil companies will start to not be profitable until at least 30 years from now, and even then the biggest will probably survive because we'll always need some amount of oil from somewhere.

>> No.17155868

"I never sleep, why do the markets? SAD!!!!!!!"

>> No.17155869

also this is why i intend on automating scalping for half of my money while doing discretionary swing trading for the other half. scalping is nice and helpful to my bottom line but the big money is made playing these events which can't really be automated and include a decent amount of subjectivity, knowing news and world events and sentiment, knowing expectations, judging how the technicals line up with that subjectiveness, etc. i don't think i could automate that sort of thing but it's not hard to do manually since it's over days/weeks instead of minutes.

PROTIP for daytraders btw: tick charts will change your fucking life.

>> No.17155891

Got some shares and been just reinvesting the dividend. It's still 5.5% even after the rise, still worth the hold?

And if 5g is priced in, what about a potential bump post HBO max unveiling?

>> No.17155894

Should I short the Sap 500 now or wait a few weeks ?

>> No.17155903
File: 948 KB, 254x199, 1516073051125.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"The Fed is pumping it? Double my short position!"

>> No.17155911
File: 177 KB, 1602x850, 1581264674742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking knew it. There's no fucking way they go back to work tomorrow

>> No.17155945

who is this semen demon?

>> No.17155977

>shoulders wider than hips

Semen demon is correct, just not the way you're thinking of.

>> No.17156037

>HBO max unveiling?
I don't see that being a success. Streaming is already oversaturated and HBOs main cash cow (GOT) is over and ended on a bad note.

>> No.17156039

>just started watching hunter x hunter
>in the beginning of the exam there is literally a business-looking dude with a computer who uses historical data analysis to predict how to pass the exam

wtf this is awesome. no spoilers but i hope this guy does well, i'll be rooting for him.

>> No.17156076

Lads WYNN is fucked.
>75% of EBITDA comes from Macau
>Vegas business is basically flat
>Boston project still in delays
>Corona virus is going to fuck macau footfall all year and is gutting Q1 margins
>Not likely casinos open back up next week

I'm already short. Just waiting on the bad news to really heat up and the profit warnings to come in.

>> No.17156117

FoodTech is the next tech bubble

>> No.17156146
File: 174 KB, 1555x537, 1551716762668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least you're not this guy. Unless you are that it's

>> No.17156196

Transportation and heating make up 75% of oil use. Most production in the US and Canada can only be sustained at high oil prices, otherwise it's unprofitable compared to gulf oil. The gulf oil companies are not stupid, they're going to flood the market with oil while they still can sell it. There is clearly going to be decreased demand for oil as a whole and it will tank oil stocks.
>space rockets
No. They use propane, kerosene, alcohol, hydrogen and/or others. There is nothing relevant fueled by oil.

>> No.17156199

>i found out about trading CFDs 4 years ago and thought great this looks easy
>great this looks easy

it actually is pretty easy but most people don't have the personality required to test shit out and have a proper risk management system. i'd bet that he probably YOLO'd into a lot of shit and took too long to cut losses, if he even did cut losses.

>Oh btw i also got scammed $10k by a phony lawyer

lmao this guy is a trainwreck of an idiot. why can't people just learn about probability/statistics and risk, /smg/? it's not even that hard but it's the key to success in this business. you can even automate shit if you seriously can't handle the emotional strain if you work hard enough.

>> No.17156222
File: 14 KB, 236x226, 1544149719252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>becoming a meme trader on reddit instead of /biz/

>> No.17156260

This is why you dont quit your job until you have enough to not work again with. Plus day trading is a meme and with every brokerage offering mobile apps you can easily trade while working.

>> No.17156338

th $0 fees recently put into place help a lot too, makes it way more profitable to scalp. with OCO orders i can basically just look at my phone, if i see a signal to enter a trade i do and just put in my risk and reward and walk away.

>> No.17156436

Who here spce calls?

>> No.17156446

Me. Strike of 25 and 30 for Feb 21. Not feeling so good now on them. That big pump over 20 a week or two ago got me excited and i should have sold but got greedy.

>> No.17156468

should've yeah. I think they're going to pump later in the year, but I'm regretting my calls anyway

>> No.17156496

Oh man.. I can actually recognize myself in that when I first started out, smashing a few indicators on a chart, they work once or twice, I think I'm the god of trading and boom money gone. I then tried looking for new indicators thinking I might find the perfect setup but realized in the end that it was just retarded. BUT the difference is that I only deposited a few hundred bucks and didn't quit my job kek'd. This is probably the main reason most ""traders"" fail statistically, they watch some stupid videos, barely understands it, smacks a few indicators on a chart and starts "trading" which as always ends up screwing you after a few weeks. They end up quiting and calling trading "fake", "a meme" or just pure bullshit even though they don't understand actual trading.
I don't think these people can handle the mental stress of trading either way so it's probably for the best that they quit, imagine the money he would have made by simply investing the money over the years instead. He started 4 years ago which was literally at the beginning of the Trump presidency and the massive bull run that ensued, Apple at $110, AMD at $7, Microsoft at $50, etc etc.. ugh

>> No.17156503

Yeah i think i jumped the gun on feb 21 calls. They will have a lot of success by summer i think. Might get something for later in the year tomorrow.

>> No.17156526

Same here. Good luck to the both of us

>> No.17156531
File: 78 KB, 500x334, 1506534411982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy nokia or ETH?

>> No.17156544

i have both. right now Nokia is probably going to gain more % wise.

>> No.17156562

Agreed fren. Hopefully we both do well on it.

>> No.17156569

probably the biggest problem with people using indicators is that they think they're "magic lines" and don't actually know what information they are representing about the price action and volume. the aroon indicator for example, it's a lot more complicated than just a 2 lines cross. it is giving you information about where the price is relative to the relative highs and lows over a specified time period. most people also know nothing about risk management and want to get rich quick, also why they fail. most people also don't know how to scale out and so often will get fucked when a winning trade all of a sudden turns into a losing trade and they panic. emotions are a major reason why most people will never make it, and probably the reason behind the increase in popularity of automated trading even within the retail trading community. robots have no emotions.

if you want to just EZ mode it, you could straight-up just make trades based on VWAP setups, because institutions use it as an important metric regularly. you'll often see price bounce off of it and it provides a general bias for any given trading day. there is also a weekly and monthly VWAP, not just daily.

>> No.17156637

What is the low down on nokia? Just 5G shit. Should I buy on monday, or wait for the inevitable coronavirus fuckery to reside?

>> No.17156696

Friendly advice - buy the dip on NIO before it moons to TSLA levels.

>> No.17156733

Dip is far from over but I agree it's something to keep an eye on, virtually no analysts are calling this a buy right now

>> No.17156756

>NIO before it moons to TSLA levels.
tesla outstanding shares=180.24M
nio outstanding shares=1.05B

Nio would need a godlike run to see a share price half as good as tesla.

>> No.17156815

Double bottom forming in the charts right now. I think it might be a good play. We'll what pops on the news before opening tomorrow. Maybe the whole factory is down with chinks aids.

>> No.17156827

22 dollar stike for the 21st of this month. Spent 200 dollars on it at the top. Kinda want to die desu.

>> No.17156828

>Double bottom forming in the charts right now
oh god, you're one of those

>> No.17156863

I am not a total TA investor, but I think it is foolish not to look at technical indicators. The big money players employ thousands of people to keep an eye on this shit. They are going to react to it. If it is self-fulfilling who cares? I still make money.

>> No.17156864

>at the top

>> No.17156880

The fucker is only worth 50 cents a share now.

>> No.17156907
File: 270 KB, 1000x714, 1581114320998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do the best forex traders make? Like how profitable is forex for the best traders?

>> No.17156931
File: 460 KB, 2190x2939, 1552076972985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SOXL is the answer. Face it. Semiconductors are crack in all but name. The desire for newer, faster, more is insatiable. Computers, GPUs, self-driving electric cars, AI enhanced smartphones, medical devices, microcontrollers, networking gear, machine learning, surveillance, infrastructure, military, the list is endless. No matter how many cores, how fast or efficient, demand requires bigger, faster, cheaper, better. The clamor for fresh silicon gives nary shit for national identity, creed, hue, gender, asshole virginity or other vain conceit; the multitude speaks in singular. The plea: semiconductor.
SOXL couples a single ETF entry point with the the best companies the space has to offer then pushes these already stellar returns to the limit with 3x leverage. With SOXL your economic interests are aligned with powerhouses Nvidia, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, AMD, Micron, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, et al. Real tech companies with innovative products people want, not """tech""" """companies""" pushing shitty ads. And like all leveraged ETFs, SOXL is rebalanced daily, deftly mitigating margin risks.
In the last 7 years, SOXL has exploded over 55x yet still we are early. Semiconductor growth will proceed exponentially until every viable space is saturated with it. This is a fait accompli; the sheer number of interested parties and compelling outcomes make it so. The injection of increasingly compact and efficient sensors, microcontrollers, information processing and storage into everywhere and everything will be this era's seminal revolution, a revolution with SOXL holders planted firmly at the receiving end.
Stop waiting for the "pullback". Where we're going, fretting over a few dollars is meaningless. The deliberation is over; waiting is a failure mode. Now. Buy it now.

>> No.17156956

with a 2/21 expiration you should sell it at open before its 25 cents per contract.

>> No.17156961

What earnings is everyone playing this upcoming week?

>> No.17156971

>trading something with decentralized unknown volume and artificially controlled by the big banks

lmfao dude

>> No.17156990

I’m seeing easily 6%+ Green Day Monday. Get in ASAP

>> No.17157005

Good luck

>> No.17157021

what's with this copy pasta

>> No.17157023

uh isn't the city where most of these are made being quarantined monday?

>> No.17157030 [DELETED] 

You're as good as dead. Goodbye, fren.

>> No.17157036

i took some profits on AMD on Friday at $50.5, seems like i made the right call considering it dropped back into the high $49's by the end of the day. with the nCoV shit going on who really knows what will happen on monday, if there's no panic news then i would expect semis to continue to rally like a motherfucker but nCoV can still fuck up the market as a whole. so i got a bit less than a half position now in case it goes up with money to DCA down with if it drops to the $46-48 range again. when the virus shit is over for good i'll consider holding my full position for longer, but no way am i taking that chance now.

i don't think nCoV is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but the market is still going to react to it and the market is always right. just because AMD is great doesn't mean it can't drop because of some world events, despite the otherwise solid fundamentals. just means more cheapies for me tho.

>> No.17157042
File: 483 KB, 1075x1297, Screenshot_20200209-115424_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, I just got this ad, it's all over

>> No.17157056

You're as good as dead. Goodbye, fren.

>> No.17157069

It's not sustainable

>> No.17157073

It's self evident. Buy SOXL at every opportunity and get rich. As simple as it is. But what if it goes down? If the market corrects, you thank the gods for their grace in allowing you to buy more SOXL at a discount. If you are already all in you start selling valuables. If you have literally every single last dime in SOXL then you start rolling shares over to out of the money SOXX call options. If it corrects more roll more shares. If it keeps going roll the calls themselves until the inevitable rise. Then rest easy as multimillionaire status is assured.

>> No.17157089
File: 361 KB, 499x513, 1536544660670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

close all of your positions immediately
this is not a drill

>> No.17157130

So I've found 3 stocks I like for long term investment:

Countryside Properties

My idea is to put 90% of my spare income into each of these and the final 10% into an S&P 500 fund.

Should I do it, lads?

>> No.17157206

put 100% into sandp

>> No.17157259







>> No.17157394

>implying said oil won't be used to generate electricity despite cost-efficiency

the power move here is to centralize in one sector (electricity) 100% of the energy a nation can use. Natgas will follow the same destiny. Once you completely monopolize the primary source of energy for sets of population, through legislation, you win. Well not you or me, but them. You get the picture.

>shorting the Sp when it's full on QE fuelled
you might as well buy shitcoins

more propaganda. memevirus is done.

jesus christ. who said there was no longer natural selection in current year?

thanks. I'm saving it now, I should have done it before.

jokes aside, it describes a very palpable reality. Tech stonks, specially semiconductor stonks are bound to blow up (they actually already are) due to many obvious factors, most of which are described in said copypasta. IDGAF if it's SOXL (I don't have that one in my broker) or any other sc related ETF, this is a field that will be booming.

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