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Three dollar and fourty two cent stablecoin

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>nepal flag formation
>nepal is poor
>dump confirmed

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Jesus. Three hours is "stable?"

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8 hours smart guy

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nepal is one of the very few countries that were not colonized by whities. nepal is based.

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ok, my bad actually. i take my prediction back.
>nepal based
>link based
that makes more sense! heil sergey

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I had a sarcastic response written, but I'm going to be sincere instead.
My point is the thing jumped like 20% in just a few days. Even if it sits at 3.42 for a day or two, this is pretty much the opposite of "stable." This is highly volatile movement.
I think i see your point, it stopped moving for now, but the timeframe is so short that it doesn't mean anything.

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Based and sincere-pilled

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Dear sincere, we all fcking know. Plz don't reply to bait

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Wrong. It’s showing all indication of staying above 3.10 for the next year.

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please be actual 42, i love schizo nonsense 200 reply threads!

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>please be actual 42
you already know

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aaaah shit, how deep will we go?

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Price of a cup of coffee in Melbourne

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must be a large, son

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>how deep will we go?

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edited version

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