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What are the outcomes that the fireside chat will be another nothungburger and price will dump as usual aka sell the news? But what if it is totally different this time?! What if they drop bombs like they never did to stimulate some further"unplaned" price shocks in the upper direction? They might point out their current state of progress and line out more details and near term goals that will lead to SA much quicker than we would anticipate and therefore the price would continue in a steady uptrend without breaks attached. Fuck fuck fuck fuck my mind is juggling out the chances and I am convincing myself more and more that the timeframes we are approaching are getting tighter every day. SHIT man what is this mindfuck I am currently in? Frens, help a confused marine to get his shit straight again asap.

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Can’t you just watch the chat live? Sell if you want to sell buy if you want to buy?

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Will it be streamed?