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who here getting JUSTed in every aspect of their lives right now?

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Right here.

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I am addicted to it, can't stop, i want more and more justing.

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My current JUST is that I didn't put a 'make it' stack down before the bullrun started, now its going to cost thousands of dollars more for me to buy in, which I won't recover for years

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I've been getting JUSTed since last year. Mother died and lost all inheritance on stock plays. I made it all back and then some but I would have made it if I had put it in Link when I got it. Trying to make it this bull run so I don't kms. This existential dread is eating at my soul every day while waging.

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deserved weeaboo degenerate

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I blew my dads inheritance check (most went towards student debt but i bought silver and litecoin in 2017 with the rest). I wish they didn't give you money for at least a year because I almost went insane from that part of my life and made stupid decisions with the money. I think I got it like 3 months after death and that's when reality was settling in

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I'm sorry for your loss. I know what you mean. It wasn't a big cheque, we were always poor, but a chunk of money like that is dangerous especially in your current state. I decided to make it on degenerate option plays which of course all expired worthless.

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I need to find work as my NEET funds are running low. But no one wants to hire. Oh well

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go allin *that* coin

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