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Get in or cry later

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lmao fuck you

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what the fuck is this scam now

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bit shit otachi vision

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If you havent heard of this gem then you been shleeep. Dont shoot yourself when it moons. Just join the telegram group so I can laugh at all you fucktards. Screenshots have been saved of all your comments for the crying Jordan youtube video coming about your dumbasses and how sorry you'll be

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BSOV listed on scam exchange Resfinex. Dont use resfinex guys, they scammed many! Don’t deposit into their exchange, they will steal!

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It's an extremely deflationary coin, which makes it unusable for transactions. It will have no future at all. That's what happens when you make a coin with no knowledge whatsoever about basic economics.

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Wow you sound really fucking retarded. There is no evidence of what your saying other than the clear evidence someone dropped you on your fucking head at 2 years old.

And to the dumbass who said Resfinex is a scam exchange, they have a 74% confidence rating on CMC. Binance has an 84% rating. God you people are so FUCKING RETARDED STAY OUT OF CRYPTO. Dont believe me check the screenshot. NEVER GO FULL RETARD

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And on top of that I've already made a fucking deposit and trades on Resfinex. Lying piece of shit.

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Resfinex confidence level is higher than other older exchange... Wow. BSOV is recently listed in Resfinex...

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If you knew anything about basic economics you'd realize the fucking world economy is broken. But your Bachelors degree in 4chan Biz Bullshit still has you in your Moms basement.

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I'm on trial using resfinex now and so far i not seeing any abnormalities.

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So circulating supply goes down? This also means the value goes down. Bsov is a worthless shitcoin for retarded people who think deflation is a good thing. It's going to zero just like the last 30 coins it's copying did.

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lol a currency with a lifetime of rougly 100 years, designed by retadrs, for retards

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bitcoin satoshis original vision

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You are a fucking retard. The supply goes down and demand goes up which drives the price. It's a Store of Value. But your high school drop out ass doesn't understand basic economics.

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didn't even bother to make up a decent logo, "fuck it, just use a cube"

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I can smell the curry from here Ravinder you stinky shit nigger, bsov is a fucking chad coin

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what demand? lol

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