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To stop wagecucking and focus on personal interests.

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so i can shit on poor people

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So I can afford luxuries like a nursing home for shitboomer parents and have a 10-year emergency fund for ITE2

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Help to create far right wing citadel compounds. I have zero plans to spend any money on luxury goods.

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this but urironically
the south pacific ocean is mine btw pl0z don't settle there

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Unironically this

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easier to kill myself in a car crash driving a lambo that driving a honda

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To fuck your mom in her anus each day until she dies if you don't reply to this post

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To make this bad mood go away and stay comfy, to start some business then

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So my kid has a better time than I did, and maybe it will convince me to have another. That all begins with a house we never have to worry about losing, which will hopefully be nice enough to remain family property after I am gone.
>the anti-boomer.

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Mental illness, unironically.

I turned 20 in 2008, dad died the same day Lehman Bros went under. Mom is useless drug addict. Had a hard time during the recession. I pinch every penny I can and am a complete Jew. I'll never feel safe financially until I have at least $1 million. I can't understand people my age who have debt, I never will. I'd be panicking if my bank account went sub $20,000, let alone a negative net worth living paycheck to paycheck like average normies do. I'm so fucked up that I'd rather live in a cardboard box than let my bank account go under 20k.

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The only thing I want is for my mother to have it as much easier as possible for the rest of her life, she's been through a lot. I also want to help two of my friends who deserve it. I don't reay want a glamorous life like other anons (not that it's bad it simply doesn't suit me), I just want peace of mind. I want a home and to raise a family, I want to focus all of my energy to them and not to my wagecucking. I want to be close to them in minutes or seconds notice.

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I'll never know this feel. My mom always put me second in her life, if not I was just an afterthought. She's getting old now but I feel almost nothing for her because of all the trauma and neglect over the years.

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This is high IQ. I think you need to have faced tough times (not necassarily financial) to think like this.
You realize money is security, essential resources, and freedom. Being able to pull your wallet out when you really need to, is power over your own life.

I feel the same anon.

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I'd like to help a couple of friends out then just disappear and travel with my girl. Most of my family died so I just want to get a little money, get out there and live.

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I hope we make it someday man

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I want freedom from the wageslave rat race, to get back to the land and have a large family and give my kids outstanding educational opportunities and tie my inheritance conditions to having grandkids in perpetuity. I’d also like to form a network of like minded individuals and improve our communities.

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pursure my hobbies like photography and be able to afford any piece of gear I want and travel the world with my friends

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anons, buy some UND. it should pull a stratis, and even if you're poor, $1K will go a LONG way by EOY.

just trying to help.

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single word: pussy

inb4 "I'm pathetic"

Well at least I'm honest and not a hypocrite like you fucking normies

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My Boomer parents pissed away their middle-class upbringings and left us near-destitute. I want to rectify that.

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So I can show up to my wagecuck place in a lambo. Dangle the keys in front of Mr Shekelsteins face and tell him to fuck off and good luck without me here.

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100% this

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UND looks perfect as an investment, gonna scoop up some more

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i just want the big number
literally no other reason

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To fix my spin, eyes and chest. I need a lot of money to live a painless life.

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So I can afford sandwich.

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To attract a woman of enough prestige to ensure quality offspring.

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What happened to your spin fren, did it stop spinning?

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fpbp every single time

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The only reason to make it. Pass it on for generations.
Fuck Boomers

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So I an build big house with basement and keep there 1 sex slave.
Or start white and chink colony in Somalia.

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What if I'm akward/antisocial and might never have a family?

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To escape the financial slavery forced on us by the (((banksters)))

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If I can become wealthy enough I'd like to conquer the democratic republic of the congo and build an aryan ethnostate there. Will probably never happen, but a man can dream.

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When I was a kid, maybe 7-8 yo I jumped into a well without water, and straight on my head, my spine got fucked up, and it was not noticed, cause my parents didnt send me to a doc. This broken spine due to the fact I was a kid and still growing up, casued pectus excavatum on my chest, again my parents did nothing, however it was noticed by one doc, who sent me to visit some specialists, who said that its all good and later in my life it will get better. It didnt get better, and now I have like 80% of lung capacity and sometimes struggle to have a deep breath.

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To give it all away.

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Luv 4chan
Luv stayin 'ome
Luv sleepin'
'ate workin
'ate me boss
'ate commuting

Simple as.

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Then you have unironically failed. You'll never have a sit down with your son(s) and tell them that (((they))) are the synagogue of Satan how they rape the world everyday with their filth and fiat. Fix yourself, fail with women until you learn to talk with them. It will happen if you try. And lift.
-t. /bizfit/

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Sorry about your unfortunate circumstances and making a joke about it, a close family member of mine also has suffered from spinal injuries, it is indeed no fucking joke, and I hope you can find some relief. I've heard good thinga about the stem cell institute in Panama, might be worth researching before you make it. Good luck fren.

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Don't get me wrong, I've had sex and relationships etc. Sometimes I get scared though and fear I might never find a woman fit to raise a family who will actually love me. Thanks for the tips /fit fren!! But if I had to choose between a family or the ethnostate, I'd choose the latter.

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If I make it I'll try my best to stop your ethnostare

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No problem, thanks fren for the advice. Good luck to you too!

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> t.

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Unironically ... to build a lab and work on ideas related to the electric universe physics model and see myself if gravitational attraction is a manifestation of polar behavior of subatomic particles. All my friends think I just want a Lambo or Ducati. They don’t understand

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>All my friends think I just want a Lambo or Ducati.

Sounds to me like you want a Tesla.

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I b happy with something that can get me to low earth orbit.

Anyways if I ever make it that’s what I’ll do, run experiments. If I ever figure out something interesting I’ll release all info publicly via an info dump. I won’t be one of those cunts who “kills himself” after filing for a patent for a “free energy” device. Fuck that, info dump for humanity.

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Ah well, at least you got out of taking take of your parents when they get older because they didn't take care of you when you were younger.

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Pretty sure the glowies worst nightmare is some dude in his basement figuring it out then just putting it on piratebay

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chill out man

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So I can continue working on my "batsuit" and just making gadgets for that type of life tho i'll never actually live it. Just something I want so when I die and they go thru my place they have a huge "batcave" with a suit and gear and all sorts of things in it to find. Also financial security

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How much to fuck you in your "batsuit"?

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bpc-157 or tb500 may help some

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I would like to whale for lots of FGO characters!

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to secure the existence of my people and a future for my children

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I dont think some peptides could help me. Only a surgeon would fix this.

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>Why do you want to make it?
because i'm betting on a global economic collapse and i want to see normies suffer

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Save the white race

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I would love to help adopt animals that are abused and neglected, to feed the hungry and the poor, to spread the gospel, and to start a Fren foundation(seriously) to support people who are living at rock bottom without prospects. I want the world to teach love in an age of evil.

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this but dab on coworkers and tell boss to fuck off first

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for women, literally no other reason, its why i get up every morning, for a family with a qt russian one day

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For freedom, and to secure the future of my family.

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desu these butts looks like boy butts. Who likes this shit ? except fags

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someone to love me

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>see attractive young womens bare ass
>"that looks like boy butts!"
>"heh thats really gay, but im not gay. I am so not gay that when i see girls asses i think about boys asses"

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love is for children and dogs

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lol ikr those bishes look delicious

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That blonde one fucks - see the fingerprint bruises on her upper thigh?

>t guy who leaves fingerprint bruises

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i want to be left alone anon

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Escaping the rat race should be your number one priority.

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>slut that gets half naked and drunk at parties fucks

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Dont expect anything from anyone

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I bought a lot Tachyon Protocol so I can make it and not have to concern myself with the politics of the world I cant wait for it to reach $1.

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peace of mind

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I just want enough money to pay a different whore to pretend to love me every night

Also to snort meth off their feet

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medical treatment

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If you really just want to “make it” and have no further goals than that, its not going to be very fun for long if you achieve it.

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Add to this living like Varg and you're maxed put.

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Personally I don't think I'll make it, I'm just doing this because I can find no job

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why do u need it Fren?

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My dream is fucking a different 16yo hottie every week. I need money for that

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Frens, before biz I was writing a lot but had no money. I wrote two novels that didn't publish and was working in restaurants.
I wanted a lot of money so I could focus on my writing and finally get that novel off the ground.
Now I have a lot of money, and all I think about is making more money. Haven't written anything in ages.

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I've got €85k saved up. I got 15k investedin crypto. I hope to get that up to 40k to 50k.

I want a decent downpayment for an appartement I'm buying next year.

Crypto for me is just an opportunity to make a bit of side cash, give me a little bump up in life. I don't want to be a millionaire

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>I don't want to be a millionaire
Based retard

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This. I'm freelance - not wagecuck, but I'd still continue working a few days a month on projects I like & pay well. But the majority of the time I'd apply even more time/effort to aspirations I'm already working on; resistance training, cooking, learning french, playing piano, trading, starting new ventures, etc. And automating this as much as possible to travel way more frequently. It's really the peace of mind and knowing I'm 100% financially independent.

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So when I get old I can make my family fight over my estate

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I just want to be alone desu and chill with some friends sometimes.

I dont mind working but I cant stand normies, they are just too fucking dumb.

I dont get sad or bored when Im alone like retards do, I have plenty of hobbies.

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I just want to be alone desu and chill with some friends sometimes.

I dont mind working but I cant stand normies, they are just too fucking dumb.

I dont get sad or bored when Im alone like retards do, I have plenty of hobbies.

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because >>17127545 and to achieve extreme life extension and live well into the future.

>> No.17130549

Just to live with my fiancé and stop considering killing myself

>> No.17130586

surgery is a meme in many cases. look into regenerative medicine. autologous stem cells, prp. i know a really good doctor who could probably help you w/out surgery. but this stuff isnt covered by insurance . i need treatment myself but i dont have the money so im bedridden. feelsbad

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>pectus excavatum
oh didnt read that. yeah never mind, not sure if regenerative medicine can fix that.

>> No.17130628

>I'll never feel safe financially until I have at least $1 million
dude, that is legit my mind set. It's actually why I havent moved out yet. I feel poor until I hit 1 mil

>> No.17130667

because the alternative is massive levels of medication and/or dying of exposure

>> No.17130695

r u that poo from youtube?

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So I can move to FL and buy a boat and go fishing everyday and drink margaritas.

>> No.17130722

checked and agreed. if i can't do this then i'll focus on other things, but any alternative to a longer lifespan would be a very distant second choice

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To stop waging but continue to live my medium level life of 90k salary but living in MA

>> No.17130775

have you gone all over the world and mongered?

Were you writing the whole time to "make it big"? Did you constantly fantasize about your book being widely known? Were you doing it for the wrong reasons?

>> No.17130787

Based Florida bro.
Fuck iguanas shitting everywhere though.

>> No.17130890

Bro they're college girls they all fuck someone

>> No.17130907

so i can buy a cybertruck

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So i can spend the rest of my days laying about at home instead of wageceling.

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>get to make it
>pay pajeets to shitpost on /v/
>get to shill my own board culture there

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That quote is actually against the idea
Also he killed himself

>> No.17131740

sigh...hot young blonde college girls are just so fucking hot. they have so much power

>> No.17132023

So I can pay my bullies to have sex with my GF

>> No.17132531

To save the world

>> No.17132810


Exactly that.

>> No.17133318

Holy shit man. Deep. Get some FRM and you should have a mil by the end of the year its about to go wild.

>> No.17133387

>That edgy manchild who doesn't make it in the end

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