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Raping dogs link style

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What price is he selling at?

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What kind of retard even sees the forced meme shilling on here and thinks "I'm gonna buy this!"?

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Nice inspect element, cocksmoker.

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Made me look you fag. You discredit people like me who post actual proof that this is a scam when you do false alarm shit like this. Go inspect your dick OP.

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I fucking love how much weed sir gay smokes tho

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Who tf is buying so much link? Last week there was 10,000 less holders. Probably wallets with 5 link lels

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Red pill me on why he stopped dumping
Did he realize link was undervalued?

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He fat-fingered the dumps so they told him to stop embarrassing the company before people realize it's a scam run by incompetents.

Just check the record. LINK is a joke.

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i'll raise you this wallet

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you're not very smart are you?

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Clever girl.

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some tx ended up here
>binance 1

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if there was this kind of obvious selling right now i would dump at least half my stack. that would be ripple tiers of dumping on investors and would show the absolute disrespect to everyone holding even one link token. there are many many holders who won’t hold through another multiple 700ks. they needed funds last time but if the need the same amount already, be ready for a gigantuan dump because i’m not alone in having tons of link at huge profit to sell when it gets obvious we can’t go anywhere because sergey needs to pay for more decentralized mmo partnerships

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true im tired of sergeys weak hands

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Just look at >>17127236

Sir Gay caught on to us and switched wallets.

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Tbqh I'd be doing the same thing.
Link or even crypto could fail.
You'd want a few million of the world's reserve fiat, just in case. So you can be set for life no matter what happens

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imagine whining about having a position in the best project in all of alts

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LINK still hasn't even solved sybil-resistance.

They're a glorified API aggregator that nobody really even needs to use much less pay for.

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>They're a glorified API aggregator that nobody really even needs to use much less pay for.
Imagine still believing use determines the price for crypto.
Litecoin did 10,000x and it's completely useless.

You holding just BTC only?

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I'm holding your mom's dick in my ass, faglord.

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Are you ready for $LTO Binance listing in 2 hours, /biz/?

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>I'm holding your mom's dick in my ass, faglord.
sounds like your having fun

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CB or nothing. Binance will list anything.

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>yfw when you see 18 batches of 700k LINK LEAVING the binance hotwallet

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Topkek linkfags getting own3d

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Ah shit, here we go again.

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>when you see 18 batches of 700k LINK LEAVING the binance hotwallet
leaving..it means that they are not going to sell but hold...this is bullish

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this is the right time to do it diversify your portfolio, I recommend Tachyon Protocol #buyandHodl

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>sells link to fund expansion as set out in ico
>expands team to 25 members
>constant news of integrations, new use cases, news of multiple projects being built using bigquery/link

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Based. Don't let Sirgay dump on you.

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hahah, oh fuck, based Sergey, market dumping as soon as the price begins to recover.

Only 600 MILLION tokens to go! You like that Stinklets?


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omg its real

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are you retard? It's a fake pic

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At some point, use and adoption WILL become a major driver of price movement for crypto(at least certain projects). The ones who do not see adoption will disappear. This is going to be the dotcom crash all over again, and you are blind if you dont see it. Remember what happened to internet companies after that crash? This is what is going to create the Amazons and Googles of crypto. It is going to be the largest pump of all time because its going to include every wealth management institution on the planet, along with many individual investors who had been ignoring crypto up until that point. ChainLink and Ethereum are hands down the best bets for the future “post bubble” crypto economy giants.

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Good. Gives me more time to accumulate hahahahah

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will I make it with my 740 winkies

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Fucking hilarious

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Checked, OP is in fact a cocksmoker

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fucking hell this one's actually real

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>ChainLink and Ethereum are hands down the best bets for the future “post bubble” crypto economy giants.
You don't think BTC and lightning plus other layer 2 have a future?

ETH 2.0 POS looks like it'll have a lot of issues, similar to how crypto kitties ground the network to a halt.

Do you have faith in ETH devs? I no longer do.

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turned my link into eth

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Smart money.

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How does it feel to be constantly cockblocked by Sirgay's enormous girth and every time you get a substantial increase his belly growls and demands more bigmacs?

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Linkcels were long overdue for another de-risking

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>asking and answering your own questions in the same post
ok dude

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im not even joking if he did this again i would sell half my stack

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>omg its real
>ok dude

do you have anything to contribute?

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Does his dad need another car?

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>dumps 700k



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You can stop spouting this retard bullshit, nobody is dumb enough to believe it

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I'm getting bitconnect vibes

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Post actual proof please

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thats a low blow indian punch OP

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>multiple 700k dumps over the last six months
>still above $3
you faggots. this is bullish.

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