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We pumping HARD to 171 sats.
Get in now before it’s too late.
Try and FUD this now.

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if this keeps going up these staking rewards are going to be yuge. you have to be retarded not to have a bag of this going into the GBR

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just unstaked 70 million to dump

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haha.. sure you did. what exchange, wheres the order? let us know if you market sell.. k thx..

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If it doesnt have good info IT will dump again so dont panic i heard that bank info in april

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AND WE ARE FUCKING BACK. I'm only 10 percent down right now, and I'm making good gains on staking right now. Damn it feels good to be an early adopter

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Rewards are dropping every day. Meaning more and more are staking. Meaning the fud about staking being too much is going to be over.

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In a year time, anons will be talking about how much they make on staking, but it'll be boring compared to us.

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it was fun while it lasted
abandon ship ladies

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Room temp iq fud

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I staked 100k right away but unstaked all of it. Had to re-download the wallet to see my rewards as they weren't showing up. When I out in my phrase it brought up the wrong address. Had to use mew to get my coins back. I'd rather just hold them as erc20 and not lose them. 100k will be plenty for me.

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you idiot its so easy

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You are missing out. I've made 6 different wallets and the phrase works every time. Only if you got it wrong. Its seriously easy and people in telegram will hold your hand to do it.

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No dude the wallets were all fucked when it first came out. Might be better now but if the phrase is bringing up the wrong wallet then wtf. Had to go into mew and select the right one then interact with the contract directly because there was no withdrawal buttons? I'm sure it's all fixed or getting fixed but I'd rather be able to sell before the inevitable dump then scoop a bunch more. They had no token unlocks but artificially made one. Token will be fine but I predict like most do that we will see gains, then a drop for unstaking, then price will recover. I will make more then than I would from staking anyways.

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