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Suicide stacks now cost $32,500. Let that sink in for a minute.

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Just borrow money
Pay off the debt with linkies latter

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Imagine when a suicide stack becomes 100k. Imagine the suicides.

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10k is make it stack, it always has been.
fucking newfaggotnigger

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its always 10k suicide stack
1k is like $200 in 2018

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Haha no.

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1k was the suicide amount, which is well over $3,200 as of now.

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spotted the newfag

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What does suicidestack mean?

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This guy gets it.
You are fucking retards. Its not even funny anymore

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lmao, i'm in since $0.30 faggot

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1K suicide(prevention) stack
10K make it stack
100K+ fuck you stack

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who is this maiden

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The real suicides will come from not selling.

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10k was like 2,500 USD near the bottom, that's a solid chunk of money in anyone's book.

It was always 1k suicide, 10k make it.

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>You will kys unless you have at least this much when it moons

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then it's 1k, for sure.

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it will never moon.. just lower highs until zero

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sell, sell for your lives

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Previous high was 3.16 or so, get your eyes checked.
Higher low too.

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>tfw bought few thousand worth at $0.14

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I was priced out for over a year now
I'm not going to invest a year worth of tuition towards a gamble

No thank you

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she's making that linky extra stinky

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Now 31500 and going down fast

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what about 3k-5k? extra disposable income stack?

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How tf is 10k a make it stack if after taxes you wouldn’t even hit 1million? I

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Holy shit, a suicide stack just sinked in over my house!

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it has always been 1k but iv'e seen people up it to 10k since the price went up.
I can know because I bought a suicide stack when it was still 1k

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Comfy but no Lambo stack

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This. It's 100k to make a million. I mean I only have 100k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it. All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda. It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump.

Link is only going to $10 max. Right now I might make 1MM before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 1MM into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 70k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 2MM, but more likely 3MM to make it. The upper predictions for Link where about $60 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity. All of that isn't going to happen anymore.

The singularity is cancelled. Now we will have a slow growth to $10. And the sad but ironic thing is most people on this board will hold from 20 cents, to $10 and then hold all the way back to sub $1 again because you all believe the 1k eoy memes, and just like the retards who held BTC and didn't sell at 19k, you will do the same with Link at $10. Looking at the current charts depresses the fuck out of me when I know I only have 100k Link, nowhere near enough to make it.

At best I will have 1-2 sweet years, and then return to wagecucking after that. But it will be worse because I will have tasted freedom and know what I am missing out on.

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you will never make it now, if you didn't drop at least $5k, dollar cost averaging throughout 2017 - 2018
>Pic related
Also, nice dubs

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this dude gets it

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literally worst fud in the game. If your faggot ass can actually be patient for another two years or so, you'll easily break 4 to 5 MM with your stack.

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its a copypasta

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not suiciding is making it for most "people" here

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I can't wait.

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>tfw i was broke as fuck but LINK gave me a years tuition

stay jelly studentfag. shoulda got a job and bought LINK

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You want a cookie?

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also I don't buy gambles you stupid bitch. LINK is a sure thing

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This. In order to get 10k you had to spend 1k when it was at 0.1c. That's a big barrier, you dont go around spending 1k on random vaporware looking projects. So, spending at least 100 bucks was something more reasonable so that you can have it just in case

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>>but no this is a suicide stack


three replies down as predicted

LIDF is getting bold

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You gotta buy 1k link, then kill yourself

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What price should I wait for Chainlink to drop so I can buy $300 more of it?

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fuck i haven't been on here consistently since 2017

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It never hit $.10 on etherdelta anon

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I would wait for the correction below 3 bucks, maybe 2,80 even.

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What others have said but more the fact that you knew about Chainlink at relatively low prices and yet hadn't even put a stack of 1k together. Like all the people who looked at $2 BTC in 2011 or $10 ETH in 2017.

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Yep this was the way to do it.

20k at $0.30 average.

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this is the right time to do it diversify your portfolio, I recommend Tachyon Protocol #buyandHodl because Tachyon Protocol is a hidden gem

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How the fuck is 70k a year not beating 1-3% inflation

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leaving aside the fact that you just replied to one of the oldest copy pastas out there...

if you get 70k a year out of 1mm a year (7%), you have to "basically live in poverty" (quoting the pasta) with about 40k (4%), in order to have 30k left (3%) which means you are juuust breaking even with inflation.

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10k is a make it stack. A suicide stack is 1k link.

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Why moon?

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Can someone post that copypasta about what it's like to hold LINK? The one with the 50 million dollar locker.

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I woke up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two women woke me by sucking my cock. I gave .00000001 LINK to each of the women as a tip. Three women helped me into the shower, all while caressing me and drooling at my btc wallet. They also came instantly after seeing my balance.

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I left my 50 acre mansion and got in my gold-plated 2030 Lamborghini Murcielago (custom made for me after the dealer saw my LINK) and another one of my bitches was waiting in the passenger seat. She was in the car all night, because she couldn't sleep without me having penetrated her. She hopped on me and started riding my dick while I squeezed her tits and drove with my knees. In a whim, I arrived at the gym. I threw the bitch off me, and she quickly returned to the passenger seat, where she would sit until I got back. When I got out the car, I flexed. My bulging, huge, muscles ripped my Gucci shirt off, and six women lined up. We had an orgy, which didn't last too long. Each woman climaxed when my cock came within five inches of her pussy, and went into an eternal state of euphoria after seeing my LINK wallet. I came, and transferred .00000000001 LINK to each of the women.

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After benching seven hundred kilograms, I squatted four hundred kilograms. I started doing my 100 laps, but I got a phone call. It was a conference call with nineteen supermodels. They orgasmed after hearing my voice. My bitch in the car was getting lonely, so I went back. She sucked me off as I took the drive back home. I left her in the car, transferred .000000001 LINK to her, opened the diamond-encrusted knob and went inside.

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shut the fuck up shill not selling

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1k is suicide stack, 10k is make it stack

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Thought it was 1k that's why I got no more than 1k 3 years ago

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your life is not even worth $1000?

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lmao dead giveaway you bought into the meme more than you did your own research

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>Holding link is like having a normal life, plans and dreams then suddenly waking up in a mental asylum. There's 50 million dollars in a locker with your name on it, in a room full of lockers for all of the patients. The door has a sign saying 'Will unlock in illegible days.' You talk to the other patients, the wardens. Everyone tells you the sign says something different. Some people say the room will never unlock, that the money is fake, that the wardens already took the money. Some say the room doesn't even exist. You talk with another patient who agrees the room exists, but halfway through the conversation he pulls down his pants and runs in circles shitting and crying for chicken tendies. You find out that you can leave at any time, but that if you do you might not ever be able to come back. So you stay, questioning your sanity more and more with each passing day. Was I crazy before I came here? Is the man screaming in the corner that it's all a lie, even though he's still here, right or insane?

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All this hoo haa about stack sizes. Let me tell you nufags how it really is. 1000 link is actually make it stack. 100 linkies is suicide stacks. Think about it. Amazon is worth 1 trillion and you think CHAINLINK isn't going to get to those levels? Plus factor in inflation and that makes tech companies reach the 2 trillion dollar mark. This takes link to $2000. $2million is make it status. You never have to work again if you're smart with your money.

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This didn’t age well

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>? Plus factor in inflation and that makes tech companies reach the 2 trillion dollar mark. This takes link to $2000
This isnt factoring in the linkies going out of circulation. At that marketcap a lot of us would be multi multi millionaires

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100 is now the suicide stack

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I miss him

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trips of truth
singles of cope

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AB was our 007

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its not.
and i say this a linklet poorfag

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> noooooo you can’t own people it’s wrooooooong

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I corresponded with him in these threads, honestly it feels like I spoke with moses. I warned him not to let any identity breadcrumbs slip bc the autists here would track him down a la hwndu, he said tanks for the advice, but that’s exactly what ended up happening.

I tried to warn him anons, I was a good marine, but it wasn’t enough.

I love you AB, wherever you are you changed my life

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Fpbp op eternally btfo and /thread

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No. Idk which 3rd world shithole you're from, but $1000 is not a lot of money to gamble with. That's less than a week's pay for me and for most people I know. Plus, a lot of people made good gains with other coins in 2017 and then transferred profits into link

I've been in biz every single day since 2017 and 10k was always ALWAYS the suicide stack. This 1k suicide stack meme only got started after mainnet when all the retards got priced out

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>tfw got in the ICO with 4k and people brag about paying 40% more than me

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I have 9 suicide stacks

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Not the right trip. Doesn't even talk the same. That was some faggot larping as AB

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good you are going to make at least a million dollars if you keep until 2030

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How much did it use to cost?

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mfw 200k links used to be the suicide stack.
back in 2018

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thought it was a meme at .50... bought in at ~2.50 hoping we get that sweet sweet 1000 eoy
(the 1000 eoy meme was why i avoided it in the first place FUUUUUG)

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BULLISH. take supply off the market

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utterly and undeniably based

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i bought 500 links when it was 0.2$ thats exactly what i did, i always buy biz shills but i only spend like 100$ on them because i know most of them are scam.

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Tfw 5000

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It’s always been 10k suicide stack. 1000 at $1000 EOY is only a million. That’s not even close to making it money in the US

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which is exactly why 1k is a suicide stack

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This. Fucking morons don't even understand what they're blabbing about

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How do I even do this? I don't have a job I'm a student with my parents paying for my studies.

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When there is no definitive make it amount anons will continue to argue the semantics of this or that sack number.
Im happy with my 16k sack, never gonna sell only stake

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what are suicide stacks?

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Yeah, this joke is getting pretty old tbdesu.

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Tell me the drawbacks of me getting a 32000 dollar loan to buy chainlink and cashing out when this doubles to like $6, then paying off my loan and pocketing the rest... Seems too damn easy and really basically a no brainer. The funny thing is I could get approved right now and I'm thinking of a reason not to. So what says you ???

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And OP is a fag.

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When you anons say 10k to make it...do you mean from cashing out 10k or from staking 10k?

>> No.17134544

why in the world would your suicide stack be an altcoin worth 1 billion? assume this project somehow reached the monstrous market cap of 100 billion, thats only a x100. they are far better gambles to take.

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first time in my life I wish I was a cube

>> No.17134673

Its enough if you dont live in a coastal shithole in the US

>> No.17134675

i really wish i had dumped this pos xrp coin for link way earlier.

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I've been here since the term was coined. Its always been 1000 suicide and 10000 make it. Even when you could buy a 1000 for basically nothing. LINK wasn't always a sure thing and people made fun of purchasing any amount.

>> No.17134793

You'd be clearing 750k. Guess that's enough if you budget well but try having a couple kids and it's pushing it.

10k suicide stack makes more sense.

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God it's boring having the same suicide stack discussion meme constantly

I rather see 15 Ooooo Linkies threads in the catalog

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rimming asians with big booties will lengthen your telomeres, FACTS

>> No.17134942

Can anyone refute this??

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Missed trips because a faggot
Missed Dubs because a faggot
Missed quads because a faggot


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missed trips because BASED