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Wassup wassup wasupppppppp BIIIIITCOOOONEEEECT!!!!!

Okay boys its time i kick my doomer self in the teeth. I've been a weed addict skating by for 5 years now, somehow done quite well regardless. TONIGHT its happening tonight. I've taken my last puff.

Just bought a sauna, some books on mindfullness, the headspace meditation app, been working out hard af and cardio again too. What else do i need to do to get over this shitty phase of my life? I'm tired of underperforming.

Starting a new job next week or the week after so i need to detox asap. You are my real friends /biz/ anything you recommend?

T. Schizo, big stack swingin linky

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Waaaaaaahhhh I’m a weeeeed addddiccct everyone I’ve seen who said this did nothing with their lives

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i work for a f100 company and have made 120k income despite being a dudeweedlmao fag for a while. im not a complete fuckup like most of biz but i am very much dependent on substance at the moment, so kindly fuck off or contribute something useful , fren. and by fren i mean never my fren , fucking faggot

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and ID: MJ ahhhhhhhhh fuck you kike

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shameless bumperuni

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>tired of my doomer self
>let 5 years skate by
>120k income at 25

nice humble brag kys seriously

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How long have you been sober on your 16th try?

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>Just bought a sauna
Keep it clean

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dont blame weed on your own short comings, if you cant take responsibility for your own actions then all your books wont do shit

btw im a poorfag can u doge me plz thx


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>what is done is done there is only forwards

Just forgive yourself for your imperfections. You don't have to get everything right. Getting off the weed is not gonna take you to the next level or anything, but it's definitely a start so keep it up

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i didnt always earn that.. thats all in 100% attainment with bonuses etc.. my company is in the shitter lately too. could make half! dead ass been stoned 25/7 for 4 years of corporate waging..

this is my second try, first try i got to 7 days played golf with a coworker and got back on bluntz

any tips? i read put a towell down the bottom, and anywhere you touch the thing.. personal bag sauna btw

zyzzz bruhh i haavent been motivated since i used to browse misc lol (was fuarking jacked too)

not donating but trips of truth. im having a hard time accepting that its addiction because weed lol. but i am mentally and phyiscally addicted.. so yeah its the truth.. feelsbadman to say

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what else can i do to level up.. I HATE my wagecuck job but goldenhandcuffs.. this scares me a ton because i wont be able to push down my hatred for waging anymore without numbing /cope..

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If it was some other drug I would have been sympathetic, but even the normiest of normies get blazed on weekends nowadays. You should still smoke less, but giving up completely would put you in the same place as teetotalers. Yea, it's a shitty habit, but people gotta network

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Do you meditate? How often?

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yeah thats fair, i dont need sympathy. especially for weedlmaao . but my relationship with it is dependent. i cant or havent been able to do moderation .. l might swap for hemp/cbd if i need to smoke something
7 days streak headspace. closer to two weeks total.. it helps some sure but i expect it to take a long time.. i want to incorporate yoga and medi in my routine..

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>what else can i do to level up..
praise the Lord and give Him the glory. seek wisdom and love, and keep His commandments

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I smoke weed every day and I just bought a house

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i dont believe in modern religions but i do think there is an omnipotent omnipresent yata yata and this is all a hologram created for us to partake in a play where he experiences himself.. so im good with the brainwashing stuff fren, nothing against your beliefs im just not with them

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Exercise helped me a lot anon. I started running last year and can't stress the benefits - mostly just mentally / mood related!

I also found reading for 30 minutes every morning has done wonders over the last few years. Started with self help then moved into psychology and now I'm reading on stocks / finance. First thing I do in the morning is make a cup of coffee and try to read something hard / useful.

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congrats fren, ive been on the fence about buying personally since these markets are propped up but that could go on longer than id like. you enjoying home ownership? any surprises? any tips?

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i tried to run yesterday and my knee gave out .5 mi in lol. going to do lower impact cardio and yoga till myself gets right. i was a former footballer chad with bad knees and ankles so its to be expected but dam i havent used my body for physical exertion since college kek

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If you wanted to cook a good meal, you could learn one recipe, or you could learn to cook and make whatever your heart desires.

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every year it gets harder to own a home (depending where you are), and historically low interest rates are our only solace in this fucked up time

advice for home ownership
>pay everything up front unless 0% APR
>live next to a school or two
>take care of your yard if you have one, it's one of your most sellable assets and only gets exponentially more expensive to manage the longer you let it go
>quality over quantity
>try not to kill yourself

other than that it's heaven, I have no money anymore but I go home to an empty house with my weed and vidya, no whores or roomies to fuck my shit up, no family to cope with, no upstairs neighbors tap dancing on my ceiling. it's fucking real

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im REALLY good at cooking frozen pizzas anon.. hahaha i used to live without a meal plan at school so im fairly good in the kitchen , could cook most simple american dinners desu .. would take ur recipe suggestions , however! (for when my appetite comes back , prob 5 days from now) AAAHHH

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I am 25 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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You're going to fall right back into weed desu

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congrats anon, i am happy for you! do you ever plan to fill this home with a waifu/kids meme? I'm in an ultra high COL area (think SF,NYC,BOSTON, LA) so i know the prices just seem to climb endlessly ..

i forgot to mention the new role i (hold my breath) may land is WFH when im not traveling to customers! would be insanely better than the 100mi daily commute ive been doing... so things are kinda looking up for me if i let them? am genuinely consider buying a condo close to the airport

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26 and same. But i've had sex lol.

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breathwork from yoga/meditation physically feels fucking awesome desu.. the sauna is 4 detox w

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do you put yourself /out/ there?
have sex

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This anon knows OP don’t guilt trip yourself and try to repress your situation it will only cause it to bubble up in your unconscious/ shadow and cause binges. Just forgive yourself don’t beat yourself up if you slip up but keep setting intentions to quit. Hands down the best book I’ve ever read on meditation is the mind illuminated, meditate in the morning every single day before work. Look up kundalini yoga as well it can give you feelings of literally being high via certain exercises and breathe work. Journaling is great too, Switching to an extremely clean diet is mandatory for leveling up as well, hitting the sauna a few times a week is also a plus if your gym has one. Mind, body and spirit anon find your connection with god and make contact with your higher self. It’s gonna be up to people like us with fat stacks of Stinkers to show the rest of the world there’s other options besides wage slaving your life away for Jews.

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Honestly bro semen retention will dramatically change your life. You do not have to do it forever but 90 days is a solid goal. Trust this anon, anon. I too am stoner turned go getter. Ive built a pretty decent business that makes me solid amounts of passive income while being a weedlmaofag. I work as a waiter 2-3days of the week, the other days I am in school for web development and/or working on my business. The thing holding me back the most was women. I love women, I love dating women, I love sex with women, but you have to focus on yourself. The way I look at it is your number 1 focus is your health/mental health. 2 is your business/career. And last but not least 3 is your love life. Got to get the first 2 massively in check before you can release your seed in a fertile womb, or face complacency for the rest of your life.

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What does it mean to put myself out there?
I am among people everyday, but I don't approach girls like crazy if you think that.

It just never happened.

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I don't want waifu/kids but that doesn't mean anything. Most people are accidents. I am.

If you live close to the airport, make sure it isn't directly under the line of the runway

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> weed addict
not computed

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i think he means taking social risk. we all know about financial risk (if ur a cryptofag), but social risk has the possibility for big gains too

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Sorry anons i was picking up supplies for the big quit

thanks for the kind words and the book suggestion fren, catch u on the yacht soon
im not really a cooomer , have been holding my seed these last few days, i shit you not i had a dream last night where i just shoved a roastie who was giving me head baallz deep and then i woke up fucking nutting on myself ... my sleep self is non compliant...
youd be surprised that the gals you see out and about have their own internal monologue they might even be thinking " anon is cute i hope he talks to me
bless you anon, its a really shit world out there sometimes and bringing others into it does seem kind cruel
sweats, insomnia, irritability all tons of PAWS i get..
sociaal risk indeed! when i did best with girls (HS tbqh) i was way overconfident for no reason ahahaha

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one last bump

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Read. Lift. Meditate. Quit dairy. Give to charity. Volunteer for the needy.

>t. You’re me 10 years ago

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FYI: You're me 2 years ago.
2 pieces of advice to not be a faggot moving forwards.
1: Don't just eliminate weed, eliminate everything negative in your life. Believe me this is the time to cut the cord on all the garbage you might be addicted to (video games, porn/masturbation, etc.). I managed to quit weed after 5 years of being a 24/7 stoner, but didn't quit porn and vidya which wound up taking weeds place as the destructive part of my life. I've finally quit those things, but wish I would have done so years ago when I had the chance.
2: Don't bump your thread, 4chan is and has always been designed so that content people want to see remains on the board. Bumping your thread is acting like a redditor, don't lower yourself to their level of ego.

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l miss him so much...

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